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Chapter 7

Battle Mode

Dungeon Map

Part A: When you enter the first room, go right, grab those two hearts, then go left all the way to go up.

Part B: Don't forget to grab the potion in this room.

Part C: Kill the ghosts in this room to open a door above and get a potion.

Part D: Approach the potion slowly because fire will pop up all around it. What you must do is get close enough for the fire to work, but not to get hit. As soon as the fire dies, run in, grab the potion, and wait till the fire pops up and goes back down again. Then leave the room.

Part E: Kill all the ghosts in this room to go on.

Part F: Use your jumps to get to the other side of this room to grab the treasure. Then fall down the hole and press one of the arrow buttons to land in the room. Work your way to section G.

Part G: Fall down the hole at the very end of the arrow in this room, then press to the side to get a potion below you.

Part H: Kill the guys in this room first and go left to grab a potion. Then continue by pressing a button.

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