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Get Your Just Deserts

After your adventure in Spookane, heal up and return to Union Station. Head east until you encounter the broken bridge, then follow the path north, and you'll reach the desert.
The desert is full of tough enemies, particularly Nancy and EnergyBot. Be very careful! Head to east toward the center of the desert and you'll encounter a man at an Oasis. He is offering plane rides touring the desert (He also mentions a buried mine... which CAN be found. Check the Secrets Section for more details). There's a special prize for anybody who gives him 10 ticket stubs, so it's in your interest to ride at least 10 times. Since there are three of you, you'll only need to go on four tours, and since it doesn't matter which tours you take, you may as well do the cheapest flight. Pay attention to the cactus the plane loops over toward the beginning of the tour.
After you've collected 10 stubs, USE one of them on the man, and he'll let you ride in his tank! You can cruise around the desert all you want in the tank, and you don't have to worry about being attacked. However, you can't leave the desert.
Check out the desert to your heart's content, then head east of the oasis, until you encounter some ruins. If you head up into the ruins, you'll be attacked by a huge robot! If you have the tank, you'll be able to defeat it. If not... you WILL die, sucka. Of course, it will destroy the tank too, but at least YOU won't be hurt, right?
Beyond the robot is Monkey Cave... a cave filled with... monkeys. Head down the basement, and run around until you find three presents, all of which contain PSI Stones. Also, you can talk to a monkey at the southern end of the basement that will fork over a Quick Capsule, as the picture indicates. The "exit" of Monkey Cave just takes you to Magicant, so you might as well leave the same way you came in.
Remember that faced cactus I told you to remember? Dammit, do you? Anyway, I hope you do, because it's time to visit it. It's located west, and a little north of the Oasis. The easiest way to find it is to walk one space (one SPACE, not screen) north of the Oasis, then head due west. Use Telepathy on it, and you'll learn the fifth melody.
Alright, you're done with that crazy desert, so get the hell out of it. Just to the south, you'll notice that the train tracks continue on. Since you have nothing better to do, you may as well act like the transients you are and follow them as far as they'll go.
You'll eventually reach Youngtown Station. From there, go south and you'll reach Youngtown itself, a town populated with curtain-climbers, rugrats and ankle-biters. The first thing you should do is find the shop, which sells the Air Gun, which is Loid's strongest weapon. Be sure to pick it up and equip it on him.
In the house on the town's west side, you'll find a baby with MyStIc PoWeRz. So, use Telepathy on it and it will teach Ninten and Ana the Teleportation Magic. AWESOME! As long as you have running room, you can return to any previously visited town! Give it a try, if you'd like (You can just Teleport back to Youngtown when you're done).
Time to leave Youngtown. The exit is west of town, and it leads to a swamp. The swamp is full of dangerous enemies, so you've got to be very, very careful. Use the Onyx Hook if you get into trouble.
In the middle of the Swamp, you'll find a shack. In the garbage can is Loid's dad, who will ask for the PLAYER'S name. Go ahead and give it to him if you want the FBI to trace your every move. Inside the shack is Pippi! How she got there, we may never know, but she'll let you stay the night with her any time you want (for obvious reasons, I'm sure). This makes this an EXCELLENT place to level up, since you can heal at Pippi's whenever you want. Just don't let anybody die.
Head southwest of Pippi's to continue along. Eventually, you'll reach some trees. At this point, start heading north. You should eventually end up at this bridge. You're almost at Ellay, the most gang-infested town in all of... anywhere, really.

Item Checklist

PSI Stone (Monkey Cave)
PSI Stone (Monkey Cave)
PSI Stone (Monkey Cave)
Fifth Melody (Singing Cactus)
Teleport PSI Power (Baby in Youngtown)

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