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Enemy Attacks

* There are several enemies who use "variations" of normal attacks. For example Tigers use an attack called "Bite", but this is no different from a normal "attack", so it is not listed.

Bullhorn 1 Ally Either lowers FIGHT or raises OFFENSE. Hippie
Burst into Flames All Allies Occurs when enemy dies. Hits for about 30 HP of damage. Big Woodoh, Dust Ball
Continuous Attack 1 Ally Enemy attacks twice, instead of once. Bag Lady, B. B. Gang, Bison, Gabilan, Grizzly Bear, Momseyes, The Fish, Tiger
Darling Smile Caster Raises DEFENSE. Juana, Kelly, Nancy
Dehydration 1 Ally Sometimes an enemy attacks you and causes "dehydration", which lowers your OFFENSE and DEFENSE. Big Woodoh, Gabilan, Shroudley
Dirty Words 1 Ally Decreases FIGHT. B. B. Gang, Rat, Spider
Energy Flow 1 Enemy Refills an enemies HP. EnergyRobot, SuperEnergy
Exhaust Gas All Allies Causes Ness to have an asthma attack, meaning he can't move or do anything until the battle ends or he uses Asthma Spray, also causes damage and decreases FIGHT. Mad Car, Mad Truck, Maniac Truck, Psycho Car, Psycho Truck
Explode All Allies Occurs when enemy dies. Hits for about 50 HP. EnergyRobot, SuperEnergy
Hello 1 Ally Caster escapes, but gives one ally about 60-80 Experience Points! Groucho
Inexplicable Attack All Allies Hits all allies for 60-90 HP damage. Giegue
Last Blow 1 Ally Caster kills himself and causes one ally around 200 HP damage. Grizzly Bear, Rattlesnake, Shroudley, Sky Yddet
Out of Control 1 Ally Causes about 15 damage to 1 ally. Mad Car, Mad Truck, Maniac Truck, Psycho Car, Psycho Truck
PoisonNeedle 1 Ally Poisons an ally. BionicCenti, BionicScorp, Scorpion, Spider, Tarantula
Rage Caster Raises OFFENSE. Dadseyes, Dr. Distorto, Gorilla, Hippie, Wally
Rope 1 Ally Ties up an ally, rendering them helpless until they break free. Rope
Run Away All Enemies This is pretty self explanatory. If one enemy runs away, the fight is over. Dr. Distorto, Fly, Ghost, Hyena, Red Snake
Seed Sow 1 Ally Allows another Woodoh to join the fight. Woodoh
Steal Stuff 1 Ally An enemy takes an item of little value (like Orange Juice or Bread) from an ally. Crow, Oh-Mook, Seagull
Sticky Substance 1 Ally Blinds an ally. Gabilan
StoneOrigin 1 Ally Stones an ally. Bionic Bat, BionicScorp, Gargoyle, Titanian
Strange Cry 1 Ally Lowers DEFENSE. Dragon
Summon Help 1 Enemy Another enemy joins the fight. Alarm Ghost and Raeb Yddet summon different enemies, but everyone else summons enemies of its type. Alarm Ghost, Bionic Bat, Fly, Raeb Yddet
Think of Circumstances 1 Enemy An enemy confuses itself. ^_^ Bionic Bat, Mr. Bat
Threatening Words 1 Ally Decreases FIGHT. Bag Lady
Wicked Seed 1 Ally Confuses one ally. Big Woodoh

* In addition, enemies often do something that does absolutely nothing, but still uses up their turn. For your pleasure, I will also list out all these "attacks".

Approach Slowly Alligator, Crocodile, Foureyes, Magic Snail, Rattlesnake
Grin and Bear It Bear, Dust Ball, Hyena, Polar Bear, Sky Yddet
Laugh Crow, Seagull, Zombie
Meditate Hippie
Ready for Attack Blue Starman, EnergyRobot, Gorilla, LastStarman, Oh-Mook, Old Robot, Scrapper, Seagull, Starman
Trip and Fall Bomber, Skunk, Star Miner

Ok, I know this is totally irrelevant, but since I have such a tremendous wealth of knowledge on Earthbound Zero, I thought I might as well share it with you:
Each enemy will give a different "dying message" before they die, depending on their type. Animals will "become quiet", humans will "regain all senses", ghosts will "vanish", zombies will "return to dust", robots will "be destroyed", and anything else will "be beaten".
Told ya it was irrelevant! =

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