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Windblown Town - Fubart

Go just south of Zenobia and head west to find Selfrone Grasslands. The path here is pretty straightforward, so follow it.
Eventually, you'll be attacked by Samaran soldiers, which isn't good!
Luckily, you'll be rescued by Haman, a Sarejian knight who is searching for Lefis, the Princess of Ark. When he finds out she's in Elfas, he immediately wants you to escort him to her.
Head back to the cave on Mt. Belzend. When you reach this area, Haman will be able to fill the holes blocking the path, opening up a shortcut to Elfas.
Follow the path back to Elfas, and return to Rollo's house and talk to Lefis. A scene will ensue where you'll learn all sorts of story info.
After the scene, feel free to loot Elfas castle, and begin your trek back to Selfrone Grassland...
Past Selfrone Grassland, you'll reach a mountainous area called Byuure Wasteland. Follow the path here until you reach this cave.
Past the cave, you'll encounter two Samaran knights beating up a mage. Looks like you'll have to stop them.
After defeating them, Saria, the mage will join your party.
Go northwest here and you'll reach Zaam Valley. Pretty straightforward here, just continue on.
Just continue on and you'll reach the town of Fubart.
When you're done shopping and searching for items, find Tosuran, and talk to him. He'll rush off to a town meeting...
Follow Tosuran to the meeting, which is being held in the large building in the northwest. You'll learn stuff here.
When the meeting's over, head into the underground house through this door.
It's almost like a miniature town under here. Do your town thang, then head to the west and find a fellow named Reg. He wants you to retrieve the Wing of Wind.
In the northeast of the underground house, there'll be a tunnel through this door. Enter.
This cave is pretty short and painless. Work your way to the north.
Eventually, you'll make it to Shura. Not too tough. Wail away at him, and he should go down quickly.
After defeating Shura, head through this door and make your escape.
Haha. A loser is you.
I dunno. I always thought this was kinda cool.
And thus Tosuran and Reg fell truly, madly and deeply in love. If the windmill's a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'.
Looks like it's time to mosey on out of here. So...leave town.
And you thought everybody was going to fall to their deaths! Well, everybody's safe, but looks like you won't be able to get back to Fubart for a while...

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