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Chapter 2

Story Mode

Before you enter this cave to battle the evil within, take a look at Picasso's drawing near by the wall.
This will help you in the level ahead. Also, talk to the man hitting bones with a stone in the bottom left hand corner of the cave. It is essential you talk to this man, because he gives you your only means of fighting the monsters within the cave.

Battle Mode

Dungeon Map

Part A: In this room kill all the bad guys. Once finished, walk back to the front of the room. A cave entrance should have opened there. Inside you will find a potion to help you when you face the boss ahead. You should save this potion as it is the only heart replenisher you will get within this level.

Part B: After that, the level is pretty easy until you reach the maze portion of this level. If you make one wrong turn, you will find yourself outside the cave and you will have to do the level all over again. Check my map if you didn't write down Picasso's drawing.

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