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Enemies in bold are bosses, enemies in italics are bosses as well as regular enemies, enemies that are underlined are bosses that join you after they're defeated.

Clay 180 0 18 110 - And the Lord took 180 Courage points of clay and molded into a man. A man of clay.
Dragon 450 480 50 500 H-Storm, Flare You can only defeat it by using the Statue
Druze 180 400 18 220 Crush, Storm Don't let it operate heavy machinery, because it's really druzy!
Geist 130 400 18 180 Storm, Crush An amorphous pink ghost-like creature. I'm sure it'll be in all y'all's nightmares now.
Ghost 80 90 13 100 Storm By the looks of his picture, the ghost with the most would appear to have a wedgie...
Ghoul 70 0 10 44 - Stupid Ghoul...Stupid Ghoul...I can't believe you fake it...can't believe you fake it...
Goblin 20 0 4 20 - Boy I'll tell you what, they sure don't make bosses like they used to. This poor thing seems to be having trouble holding his weapons, much less using them...
Golem 200 0 30 100 - You don't have a PixyFlute this time so you'll have to...wait...why the hell is the Golem a skeleton?!
Hiltroll 50 0 12 68 - He adds a prefix to his name and wears pink. And you wonder why he's weaker than a regular Troll?
Hob 200 0 12 120 - A candidate for the weakest boss of all time. He's actually a random enemy in the same area he's a boss! D'oh!
Hugefrog 380 350 35 800 H-Storm, Flare Yep...this frog is as good as these graphics get...
Hugeslug 120 0 18 100 - Yep. There are few things in nature more dangerous than an oversized shell-less snail.
Hydra 400 350 40 1000 - You must summon Hugeslug and Hugefrog in that order to defeat the Hydra.
Ifleet 300 280 28 230 Return ay! We should all revel in the fact that this enemy's name is mistranslated!
Iron 350 0 32 180 - Is he live or is he dead? Has he thoughts within his head?
KingWolf 100 26 15 24 Needle, Poison Yes. I agree. His face and body look totally threatening. Poor Maria will have trouble with him. *snicker*
Kobold 6 0 2 8 - Gaze upon the Kobold, and be amazed at how poor NES graphics can get!
Manticoa 250 200 24 200 Poison, H-Storm Without a doubt, the scariest creature in existance. Period.
Odick 280 308 25 250 Return, Destroy I could make a pretty sick joke right now, but I don't think I will. This is a family website.
Orc 6 0 3 12 - I think it's all pretty obvious what Orc is. Erm, isn't that the planet Mork was from?
Pixie 5 12 1 57 Needle I'd love to comment, but all I can think of are Pixie Sticks. Sweet, sugary Pixie Sticks. Mmmmmmm...
Rock 200 0 22 170 - Keep in mind that this ain't no pet rock, it's a rock of all ages. Gibralter ain't got nothin' on it, if you smell what the Rock is cookin!
Skeleton 8 0 3 10 - Don't be scared of ol' chicken legs. He's only got 'bout 206 of dem bones.
Specter 320 52 25 200 M-Plate If he were a detective, he would be named Inspecter Specter! Get it?!
Spirit 140 110 13 200 Crush Spear what?
Sprite 8 21 2 33 Poison This ain't no 7-Up, OBEY YOUR THIRST, FOO!
Troll 190 0 16 120 - His talents include living under a bridge eating goats and visiting message boards with the sole purpose of inciting anger.
Werewolf 12 10 8 15 Needle Were, oh were can my wolfy be? The Lord took it away from me...
W. Lion 1500 0 200 0 - The final boss. Use your Aurora at the beginning of the battle if you want to survive.
Wight 300 0 22 120 - I'm dreaming, of a Wight Christmas. Just like the ones I used to know.
Zombie 4 0 2 7 - What's in your head? In your head? Zombie, zombie, zombie...

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