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Dungeon Items

All of these items can only be found and used in battle mode.

Normal Items

Name Picture Amount Description
Bola 50 A little bit less powerful than the knife, but with a lot more range. Use this weapon when you want to keep your distance.
Rocks 30 This weapon is not very powerful. It is also short ranged. I wouldn't use it unless it was my only attacking item (which is the case in the battle mode before dungeon 2). You get 30 shots with this item.
Spike Ball 25 The spike ball, when used, goes in a straight line and damages any target in its way. It doesn't go very far though.
Thrower 50 This weapon is just like the Rocks, just with a longer range and higher attack power.
Triple Spike Ball 50 Just like the Spike Ball except with three shots in different directions and a lot farther range. Good against multiple enemies or bosses.

Magic Items

Name Picture Description
Potion This magic item heals 6 hearts.
Magic Whistle Only found in dungeon 3b, this whistle is used to make 3 snakes appear that, once killed, will open a tunnel to the boss.
Star The star makes you invincible to all attacks for a short time. Save this for a boss.

Power Ups

Name Picture Description
Double Heart Cures you of two hearts of damage.
Heart Cures you of one heart of damage.
Sign This sign will give you a maximum of three extra lives, or it might take away a maximum of three lives!
Star Collect five stars to cure you of one heart damage.
Vitamin Cures you of all of your heart damage.

Quest Items

These items are only used within story mode. They are part of the storyline and are only needed to help you continue on your journey.


Name Picture
Tetrad #1
Tetrad #2
Tetrad #3
Tetrad #4
Tetrad #5
Tetrad #6
Tetrad #7
Tetrad Y

Other Quest Items

Name Picture Description
Big Heart A big heart adds to your max life by one heart.
Chicken Nugget Doesn't do anything, but it tastes good! It is found in the mines in chapter 5, if you take dynamite to the right place.
Chisel The chisel is used with the hammer (below) to get Leonardo out of a statue.
Dynamite Dynamite is used in chapter 5 to open the mine where the Tetrad is.
Gold Nugget The gold nugget doesn't do anything. It just makes you rich. But if you go to the store the guy behind the counter takes all the gold nuggets you find!! Found in the mines that you can open with dynamite.
Hammer The hammer is used with the chisel (above) to get Leonardo out of a statue.
Pizza You have to give this pizza to Cleopatra to appease her into telling you where the next Tetrad is.

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