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Items in italics were most likely dummied out of the game.

Medic Items
Inventory Items

Medic Items

You can have up to 9 of each of these items.

Name Buying Price Selling Price Effect
Herb 100G 75G Restores 50 HP to 1 character.
Potion 200G 150G Restores 100 HP to 1 character.
Purify 100G 75G Cures Poison in 1 character.
Unstun 150G 113G Cures Paralysis in 1 character.
Wakeup 150G 113G Cures Sleep in 1 character.
Revive 120G 90G Brings 1 character back to life.


These are mostly won from enemies, and selling these is where most of your money should come from. You can have up to 99 Meats, Bones and Tusks, and up to 3 of any other prize.

Name Selling Price Effect
Meat 45G Restores 8 HP to 1 character.
Tusk 60G Poisons 1 enemy.
Bone 75G May cause all enemies to run away.
GadoraThorn 188G Kills 1 enemy instantly.
BajirHorn 0G ????
KopunShell 0G ????

Inventory Items

You can have up to 18 Inventory Items at a time.

Name Buying Price Selling Price Effect
Ball of Life - 6000G Completely restores all characters' HP and Tech Points.
DongameFt 500G 375G Slows down all enemies.
Earth - - Story Item.
Earth - - Story Item.
Elixir - 1875G Completely restores 1 character's HP and Tech Points.
Flame - - Story Item.
Fool's Dust 600G 450G Doubles all characters' defense.
Holy Orb - 1875G Completely restores all characters' HP.
IronHeart - - ????
Medallion - - Story Item.
Miracle - 1350G Completely restores 1 character's Tech Points.
Mirror - - Story Item.
NaturalHi - 3000G ????
Ocarina - - ????
Prison Key - - ????
ProtectOil - 6000G ????
Rusty - - Story Item.
Scroll 8000G 6000G Teaches 1 character a new Tech.
Sleep Jar 500G 375G Puts all enemies to sleep.
Silent Herb - 750G Prevents being attacked by enemy Techs.
Surprise! - 600G Paralyzes all enemies.
Travel Bell 500G 375G Transports the party out of a dungeon.
W. Mattock - - Story Item.

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