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Playable Characters

The Hero - He's the guy you control through the game. Some sort of hero-type dude with amnesia. He attacks with a sword and is the only playable character that cannot use magic.

Darus - A wanderer that is currently living in Elfas, and seeking revenge against Nova. He uses a ring to shoot projectiles, and is pretty good with magic.

Baru - The leader of a gang of benevolent bandits that live in the mountains outside of Elfas. He attacks from long range using boomerangs.

Haman - A Sarejian knight whose mission is to protect Princess Lefis. He can only attack at close range with a sword, but he is very powerful.

Saria - A mysterious woman from Samaria, who is rescued outside of Fubart. She attacks using rings, like Darus, and she is a fantastic magician.

Leorina - The daughter of Count Kreps, the leader of Guandia. She attacks from a distance using bracelets, and is decent with magic.

Midea - Darus' long-lost sister. She's basically just a rip-off of Saria as far as battle goes. The two of them share a sprite, magic, and even stat-progression. Sheesh!


Aburo - A citizen of Bernard, who has found Bernard's ancient treasure, but he won't give it to you. Jerk.

Agiras - This is actually a species of dragon-like creature. But one of them is an important story character, so nyah!

Beruga - One of Nova's henchmen. He's stationed in Bernard.

Birdie - Some old guy who lives in Birdie's Forest, just outside of Guandia. Visit his hut, and he'll allow you to sleep in his bed.

Gadiss - The main evil villain! He's trying to activate Radia Tower for his own evil purposes! How evil!

Geo - The elder of Sarejia. He's also the keeper of the Amulet of Earth.

Gestahl - One of Nova's henchmen. He's stationed in Sarejia along with Nero and a giant spider.

Kreps - Leorina's father, and the leader of Guandia.

Lefis - The magical princess of a legendary kingdom. She plays a central role in all the game's events, and wants to be with the hero. Isn't that loverly?

Mina - The daughter of Chief Rollo of Elfas.

Necrude - The leader of Zenobia. Lately, he just hasn't been acting like himself, and he's been helping Samara with their evil deeds. Hmmmm...

Nero - One of Gadiss' henchmen. He's stationed in Sarejia along with Gestahl and a giant spider.

Nova - The leader of Samara, and Gadiss' go-to guy and partner in crime. He's an all-around nasty guy.

Nyuta - Elfas' local swordsmith. He likes to smith swords.

Ralph - Some traveler dude that got captured, and is now being held in Necrude Castle.

Reg - The leader of the Fairwinds in Fubart. The Headwinds have exiled him and his people, forcing them to live in underground hovels.

Rollo - The chief of Elfas. He provides a place for you to rest in town, as well as helping out whenever he can.

Ruji - The leader of Bandora. A bit cowardly and greedy, he's not exactly a good guy.

Rushika - Haman's travelling companion and fellow Sarejian knight. He also has sworn to protect Lefis.

Saam - One of Nova's henchmen, and an accomplished magician in his own right. He's stationed in Necrude Castle.

Sofie - One of Leorina's servants/friends. She tends to Haman while he's injured.

Sol - One of Nova's henchmen. He's stationed in Kreps' Mansion.

Teto - A Samaran who is leading an uprising against Nova. ˇViva la revolución!

Tosuran - The leader of the Headwinds in Fubart. He exiled the Fairwinds, forcing them to live in underground hovels.

Veg - One of Nova's henchmen. He's stationed in the Tower of Water.

Yura - Some woman who lives in Zenobia. She wants you to rescue Ralph, who has been imprisoned in Necrude Castle.

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