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Chapter 4a

Story Mode

When you first come out of the Oxford Wonder World, Mike will notice that he has appeared beside 221b Baker St. residence of the famous Sherlock Holmes.
After talking with Mr. Holmes he tells you that he has discovered a plan to steal a very valuable object called a Tetrad from the museum. Sherlock tells you that you must help him stop this robbery. He tells you to meet him at the museum at midnight to prevent the robbery. You then have to go to the museum. You should have no trouble until you reach the dead end. If you ask the policeman for directions he throws you in jail.
To get out, you must walk against the wall to the left. You will be able to walk through a portion of the wall into a tunnel. After that just keep going till you find the museum.

Battle Mode

Dungeon Map

Part A: This is the only room you should have trouble with. To get to the room to the left, you must hop on the tile to the left of the platform. Make sure you are as close to the edge as possible and that you jump as far to the left as possible or you will just fall to your death.

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