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Chapter 3a

Story Mode

When you first come out of the Oxford Wonder World and decide to look around, go up until you see some people standing around beside a boat. Don't bother talking to these people, they are useless.
Walk onto the boat and there will be some more people on it. The guard will not let you in until you talk to every one of the people on the boat.
Once inside, the queen asks you to go find out what has happened to her pizza in return for showing you where the second tetrad is. Walk northeast from the boat until you arrive at a guard who is guarding the path ahead. He tells you that this is the way to the pizza place but that you must go through a tunnel first. He also wishes you luck.

Battle Mode

Dungeon Map

Part A: Kill all the guys in this room to open a tunnel that leads to a potion.

Part B: This room that may seem impossible to get through because the water is too wide. Go to the bottom left hand corner of the higher portion of this room, wait until the scorpion is out of the way, then jump diagonally on to the land below. It is important that you wait until the scorpion is out of the way because once you've landed, there will not be a lot of room for you to dodge him. Even though he won't kill you, there is only one potion in the level, and the boss will be coming up soon.

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