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Chapter Overall difficulty Size Problem rooms
Chapter 2 1.5/5 802 KB

Part A: In this room kill all the bad guys. Once finished, walk back to the front of the room. A cave entrance should have opened there. Inside you will find a potion to help you when you face the boss ahead. You should save this potion as it is the only heart replenisher you will get within this level.

Part B: After that, the level is pretty easy until you reach the maze portion of this level. If you make one wrong turn, you will find yourself outside the cave and you will have to do the level all over again. Check my map if you didn't write down Picasso's drawing.

Chapter 3a 1/5 302 KB

Part A: Kill all the guys in this room to open a tunnel that leads to a potion.

Part B: This room that may seem impossible to get through because the water is too wide. Go to the bottom left hand corner of the higher portion of this room, wait until the scorpion is out of the way, then jump diagonally on to the land below. It is important that you wait until the scorpion is out of the way because once you've landed, there will not be a lot of room for you to dodge him. Even though he won't kill you, there is only one potion in the level, and the boss will be coming up soon.

Chapter 3b (Maze) 5/5 656 KB N/A
Chapter 3b 4.5/5 375 KB

Part A: Use your new magic weapon against the barrier to continue.

Part B: In this room you have to be extra careful. When you come to the narrow part, fire will shoot up, blocking your way. Wait a second, then it will leave. Walk on and then jump because there is a hole in the middle of the ground that leads to the room below. Now there will be flame on the platform above you. Wait untill that fire dies then jump up to grab the hearts. Careful when you are coming back down because the fire will renew itself when you come near. Now go to the left and wait before jumping on the little platform because, you guessed it, fire springs up there. Once you get to the platform on the far left, jump on the tile in the upper left hand corner of the platform. A button will appear on the platform below. Make your way down to that platform and touch the button to make the door open.

Part C: The treasure chest is a potion. To open it you must hop on one of the tiles.

Part D: In this room you will fall two levels through the hole in the middle of the room. You then land in an inclosed room where the only exit is up two flights of stairs into the room you started in. Since the hole is the only way out of this room you need to find a way to land on the floor in the middle of the two rooms. The way to do this is to press one of the arrow keys as you are falling.

Part E: One of the tiles in this room makes a potion appear.

Part F: In this portion of the level, you get a new magic item called a flute. To continue through the level, you must use the flute in a certain room. The tiles in the room you must use the flute in looks like a snake. Three snakes will appear in this room when you use the item. Kill the snakes to procede through the level.

Part G: DO NOT forget the potion in this room!

Chapter 4a 2/5 263 KB

Part A: This is the only room you should have trouble with. To get to the room to the left, you must hop on the tile to the left of the platform. Make sure you are as close to the edge as possible and that you jump as far to the left as possible or you will just fall to your death.

Chapter 4b 4/5 548 KB

Part A: If you kill all the enemies in this room, a tunnel appears below. Go down there first to get a potion.

Part B: DON'T GO IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SQUARES OF TILES!!! Yet. First you have to jump on one of the tiles to open a tunnel below you to get another potion. When you come back, walk in the box to the left. When you come back up the ladder, walk in the box to the right. When you come back up the ladder again, walk in the box in the middle. That way you get every potion.

Part C: Don't forget to pick up the potion here.

Chapter 5a 2/5 306 KB

Part A: This room's puzzle is pretty simple. Nothing will happen after killing the cactus, so shoot the crack at the top of the room and a hole will appear.

Part B: This room is difficult because you have to jump from one row to another to stop from getting hit by rocks. Work your way right to get out of the room.

Part C: After killing all the snakes nothing will happen. And none of the tiles are buttons. What should you do? Just jump on the square part in the middle of the tiles and you will fall.

Part D: Kill all the guys to open a hole below and get a potion for the boss ahead.

Chapter 5b 3/5 472 KB

Part A: Careful in this room or the arrows will take you away before you can do anything. Jump to the right quickly so that you can grab the potion.

Part B: Jump to the left this time as soon as you can, because the next room is just a dead end. If the arrows do take you to the next room, you can still work your way back by jumping. Once here, kill all of these blue guys to open a hole on your far right. This is a potion for later. Then just go up.

Part C: Don't forget the potion here.

Part D: There is a crack at the top of this room. Shoot it to open a tunnel to get a potion.

Part E: Kill all the snakes in this room to open a tunnel on the left.

Part F: Shoot the crack at the top of this room to grab a potion.

Chapter 6a 2.5/5 139 KB

Part A: This room and the next are difficult because it is hard to know what to do. Don't touch the balls because they will hurt you. Shooting them will just make them change direction. You must make them go in the hole by shooting them to change the direction they are going in. Once you know what to do it isn't that hard. Use your magic weapon because it has a longer range.

Chapter 7 4.5/5 701 KB

Part A: When you enter the first room, go right, grab those two hearts, then go left all the way to go up.

Part B: Don't forget to grab the potion in this room.

Part C: Kill the ghosts in this room to open a door above and get a potion.

Part D: Approach the potion slowly because fire will pop up all around it. What you must do is get close enough for the fire to work, but not to get hit. As soon as the fire dies, run in, grab the potion, and wait till the fire pops up and goes back down again. Then leave the room.

Part E: Kill all the ghosts in this room to go on.

Part F: Use your jumps to get to the other side of this room to grab the treasure. Then fall down the hole and press one of the arrow buttons to land in the room. Work your way to section G.

Part G: Fall down the hole at the very end of the arrow in this room, then press to the side to get a potion below you.

Part H: Kill the guys in this room first and go left to grab a potion. Then continue by pressing a button.

Chapter 8a 4/5 416 KB

Part A: This room is a little different than most rooms. As soon as you kill the last guy in this room, the ground opens and you will fall to the room below. Stay at the top and in the middle and you will fall onto a platform below.

Part B: If you fell on the platform in this room, than jump on the tile to make a potion appear. Get it, then go to the left to proceed back to the room above. To go on, land on the platform, then go north.

Part C: First go up the path one from the left. Grab the potion, go back down, then go around into the little arena above with the bomber. If you kill him, then you will fall again to the ground below.

Part D: Go through this part quickly because at the end of the arrows there are spikes that you will need to jump over. But they are growing, so you won't be able to jump over them for long.

Part E: In this room, and in many of the rooms beyond, there are three branches that you can choose from. When you get close, to of the paths will be blocked by a knife. If you don't go to fast, then you should be able to choose the path that is unblocked before it is to late. But don't take your time, because spikes are blocking your way at the end.

Chapter 8b 3.5/5 521 KB

Part A: Kill the bats and go to the left first.

Part B: Hit the button to open a tunnel above you to get another potion.

Part C: If you hit these balls once, they freeze. So hit them on the side that has nothing on them.

Part D: Hit the buttons here quickly and go to the right first.

Part E: Go left first.

Part F: Go right first.

Part G: Hit a button to go right.

Part H: Don't forget to pick up a potion here.

Chapter 9 2/5 467 KB

Part A: Hit the button here and go down to the right and you will see a tunnel has opened.

Part B: Open a tunnel to go up north.

Part C: Jump to the only safe spot, then jump up to the square in the middle.

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