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As this game is divided into different chapters that represent different manga, the characters in this game are unique to their individual chapters, with the exception of the Nakayoshi Editor and the main character.

The Heroine - She's the game's main characters. In the original version of the game, by not giving her a name, the game will call her "Nakayoshi". In the translation, the game will call her "Naka". In any case, she's apparently a fan the manga in Nakayoshi Magazine, and when trouble starts a-brewin', she's the one summoned to set things right.

The Nakayoshi Editor - This guy's apparently in charge of Nakayoshi Magazine, and he's the one who summons the heroine to Nakayoshi World in the first place. He gives you your Quartz in the intro and you save your game by calling him on the phone. As the man in charge of Nakayoshi, he seems to maintain a god-like presence over Nakayoshi World, which makes you wonder why he needs a regular little girl to restore order in his world in the first place...

Goldfish Warning! Pocket Park MinMin!
Taikyou ni Smash Kurumi and the 7 Dwarves Sailor Moon

Goldfish Warning!

Ms. Neko Nekobe - Ms. Nekobe is the author of Goldfish Warning! She provides you with a Cow Horn and a Transformation Wand in the first chapter.

Wapiko - Wapiko's the main heroine of Goldfish Warning! A student at New Country Junior High, she's perpetually happy and more than a bit kooky. She also has a good heart and a strong affinity for animals, which she shows in this game with her ability to speak with them.

Gyopi - Gyopi is Chitose's pet goldfish, who was left to her when her father passed away. Unlike most goldfish, Gyopi is pink and loves potato chips... oh yeah, and he can fly. All this adds up to one valuable magical goldfish! In this game, Gyopi will join you on your search for Wapiko.

Chitose - Chitose, along with Wapiko, is one of the main characters of Goldfish Warning! She was a rich girl attending the snobby City Academy school, before her father died, she lost her money, and had to go to Country Junior High. When she realized that her father actually DID leave her his fortune, instead of returning to her snobby school, she rebuilt her new school into NEW Country Junior High in an attempt to compete with her old school. As she was raised as a proper lady, there's a culture clash with her and her new classmates... and hijinks ensue. In this game, she doesn't do a whole lot other than give a bus pass.

Aoi - Aoi is a student at New Country Junior High. He's a nice guy, but kind of has the "rebel vibe" going on, which you may be able to tell from his cool shades. In this game, he is able to provide you with an invitation to City Academy for some reason.

Shu - Shu, like Aoi, is a student at New Country Junior High, and is his good friend. Unlike his buddy, Shu is very proper and is a perfect student. You know, one of THOSE guys. In this game, he forks over 1000 Peach before you head into the city.

Katou - Katou is a student at City Academy who has been roped into helping Tanakayama and Yurika spy on New Country Junior High. Despite this, he has a big crush on Wapiko. In this game, he's possessed, and you must defeat him to reach Tanakayama.

Tanakayama - Tanakayama was Chitose's corrupt lawyer who tried to keep her fortune from her. Once his plot was foiled, he teamed up with Yurika to try to get his revenge on Chitose and New Country Middle School. This tends to consist of him and Katou spying on the students and trying to kidnap Gyopi. In this game, he has been possessed and must be defeated to receive the key to Yurika's room.

Yurika - Yurika is a student at City Academy, and is Chitose's rival. When she finds out that Chitose has rebuilt New Country Junior High, she teams up with Tanakayama in order to get revenge on her. In this game, she has been possessed and you must defeat her to knock some sense into her.

New Country Junior High Principal - This is the kooky principal of New Country Junior High. His personality is somewhat similar to Wapiko's, in that he's always in a happy, silly mood. And yes, those ARE antennae on his head. In this game, he gives you a piece of Jade before you talk to Chitose.

Bad Ox - Bad Ox is a cow with a scar on his face, and is a student at New Country Junior High. As his name suggests, he tends to be a bit of a trouble-maker. In this game he won't let you pass the hallway leading up to the principal. You need to employ the help of Fosteel to get past him.

Fosteel - Fosteel is a cat that's presumably a student at New Country Junior High. When you get bullied by Bad Ox, talk to Fosteel in Wapiko-form to teach Bad Ox a lesson.

Peeko - Peeko is New Country Junior High's over-protective guard chicken. Peeko will join you when you reach the city, but won't do a whole lot for you but get captured later on.

Michael - Michael is another student at New Country Junior High. He tends to do a whole lot of nothing in this game, other than have gigantic eyes.

Pocket Park

Ms. Chaki Yagi - Ms. Yagi is the author of Pocket Park. She provides you with a Keyboard in the second chapter.

Riho - Riho is Pocket Park's main character. She's apparently fallen ill and lost her voice and it's up to you to find some medicine that will cure her of her ailment.

Miyako - Miyako is a bespectacled babe who wil join you in your quest to cure Riho. Ain't that nice?

Kasumi - Kasumi is the other girl watching over Riho. If you talk to her she will provide you with a free Phone Card. Huzzah!

Tohru - Presumably a character from Pocket Park. He seems to know that the Magical Medicine is in the mansion, but is also disappointed that the aforementioned mansion is locked.

Megumi - Another Pocket Park character. Like Tohru, she doesn't seem to do much of anything in this game.


Ms. Yuu Asagiri - Ms. Asagiri is the author of MinMin! She provides you with a Harmonica and a Transformation Wand in the third chapter.

MinMin - The titular character of MinMin! She's a student witch from the magic world who was banished to the human world due to her stupidity. As part of this banishment, she was condemned to turn into a doll every time she falls asleep until somebody kisses her, although none of this is brought up in the game. She has an insatiable lust for fine cuisine and Ichiya, the boy who found her in the human world.

Ichiya - Ichiya is the boy who found and kissed MinMin's doll form, and therefore freed her of her curse. She then fell in love with him, and he with her, despite the wacky fixes she gets him into. Their relationship is essentially a rehash of I Dream of Jeannie. Ichiya himself, while a good man, is a bit obsessed with money, as his last girlfriend dumped him for not having enough. In this game, he joins you on your quest to rescue MinMin.

Waruji - Waruji seems to be a character invented for this game. He's apparently a minion of Rakira who's causing all the problems in this world. Not much else is known about him, other than he seems to have an affinity for Lightning magic.

Kunitachi - Kunitachi is Ichiya's friend, who shares an ex-girlfriend with him. Unlike him, Kunitachi has plenty of money, but he is rather bored with life and wants nothing more than to visit the Magic World. In this game, he's possessed and you must fight him, but doesn't do much else.

Amon - Amon is a resident of the Magic World and was MinMin's peer and was once betrothed to her, due to his promise of plenty of great food if she married him. He was banished to the human world due to his cocky attitude, and became a friend/rival of Ichiya. In this game, he's possessed by evil doers and must be defeated in the Magic World.

Shiva - Shiva is Amon's loyal servant from the Magic World, who followed him to the human world. In this game, he's possessed and will provide you with the Ring after he's defeated if you didn't get it already.

Loki - Loki is another resident of the Magic World, and a great magician. In this game, he will upgrade your Quartz to a Crystal, and can provide you with free healing when you visit him in the Magic World.

Taiyou ni Smash

Ms. Yui Ayumi - Ms. Ayumi is the author of Taiyou ni Smash. She provides you with a Whistle in the fourth chapter.

Moe - Moe is the tennis-playing heroine of Taiyou ni Smash. She has apparently lost her tennis racket and has gotten herself locked in the gym in this game.

Sei - Sei is found wandering outside the gym. He will join you in your quest to find Moe.

Sakuya - Sakuya can be found in a classroom in the school. He seems to know the wereabouts of Moe's racket...

Daichi - He's hanging out in the boy's locker room with Kazaki. He seems to know abou the bangle.

Kazaki - He's hanging out in the boy's locker room with Daichi. He has the key to the gym.

Megumi - Megumi is Moe's friend. She's hanging out in the girl's locker room worrying about Moe.

Kurumi and the 7 Dwarves

Ms. Ryou Takase - Ms. Takase is the author of Kurumi and the 7 Dwarves. She provides you with an Ocarina in the fifth chapter.

Kurumi - Kurumi is the main character of this particular manga. She seems to have gotten herself lost in the forest, and needs saving.

Kyle - Kyle is another character from the manga. He will accompany you on your quest to find Kurumi.

Bau - Bau appears to be an sheepdog of some sort. Or maybe a tibetan terrier. Or perhaps a Briard? Anyway, he guards the entrance to the cave at the end of the forest until the dwarves are all found.

Train - The first dwarf found. Yup.

Hyupush - Another dwarf. This one is found on the frozen pond.

Helga - Yet another dwarf. This one seems to have money to burn and will give you a present of 500 Peach.

Ruuihi - This dwarf is just wandering around the town. Unlike the other dwarfs, you actually don't have to rescue this one, but you might as well, right?

Zatto - This dwarf just seems to be chilling in his cottage. You don't really "rescue" him, but you still need to talk to him.

Krook - The penultimate dwarf to rescue.

Light - The final dwarf. Find this one and all the dwarf-finding wackiness will end for good.

Sailor Moon

Ms. Naoko Takeuchi - Ms. Takeuchi is the author of Sailor Moon. She provides you with a Planisphere and a Transformation Wand in the sixth chapter.

Usagi (Serena) - Usagi is the civilian form of Sailor Moon, the titular character of this manga. While she is sometimes a bit of an air-head, she is nonetheless the most powerful Sailor Soldier. In this game, you can transform into her form using the Transformation Wand and she is the last Sailor Soldier to be rescued.

Luna - Luna, the talking black cat, is Sailor Moon's guardian. In this game she joins you in your quest to rescue the Sailor Soldiers and recover the Gold Gems.

Artemis - Artemis, the talking white cat, is Sailor Venus' guardian. In this game, he hangs out beneath Crown Game Center, giving you direction. He will also provide you with the Transformation Brooch after all the Sailor Soldiers are reunited.

Ami (Amy) - Ami is the civilian form of Sailor Mercury. A bit of an egghead, she is found in Crystal Seminar Cram School. When she is rescued, Sailor Mercury is added to your slot reels in battle.

Rei (Raye) - Rei is the civilian form of Sailor Mars. When in her civilian form, she is a shrine priestess, despite the fact that she's quite hot-headed at times. When she is rescued, Sailor Mars is added to your slot reels in battle.

Makoto (Lita) - Makoto, or Mako, is the civilian form of Sailor Jupiter. She is found in the bridal shop and she enjoys boys, cooking and is deathly afraid of airplanes. When she is rescued, Sailor Jupiter is added to your slot reels in battle.

Minako (Mina) - Minako is the civilian form of Sailor Venus. Minako is found in Tokyo Tower and she is unique among the Sailor Soldiers in that she is the only one with her own spinoff manga, Codname: Sailor V. When she is rescued, Sailor Venus is added to your slot reels in battle.

Kaseet - Kaseet is a minion of Rakira who is apparently unique to this game. He is found in the town's second Jewelry Shop as an optional boss battle. If you defeat him, the shop will reopen, and you can buy the powerful Lapis gem. He is apparently Ice-elemental, based on his appearance and immunity to Ice magic.

Rakira - Rakira is the game's big bad, and he's the one who has kidnapped all the manga's heroines and stole all the Gold Gems. He's found deep beneath Tokyo Tower, and after he's defeated, order will be restored in Nakayoshi World. Or something. He looks Fire-elemental, but he's actually immune to all types of magic.

Motoki (Andrew) - Motoki is a handsome chap who works in Crown Game Center. In this game, he's been possessed and must be defeated to access Artemis beneath Crown Game Center.

Umino (Melvin) - Umino is the bespeckled nerdy classmate to Umino. For some reason, in this game, they did not give his sprite glasses. In any case, he's been possessed and you must defeat him in Crystal Seminar Cram School to rescue Ami.

Naru (Molly) - Naru is the daughter of a jeweler and Usagi's friend. In this game, she is possessed and found in the bridal shop guarding Makoto. When defeated, she will exchange your Crystal for a Diamond, and can also heal your HP and MP for free for some reason.

Tuxedo Mask - Tuxedo Mask is, for all intents and purposes, a male Sailor Soldier. His civilian form, Mamoru (Darien) is Usagi's love interest. He only appears in this game if you get three stars on the reels in battle in chapter 6. Do so and he'll pop in to perform his powerful "Red Rose" attack.

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