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Chapter 8a

Story Mode

Nothing much to do here. You can't go to battle mode till you talk to the king. He is found in the castle. As soon as you see the king, then you can go to the dungeon in the north. When King Arthur starts asking questions, give him the answer he wants to hear and you will gain one extra heart.

Battle Mode

Dungeon Map

Part A: This room is a little different than most rooms. As soon as you kill the last guy in this room, the ground opens and you will fall to the room below. Stay at the top and in the middle and you will fall onto a platform below.

Part B: If you fell on the platform in this room, than jump on the tile to make a potion appear. Get it, then go to the left to proceed back to the room above. To go on, land on the platform, then go north.

Part C: First go up the path one from the left. Grab the potion, go back down, then go around into the little arena above with the bomber. If you kill him, then you will fall again to the ground below.

Part D: Go through this part quickly because at the end of the arrows there are spikes that you will need to jump over. But they are growing, so you won't be able to jump over them for long.

Part E: In this room, and in many of the rooms beyond, there are three branches that you can choose from. When you get close, to of the paths will be blocked by a knife. If you don't go to fast, then you should be able to choose the path that is unblocked before it is to late. But don't take your time, because spikes are blocking your way at the end.

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