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Hacking List

This is a list of the codes used for hacking FCE Ultra save states in Chronicle of the Radia War. If you do not yet know how to hack save states, click here for an explanation.

* For numerical values that can take more than two hexadecimal digits (numbers over 255), to enter in a number lower than 255, use the first two spots listed. For a number between 256 and 65535 (That is, numbers that would take between 3 and 4 digits to enter), you have to put in the first two digits in the second spot, and the last two in the first.
For example, let's say you want 10,000 Gil. That would be 2710 in hexadecimal. There is room for 4 digits to put in the money. But you must put the first two digits in the last two places. The first two digits are 27 and the last two digits are 10, so you'd enter 1027. If you wanted to 5A7 (1447), you'd enter A705 (remember that the digits are always in pairs. Just think of 5A7 as 05A7). It's complicated, and takes some getting used to.


13D2-13D3 Gil
13D4 Number of Herbs
13D5 Number of Potions
13D6 Number of Purifys
13D7 Number of Unstuns
13D8 Number of Wakeups
13D9 Number of Revives
13DA Number of Meats
13DB Number of Tusks
13DC Number of Bones
13DD-13DF Other Prizes
13E0-13F1 Item Inventory

Stats for first character (add 20 for Saria/Midea, add 40 for Darus, add 60 for Haman, add 80 for Baru, add A0 for Leorina)
1313-1314 Experience
1315 Max HP
1316 Current HP
1317 Level
1318 Attack
1319 Defense
131A Agility
131B Speed
131E-1323 Gear
1324 First Tech
1325 MP for First Tech*
1326 Second Tech
1327 MP for Second Tech*
1328 Third Tech
1329 MP for Third Tech*
132A Fourth Tech
132B MP for Fourth Tech*
132C "Action Status" (Controls status ailments and action commands)

*Only the first digit matters in deciding MP values. So, F0 = F1 = F2 ... = FF = 15 (the value for the first digit, F).



These values should be entered in your Item Inventory, Other Prizes, and Gear offsets. The list has been seperated, based on where the values should be placed.

00 Nothing


01 Short
02 Steel
03 Long
04 Bastard
05 FullMetal
06 Cross
07 Coronial
08 MoonBlade
09 Lemuria
0A Saber
0B Cutlass
0C Holy
0D Dragon
0E Tree
0F Wind
10 Water
11 Flame
12 Earth
13 New Moon
14 Full Moon
15 Sun
16 Bracelet
17 Geofount
18 WaterArm
19 Cutter
1A Wind
1B ThundrClaw
1C Swallow
1D StormKaiser
1E Star Claw
1F Cloth
20 Cloth
21 Hide
22 Leather
23 ChainMail
24 Ring
25 Banded
26 Ark
27 Iron
28 Steel
29 PlateMail
2A Paladin
2B Cloth
2C Silk
2D Magic
2E Serenity
2F Master
30 Water
31 Fire Sari
32 Battle
33 Hayabusa
34 Ninja
35 Leather
36 Leather
37 Leather
38 Leather
39 Wood
3A Iron
3B Steel
3C Faceguard
3D Open
3E Paladin
3F RuneScarf
40 Armguard
41 Gadora Pad
42 Bajir Pad
43 Coppin
44 BlueLapis
45 RapidGlass
46 Amulet
47 PoisnWard
48 SleepWard
49 SilverRckt
4A MagicBelt


4B Herb
4C Potion
4D Purify
4E Unstun
4F Wakeup
50 Revive
51 Herbx3
52 Potionx3
53 Purifyx3
54 Unstunx3
55 Wakeupx3
56 Revivex3


57 Meat
58 Tusk
59 Bone
5A Meatx3
5B Tuskx3
5C Bonex3


5D GadoraThorn
5E BajirHorn
5F KopunShell


60 Elixir
61 Holy Orb
62 Miracle
63 Ball of Life
64 NaturalHi
65 ProtectOil
66 SilentHerb
67 Surprise!
68 DongameFt
69 Fool'sDust
6A TravelBell
6B Sleep Jar
6C Scroll
6D Ocarina
6E Ocarina
6F Ocarina
70 Ocarina
71 Flame
72 W. Mattock
73 Prison Key
74 Earth
75 Earth
76 Medallion
77 Mirror
78 IronHeart
79 Rusty
7A-7F 500 Gil

80-FF are repeats of the first half of the values, but with an "equipped symbol" next to them. Use these values to equip characters with things they wouldn't normally be able to equip. To find the correct value, just add 80 to the regular value. (For example, an "equipped" Short Sword would be 01 + 80 = 81).


Enter these values into the Tech offsets.

01 Healus
02 Escape
03 Rupias
04 Death
05 Impa
06 Healus
07 Swapra
08 Ligar
09 Ganbor
0A Gashir
0B Forsba
0C Magnid
0D Caspar
0E Bakim
0F Panmum
10 Spahri
11 Escape
12 Strella
13 Aquam
14 WtrBall
15 Desand
16 Poisna
17 Zemahi
18 Ashuto
19 Bofut
1A Aquad
1B Sandom
1C Brism

Entering another value not listed will cause the game to crash, or do other screwy things.

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