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Mike Jones A Junior in high school and the hero of our story. A short time ago, Mike went on an incredible journey. It began as a vacation to the South Seas and it became a big adventure. Mike managed to save his uncle and seven space children from evil aliens. A few months have passed. Mike is now in school and everything seems to be back to normal...
Dr. Jones Mike's Uncle and a famous scientist. Dr. J found the escape pod of the seven space children while he was exploring some lost ruins in the South Seas. He's now at his stateside lab, trying to decode the strange cipher which he found on the escape pod. Once he does decode the cipher, our hero, Mike, could likely find himself in the midst of another adventure...
Mica The oldest of the space children. Mica is the daughter of Hirocon, the leader of Argonia. Mica and the others were sent away by Hirocon to escape Zoda. She has the leadership qualities of her father, as well as some newly discovered powers of a mystical nature. As Mike is sent on his new journey, it is Mica who will send him important information from home...
Cleopatra Cleopatra is the queen of Egypt and has a liking for pizza. Mike brings her pizza in exchange for information regarding the second tetrad.
Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes is the one that finds out Zoda Y will try to steal a tetrad. He "helps" you capture Zoda Y.
Leonardo da Vinci After getting him out of a statue, Leonardo da Vinci asks you for advice on Mona Lisa, his newest painting, and lends you his flying machine.
King Arthur A noble king who grants you knighthood for offering to kill the dragon that has been terrorizing his castle.
Merlin the Magician He pops up at random places disguised as animals to give you helpful weapons in your quest.
The Chief The Chief of the C-Island Village. He is good at puzzles and helps you in the end by putting the tetrads together.
Hirocon The father of Mica and leader of Argonia. He died trying to defend his planet from the evil Zoda. Or did he...?
Zoda Y The evil mastermind behind trying to get the power of the tetrads for himself. He fights you a few times but has multiple forms.

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