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If space is ever a problem in your item inventory, talk to your sister at your house, and she will put items in "storage" for you.

After you beat the Doll, talk to your sisters for free Orange Juice.

If you don't want to pay money for the Canary Chick, simply decline the man's offer. He'll give it to you for free!

Wanna know a good time to level up? How bout when you are at a place that heals for free?

In Magicant, you'll find two swimming cats. One near the entrance, and one East of the main town. They will give you a Magic Candy (if Loid's in your party) and a Ribbon (if Ana's in your party) respectively.

Chances are, you're playing this game on an emulator. If so, when you go up a level, save your state, and keep reloading until the stat increases are the most.

In the healer's house in Snowman, talk on the phone and Ninten's dad will ask for you (the player's name). Also, Loid's dad in the garbage can at Pippi's shack in the swamp asks it. Enter it, and it'll appear in the credits, as well as Shigesato Itoi's message if you step on the mine.

Northwest of Reindeer lives an old man. Use Telepathy on him, and you'll discover he needs his dentures. Go outside and circle around his house and CHECK the sign. You'll find his dentures. Return them to him and he'll give you Mouthwash. Now talk to the boy in the room to buy Mouthwash for only $10!

Once you get Loid, go back in Science Lab and you'll find a man selling some useful (Super Bomb, StkyMachine) and not so useful (Real Rocket, Last Weapon) stuff.

If you're ever short on LifeUp Creams, go to the Medicine Man just before Mt. Itoi Cave. He gives 'em away for free!

If you'd like, keep flying in the Desert Man's plane until you get 10 Ticket Stubs. Then you can ride his tank. Ride his tank to the ruins and you'll fight a big robot, but you'll beat it, but the tank will be trashed. Continue down the ruins to Monkey Cave. You can find three PSI Stones in here, plus one monkey will give you a Speed Capsule. Continue to the end, and use Telepathy on the pink column to go back to Magicant.

Wondering about that mine the war survivor left in the desert? Well it's in there! Go to the upper right part of the desert and stand where Ninten is standing in this picture. Then press down and you'll find the mine, as well as a message from Shigesato Itoi! ^_^

You can sleep for very little money at the hotel in Spookane, but you'll be attacked by a Starman the next morning.

In Merrysville, you may find a man giving a survey. Take his survey and he'll give you a Phone Card, which allows you to use pay phones for free.

North of Magicant are the Flying Men. Talk to them and one will join you in battle, but won't leave Magicant. When they die they're dead, and there's no way to revive them.

In "The Live Show" in Ellay, you may be tempted to let the lady buy you a drink, but you're underage, don't do it. If you do, you will be arrested, and have your weapon confiscated. To get it back, you'll have to pay the cop the MSRP of the item (the price you'd buy it at a store).

In the southern part of Reindeer you'll find a girl who'll ask you for something. Give her something (cheap preferably) and she'll give you a Flea Bag.

The fountain in Magicant is magic. Drop a Red Weed in there and you'll get a Magic Herb. Use Telepathy on it and you can withdraw money from your account. Also in Magicant, you'll find somebody who will put items in storage for you, and somebody who will act as a phone for you.

In Magicant, a man will give you a Big Bag if you let him borrow your Cash Card. Give him your Cash Card and talk to him again to get it back. The Big Bag contains 30 Magic Herbs!

In case you're wondering, to fight the Dragon in Magicant, you'll need to be at level 25. That's also the level required to hear the poet's poem in Magicant.

When you reach Youngtown, use Telepathy on the baby to learn Teleport.

Buy some Berry Tofus and go to the observatory northwest of Ellay and CHECK the telescope. Get in the rocket and give the Tofu to one of the three people in there. Depending on who you gave it to, you'll get Swear Words, Words o' Love, or some information regarding EVE (or get three tofus and get all three).

Not much of a secret or a tip, but you should note that Mt. Itoi is named after the game's creator, Shigesato Itoi. ^_^

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