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Chapter 5a

Story Mode

Once you get out of the Oxford Wonder World, go north till you see a little village. Inside the village there are only three buildings you can enter. Enter the saloon first and talk to the guy at the piano. He will ask you if you want to hear the latest hit. If you enter yes, then he will sing a song that tells you how to get the tetrad.
Now go to the little house at the top of the village. If you tell the guy inside your story, then he tells you about the tet-tod he saw while in a mine that is now blocked by a landslide.
HURRAY!! You're ready to go treasure hunting. Go talk to the guy who sells dynamite and he will give you some dynamite for free.
Find the wierd cactus outside of the town. Then stand left of the cactus above it. Then walk to the left right up to the wall and KA-BANG! Set you're dynamite and a hole will appear in the hill. Enter it to enter battle mode.
If you plant dynamite in a few certain places where the Tetrad isn't, then you could get a gold nugget or a chicken nugget. They don't do anything for you though.

Battle Mode

Dungeon Map

Part A: This room's puzzle is pretty simple. Nothing will happen after killing the cactus, so shoot the crack at the top of the room and a hole will appear.

Part B: This room is difficult because you have to jump from one row to another to stop from getting hit by rocks. Work your way right to get out of the room.

Part C: After killing all the snakes nothing will happen. And none of the tiles are buttons. What should you do? Just jump on the square part in the middle of the tiles and you will fall.

Part D: Kill all the guys to open a hole below and get a potion for the boss ahead.

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