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Chapter 5b

Story Mode

Time for a new magic weapon from a magic donkey. The Super Psychic Shock Wave. Yes I know the names are stupid. I didn't make it up.

Battle Mode

Dungeon Map

Part A: Careful in this room or the arrows will take you away before you can do anything. Jump to the right quickly so that you can grab the potion.

Part B: Jump to the left this time as soon as you can, because the next room is just a dead end. If the arrows do take you to the next room, you can still work your way back by jumping. Once here, kill all of these blue guys to open a hole on your far right. This is a potion for later. Then just go up.

Part C: Don't forget the potion here.

Part D: There is a crack at the top of this room. Shoot it to open a tunnel to get a potion.

Part E: Kill all the snakes in this room to open a tunnel on the left.

Part F: Shoot the crack at the top of this room to grab a potion.

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