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Name Picture 2nd Form Difficulty Description/Strategy Location
Big Dino N/A 1/5 Not that hard at all. When you face him, you have a very short range weapon. There is a little place to stand where you are just in range of him if he moves close. Go there as quickly as you can while he is busy eating and hit him as many times as you can. Then just stand and jump over his attacks until he is in range. Once he is in range, shoot him as many times as you can. He goes in circles, so just repeat the process till he is dead. Chapter 2
Scorpion King N/A 2/5 Don't worry about the boss himself, he is not too hard. What you should worry about is giving too much attention to the boss himself and not giving enough attention to the little scorpions. They come out of the holes at the top. You should try to keep their population at a minimum while still hitting the boss. Jump over his random bullets. Chapter 3a
The Pharaoh 2.5/5 The pharaoh is not too hard. His little bullets he shoots are easy to jump or dodge and he is easy to hit. Just be careful to jump his bullets. Be cautious when he starts moving slightly faster. When he is level with you, he will shoot giant, fast bullets that are almost impossible to dodge. When this happens, stay close to one wall. Shoot at him diagonally. Chapter 3b
Squid N/A 0.5/5 Jump from the high platform onto the block that is there and shoot the squid a couple of times. A second block will appear. Jump on that and repeat the process. The blocks will take you all the way around him and back to the start so that you have to start again. Your only worry is accidentally jumping into the water, or accidentally staying too long on one block so that it disappears from underneath you! Chapter 4a
Zoda N/A 3/5 When Zoda is not in the room, stay on one block by pushing the opposite way the arrow on the block is pointing. Zoda will do one of two things. He will either create fire around you so that you have to stay still or be hurt, or he will shoot some small bullets at you. When he appears, try to get close to him so that if he casts fire you can stay in range and shoot at him, or if he shoots his bullets, you can dodge them and shoot him. Chapter 4b
Rock Thrower N/A 2/5 He is pretty hard. When you see him, there is nowhere to run so you cannot dodge the rocks he throws at you. You must jump over them. Stay as far away as you can, but keep him in range. He will move forward a step after he shoots his rock so you must kill him before you run out of room. Only shoot him while he is getting the rock from the cavern wall. when he is about to throw it, run back a couple of steps so that he doesn't walk into you, jump over the rock he throws, then continue shooting. Chapter 5a
The Wagon 3/5 Stay in the middle of the two tracks. Take out the sandmen as soon as he leaves each time, and hit him as he goes by, jumping over the bullets he shoots. Chapter 5b
Ghost Miner N/A 3.5/5 Stay away from him when he is about to hit the ground and send rocks rolling, then hope that one of the rocks don't hit you. Once that is finished, keep your distance and keep shooting him until he is going to hit the ground again. Chapter 5b
Zoda 4/5 The first part of this is easy. Just stay in range, kill the bats, and jump over the bullets. Once he turns into a bird, it isn't so easy. Do the same thing for the bird till he starts flapping his wings. Once he does that, get to the left side before feathers start coming towards you. Then move to the right side slowly as the feathers go after you so that you don't have to jump over them and they don't hit you. Chapter 7
Gold Knight N/A 2/5 There is nothing much to this guy. Go around and as you are going around, shoot towards him. The only challenge to this guy is hitting him. Since you cannot control the way you move, all you can do is shoot towards him. Jump over stray bullets that come your way. Chapter 8a
The Dragon N/A 4/5 A pretty hard boss. Shoot towards him with your new, full range weapon. Keep shooting until he rears up to spew flame. Then move a bit to the left so that his fire does not hit you. Chapter 8b
Snake Skeleton N/A 3.5/5 Pretty much the same as the dragon. Chapter 9
Zoda (Last Boss) 5/5 First form is the 5 squids. You can only shoot the pink one because the blue ones don't take any damage. As soon as the pink ones are dead, the blue ones will form into Zoda. In this form, he shoots tiny purple bullets while flying around for a little while. Then he decides to turn you into a boar. Try to dodge this attack because as a boar you are temporarily unable to attack. This form wears off in about 30 seconds. Dodge his boar attack at all costs and use your magic weapon while he shoots bullets. Stay in the corners and jump often. Keep your hearts within the second line so you can use your magic weapon. End of Chapter 9
Zoda (Last Boss) 5/5 In this final form, he does the same attacks as last time except he's added a few new ones. His two most prominent ones are the ones where he causes tiny explosions at your location so you have to keep running to dodge them, and in the other one, he becomes invincible for a short while and charges towards you. If he touches you, you lose a lot of your life. You can tell when he's going to charge because he glows blue when he's charging up for the attack (last picture). Stay clear of him when he does this and use your magic weapon or normal weapon to shoot him as much as possible when he pauses between attacks and shootings. End of Chapter 9

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