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Hacking List

This is a list of the codes used for hacking Nesticle save states in Earthbound Zero. If you do not yet know how to hack save states, click here for an explanation.

* For numerical values that can take more than two hexadecimal digits (numbers over 255), to enter in a number lower than 255, use the first two spots listed. For a number between 256 and 65535 (That is, numbers that would take between 3 and 4 digits to enter), you have to put in the first two digits in the second spot, and the last two in the first. For numbers taking 5 or 6, the first two digits go in the third spot, next two in second spot, and last two in third spot
For example, let's say you want $1,000,000 in the bank. That would be F4240 in hexadecimal. There is room for 6 digits to put in the money. But you must put the first two digits in the last two places, the first two digits of the hexadecimal are 0F (You must think of all these to be an even number of digits). Then 42, then 40. So, to get $1,000,000, you'd enter 40420F. It's complicated, and takes some getting used to.


1410-1411 Money
1412-1414 Money in the bank
16B0-16CF Items in storage
1420-1430 YOUR name (name Ninten's and Loid's dad ask you to register)
1689-1693 Favorite Food's name

For Ninten (add 40 for Ana, 80 for Loid, 120 for Teddy, 160 for Pippi, 200 for EVE, and 240 for Flying Man):
1441 Status Condition
1443-1444 Max HP
1445-1446 Max PP
1447-1448 Offense
1449-144A Defense
144B Fight
144C Speed
144D Wisdom
144E Strength
144F Force
1450 Level
1451-1453 Experience
1454-1455 Current HP
1456-1457 Current PP
1460-1467 Items
1468 Weapon
1469 Coin
146A Ring
146B Pendant
1470-1477 Magic
1478-147E Name

For first monsters (add 20 for each additional monster)
Some enemies (Eagle, Fugitive, Groucho, Maniac Truck, Mook, Oh-Mook, Psycho Truck, Rope Shroudley) are 20 lower than normal, but everything else is uneffected
2681 Status
2683-2684 HP
2685-2686 PP
2687-2688 Offense
2689-268A Defense
268B Fight
268C Speed
268D Wisdom
268E Strength
268F Force
2698 "Identity"
* For an explanation on "Identity", just go down a bit


Items and Equipment

* Some items were dummied out and useless. These have asterisks after them.

00 Nothing


01 Big Bag
02 Phone Card
03 Crumbs


0A Butter Knife
0B Surv. Knife
0C Sword
0D Katana
0E Stun Gun
0F Air Gun
10 Plastic Bat
11 Wooden Bat
12 Aluminum Bat
13 Hank's Bat
14 Frying Pan
15 Nonstick Pan
16 IronSkillet
17 Slingshot
18 Boomerang


19 Insecticide
1A Super Spray
1B Flea Bag
1C Words o' Love
1D Swear Words
1E StkyMachine
1F Flashdark
20 StoneOrigin* (works, but I still believe it was dummied)
21 PoisonNeedle*
22 Fl Thrower
23 Bomb
24 Super Bomb
25 Laser Beam
26 Plasma Beam
28 Rope


2D Peace Coin
2E Protect Coin
2F Magic Coin


04 Repel Ring
30 Brass Ring
31 Silver Ring
32 Gold Ring


33 H20 Pendant
34 Fire Pendant
35 Earth Pendant
36 Sea Pendant


3C Orange Juice
3D French Fries
3E Magic Herb
3F Hamburger
40 Sports Drink
41 LifeUp Cream
42 Asthma Spray
43 Antidote
44 Mouth Wash
45 Berry Tofu

47 Bread
48 Noble Seed
49 PSI Stone
4B Magic Ribbon
4C Magic Candy
4E Quick Capsule
4F Wisdom Capsule
50 Physical Capsule
51 Force Capsule
52 Fight Capsule
55 Basement Key
56 Zoo Key
57 Ghost Key
58 GGF's Diary
59 Pass
5A Ticket
5F Canary Chick
61 BottlRocket
62 Hat
63 Dentures
64 Ticket Stub
65 IC Chip*
66 Ocarina
68 Franklin Badge
69 FrndshipRing*
6B Onyx Hook
6C Last Weapon
6D Ruler
6E Cash Card
6F Red Weed
70 Bullhorn
71 Map* (not in the game, but USE it to see the map (instead of pushing start ^_^)
7F Debug*
A6 Real Rocket*
A8 Time Machine*


80-A1 Town Names and stuff...
BC-FF Mostly Spell names....


* Magic is a bit complicated in this game. Bear with me as I try to explain how to hack yourself the PSI Spells your character wants.

Notice how there are 8 different values you can enter in for magic, and 16 different digits (you enter in two digits for each value).
Think of the available magic as being divided into 16 different columns, four spells to a column.
Now think of each hexadecimal character (0-F) as representing a certain combination of spells in that column.
Now, simply put in the character that you want for each column showing which spells you want. Easy, huh?!

First here is a full list of the spells, in a table. Look at which column the spell you want is in on the table, and you'll know which of the 16 digits that column of spells represents.

- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
1st [nothing] LifeUp LifeUp LifeUp Healing SuprHealing BrainShock Darkness Offense Up Def. Down PK Freeze PK Fire PK Beam PK Thunder Faintd Faintd
2nd Telepathy LifeUp LifeUp Healing Healing PSI Shield BrainCyclon PSI Magnet Defense Up Defense Down PK Freeze PK Fire PK Beam PK Thunder Faintd Faintd
3rd Teleport LifeUp LifeUp Healing Healing PSI Shield Hypnosis Shield Off Defense Up 4th D Slip PK Freeze PK Fire PK Beam PK Thunder Faintd Faintd
4th LifeUp LifeUp LifeUp Healing Healing PowerShield Paralysis PSI Block Quick Up Hypnosis PK Freeze PK Fire PK Beam Faintd Faintd Faintd

There is a table of the spells divided into the columns you need to customize your magic list.
*Spells listed multiple times (LifeUp a and Healing a) are useless, except the last one listed. Also, Faintd has no use.

Now I'll tell you what all the digits represent.
For example, if a digit represents 1st, 2nd and 3rd, if you put that in the code, you will get the 1st, 2nd and 3rd spell of that column in your inventory.

0 Nothing
1 4th
2 3rd
3 3rd, 4th
4 2nd
5 2nd, 4th
6 2nd, 3rd
7 2nd, 3rd, 4th
8 1st
9 1st, 4th
A 1st, 3rd
B 1st, 3rd, 4th
C 1st, 2nd
D 1st, 2nd, 4th
E 1st, 2nd, 3rd
F All four

Now you can hack yourself whatever spells you want!
(If you're lazy though, just enter 'F' for all of your values and get all the spells!)


You're probably wondering how you can possibly edit your characters name or food without knowing the codes for the letters...well, here they are!!!


A C1
B C2
C C3
D C4
E C5
F C6
G C7
H C8
I C9
P D0
Q D1
R D2
S D3
T D4
U D5
V D6
W D7
X D8
Y D9


a E1
b E2
c E3
d E4
e E5
f E6
g E7
h E8
i E9
j EA
k EB
l EC
m ED
n EE
o EF
p F0
q F1
r F2
s F3
t F4
u F5
v F6
w F7
x F8
y F9
z FA


0 B0
1 B1
2 B2
3 B3
4 B4
5 B5
6 B6
7 B7
8 B8
9 B9
(two 0's with a line under them) BA (the "cents" after your money)




! A1
? A2
.. A3
$ A4
" A6
\ A7
( A8
) A9
: AA
; AB
, AC
- AD
. AE
/ AF
(music note) 06
(triangle) FF
(diamond) C0

* The rest of the values put in stuff too, but most of it is crap that is useless and not even symbols (or useless crappy symbol wannabes...)

Status Ailments

If you want to edit a character's status ailment (or an enemy's for that matter), you'll need to know the codes for all the status ailments. they are.

00 Nothing
01 Cold
02 Poison
04 Puzzled
08 Confused
10 Sleep
20 Paralysis
40 Stone
80 Faintd

If you want multiple ailments, simply add the values of the ailments you want. For example, if you want your character to be poisoned, puzzled, asleep, and stoned, add 02 + 04 + 10 + 40 = 56. Put 56 in, and you character will have all those ailments.


You're probably wondering what this means. Each enemy has a specific four digit code in their information. By changing this code, you can "change the enemy"
This simply means the enemy's name will change to the one who's code you gave it. Also, the graphics may get jumbled up, the enemy will act the same, but you'll get the money and experience of the enemy who's code you put in!
You could put in the code of an enemy that gives lots of Exp and Money, and put it into a Rat's information, and get lotsa gold and experience when you beat it! It will even keep the Rat's HP, making it easy to beat!

E08A Alarm Ghost
E082 Alligator
4084 Armor
C084 Bag Lady
8083 Barbot
6083 B. B.'s Boss
E085 B. B. Gang
A080 Bear
2080 Big Woodoh
C080 Big Foot
E08A Bionic Bat
C088 BionicCenti
E088 BionicScorp
A081 Bison
C08D Blue Starman
0088 Bomber
A08A Buffalo
0086 Centipede
0084 Cerebrum
E085 Cougar
608A Crocodile
8085 Crow
E08B Dadseyes
4088 Doll
0085 Dr. Distorto
4080 Dragon
2086 Dust Ball
8082 Eagle
8080 Elephant
0083 EnergyRobot
C086 Fire Ball
4086 Fly
C08B Foureyes
4083 Fugitive
6081 Gagilin
4085 Gang Zombie
4081 Gargoyle
2087 Ghost
6082 Giegue
A08C Giga Borg
8081 Gorilla
E08E Grizzly Bear
0087 Groucho
A084 Hippie
C085 Hyena
A08D Juana
408D Kelly
6088 Lamp
208F LastStarman
4087 Lil Saucer
6089 Lone Wolf
E081 Mad Car
E080 Mad Truck
2080 Magic Snail
608B Maniac Truck
2081 Megaborg
008C Momseyes
2084 Mook
6087 Mr. Bat
A083 Nancy
808E Nasty Zombie
208E Oh-Mook
0081 Old Robot
C08C Omega Borg
208D Omega Saucer
8089 Polar Bear
6085 PseudoZombi
208B Psycho Car
408B Psycho Truck
C08E R7307
6080 R7308
008F R7308xx
0082 Raeb Yddet
E087 Rat
208A Rattlesnake
4089 Red Snake
E08D Rockoyle
A086 Rope
8086 Scorpion
E08C Scrapper
C082 Seagull
C087 Shroudley
A08E Silver Wolf
A087 Skunk
608C Sky Yddet
A085 Skunk
6086 Spider
C083 Starman
8087 Starman Jr.
608D Star Miner
008B Stray Dog
808D SuperEnergy
408A Tarantula
2083 The Fish
C081 Tiger
4082 Titanees
008E Titanian
E083 Ullrich
008D Ultra Barbot
8084 Wally
E086 Watcher
6084 Woodoh
A082 Wolf
608E Zombie

* You can also put in values not listed, but it might do weird stuff. Anything from fighting an enemy that doesn't exist, to freezing your game. Try at your own risk.

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