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Born in East Ellay

The path should lead you Ellay, a town populated by thugs known as the Blah Blah Gang. If you talk to one of the guys in the blue, you'll fight them... which can be useful in case you want to pick up a Flamethrower or two for Loid. These gang members are the only place in the game to get them.
Also, northwest of Ellay is an observatory. If you visit, check the second telescope to find a rocket that can take you to a small island. By giving the people Berry Tofu, you can get the Swear Words and Words o' Love, items that can be used in battle... although I'm not 100% sure what exactly they do. ^^;
Enough of that crap. We all know that you just want to advance the plot. To do so, you want to go to the Live House at the south side of town. First, visit the Department Store and buy a Ticket at the top floor. Then go to Live House. The airplane pilot will demand 200 clams if you destroyed his tank. Fork it over. That should be chump change at this point in the game.
Show your Ticket to gain access to the club. Do NOT let the girl buy you a drink, you're underage, knucklehead. If you do, you'll get arrested and have to buy back your weapon. What you DO want to do, however, is talk to the man near the stage, to cue the overly long singing cutscene.
Your singing ends up being so good, that the Blah Blah Leader wants to kill Ninten. Doesn't that just make you feel peachy? Just fight with him a couple rounds and the battle will end automatically.
The gang boss, Teddy, will be so impressed by Ninten's fighting prowess that he'll join your party. However, due to his intense hatred of nerds, Loid will get kicked out. Oh well, it could be worse, right?
Like you do with most new recruits, you should probably go to Magicant and get Teddy properly equipped. Remember that Sword you found earlier in Magicant Cave? It's Teddy's second-best weapon, so you might as well give it to him. Also, you'll want to level Ninten up to at least Level 25 at this point (The area Ellay (or Pippi's shack in the swamp) is good, or you can just stay in Magicant if you're lazy). You'll see why in a moment.
Remember that Dragon in Magicant Cave? Y'all gotta defeat it eventually, so you might as well do it while you have Teddy's services. CHECK it to engage it in battle. The Dragon hits HARD, so this battle can be difficult. Let loose with your most powerful PSI Beam attacks with Ana, and have Ninten and Teddy wail away.
After defeating the Dragon, CHECK it again and you'll learn the 6th melody! Two more to go!
Teddy mentioned Mt. Itoi, so you might as well head there. There's a path leading east of Ellay which will lead you there (eventually). You'll cross a bridge, then have to go south a bit, then east again. Along the way, you'll reach this little shack. Inside is a kindly old man that will let you sleep for FREE. Plus, he gives away free LifeUp Creams! Needless to say, the area immediately near his house is ideal for level-building.
Follow the path past the crazy healer's house, and you'll eventually reach the Itoi Cave. This place is probably the most confusing area in the game. And to make it even more confusing, here's an awesomely 1337 MS Paint map to help you along. Above all else, be sure to pick up the Hank's Bat, Iron Skillet and Katana, the best weapons for Ninten, Ana and Teddy, respectively.
You'll pop out on the othe side of the cave at the foot of Mt. Itoi. You can feel that you're getting close to end now, can't you? Well? ...

Item Checklist

Sixth Melody (Dragon in Magicant Cave)
LifeUp Cream(s) (Medicine Man near Itoi Cave)
Katana (Itoi Cave)
LifeUp Cream (Itoi Cave)
Iron Skillet (Itoi Cave)
Bomb (Itoi Cave)
Hank's Bat (Itoi Cave)
PSI Stone (Itoi Cave)

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