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Chapter 3b

Story Mode

Maze Map

Once you are out of the cave, go right and you will find a man beside a camel.
Talk to this man and he will let you ride his camel. While riding you will meet a man riding a turtle. When you tell him what you have been searching for, he gives you a pizza. Bring this pizza back to the queen and in return she will give you a ride to the other shore. She will also give you directions to where the next tetrad is kept. If you follow the directions you will find that the entrance is blocked. Exit and you will see that people have appeared.
Talk to them and they will direct you north to the residence of a wizard. To get to this wizard, you first need to go through a hedge maze. With a little guesswork you should be able to get through. If you have trouble, check out my map. Once through the maze, you will find the wizard. Talk to the wizard to get a new magic weapon.

Battle Mode

Dungeon Map

Part A: Use your new magic weapon against the barrier to continue.

Part B: In this room you have to be extra careful. When you come to the narrow part, fire will shoot up, blocking your way. Wait a second, then it will leave. Walk on and then jump because there is a hole in the middle of the ground that leads to the room below. Now there will be flame on the platform above you. Wait untill that fire dies then jump up to grab the hearts. Careful when you are coming back down because the fire will renew itself when you come near. Now go to the left and wait before jumping on the little platform because, you guessed it, fire springs up there. Once you get to the platform on the far left, jump on the tile in the upper left hand corner of the platform. A button will appear on the platform below. Make your way down to that platform and touch the button to make the door open.

Part C: The treasure chest is a potion. To open it you must hop on one of the tiles.

Part D: In this room you will fall two levels through the hole in the middle of the room. You then land in an inclosed room where the only exit is up two flights of stairs into the room you started in. Since the hole is the only way out of this room you need to find a way to land on the floor in the middle of the two rooms. The way to do this is to press one of the arrow keys as you are falling.

Part E: One of the tiles in this room makes a potion appear.

Part F: In this portion of the level, you get a new magic item called a flute. To continue through the level, you must use the flute in a certain room. The tiles in the room you must use the flute in looks like a snake. Three snakes will appear in this room when you use the item. Kill the snakes to procede through the level.

Part G: DO NOT forget the potion in this room!

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