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Big Hearts

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When you recieve the plane from Leonardo, you will land on an island that appears to have nothing on it. There will be a cliff. Walk into the cliff and everything will go black. All you will see is a path leading to a giant heart. Walk onto the heart to recieve it.
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Picture 2
After Sherlock Holmes tells you to chase after zoda, there will be two ladders in you sight range. Go to the one closest to you on your left. Down there will be a big heart. Step on it to recieve it.
Picture 1 When you are going through the hedge maze in chapter 3, you will see that there is a big heart to the left. Check my map of the maze if you are lost.
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Picture 2
When you first get some dynamite in chapter 5, go near the cliff at the bottom and you will see two rocks. Blast in the middle of the rocks to open the hole.

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