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Chapter 6b

Story Mode

Come out of the basement and save Leonardo from a statue and give him advice on his new piece of art: The Mona Lisa. In return, he gives you a new weapon (the Katana) and lends you his flying machine so that you can go find the next tetrad.
Now for some more storyline. With Dr. J hypnotized, you are finally on your way to try and get the next tetrad. This time you are doing things a little bit differently. This place is like a really big maze that you have to get through to find the tetrad. The maze is full of holes and each hole you hit is invisible. Each hole is a miniature dungeon. It isn't too hard but it does get very annoying. So have fun.

Battle Mode

This is all just little holes you have to get through each time you fall. They are just very small dungeons. Not too hard.

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