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At Union Station, you'll have three choices of new locations to go to (although honestly, you cold have walked to them too, but I digress...). The first place you should go to is the oddly named town of Reindeer.
The first thing you should do when you arrive at Reindeer is talk to the old lady in the station. Tell her that you're headed to Snowman, and she'll cough up a Hat, which she says is the property of a girl who lives there.
If you want to explore the town you can, but there's nothing too important there. At the southern end of town is a girl who will Flea Bags for ANYTHING... which is useful if you want Flea Bags. If you follow the train tracks west of town, past the healer's house, you will come to a chateau. By examining the sign outside the chateau (you'll need to walk around the chateau), you can find some Dentures, which can be returned to the man in the chateau. Do so, and he'll give you all the Mouthwash you can carry (you'll probably want to sell most of it). Plus, his assitent will sell you Mouthwash for 10 bucks a pop. Which CAN be handy (you can sell Mouthwash for 87 dollars at a department store).
Now you'll want to go to Snowman. When you arive at the train station, head south toward the town. The enemies here are rather tough, so be careful. You may even consider using 4th-D Slip to escape from tough battles. Inside the town, try to avoid talking to people, lest you catch a Cold. There is an Inn, Healer and Shop, but everything's expensive and unnecessary, so ignore them. Instead, head east of town toward the chateau.
When you arrive at the Chateau, you'll find it habitated by Ana and her father. Since you were smart and already got the Hat, show it to Ana and she'll join you. If not, get your ass back to Reindeer Station and get it.
Ana, like Loid, is rather weak, although she learns some awesome PSI powers as time goes on. But the first thing you should do is Onyx Hook yourself back to Magicant to power her up and buy her some defensive equipment. West of town, you can use Telepathy on the second swimming cat to get a Magic Ribbon for Ana, which will increase Ana's FORCE. After leaving Magicant, you may want to stop by Merrysville and buy Boomerangs for Loid and Ana, depending on how much cash you have squirrelled away.
With Ana powered up to a somewhat decent level, it's time to go to Spookane, so hop on the train and go there. You'll find that Spookane is quite literally a ghost town. The Hotel is rather tempting, but you'll have to fight a Starman when you wake up.
Head to the eastern part of town and you'll actually find people! So talk to 'em. This lady here will give you the key to the haunted house. How charming.
North of the populated part of Spookane, you'll find the Haunted House. You can open the door by USEing the Ghost Key you got from the Spookanian woman. The place is filled with tough monsters, and is reminiscent of the ladder area of Magicant Cave. There are some treasures here, but nothing too stupendous. From the entrance, go Down, Down for an Antidote, Down, Down, Down, Up for a LifeUp Cream, Down, Down, Up, Down for a Bread, Down, Down, Down, Down for another Antidote, and Up, Up, Down, Up for an empty chest. Some great treasure, huh? I suggest you ignore all that and go straight for the kill and go Up, Up, Down, Down from the entrance instead.
After going Up, Up, Down, Down, you'll find a LifeUp Cream, and more importantly, a piano. CHECK the Piano, and it will begin to play a tune, which Ninten will remember. Finally, the fourth melody! Also, we're done in Spookane, so you might as well leave. What's next for our intrepid heroes?

Item Checklist

Hat (Lady in Reindeer Station)
Dentures (Beneath Sign near Mouthwash Man's House)
Mouthwash(es) (After returning the Mouthwash Man his Dentures)
Magic Ribbon (Swimming Cat west of Magicant)
Ghost Key (Lady in Spookane)
Antidote (Ghost House)
LifeUp Cream (Ghost House)
Bread (Ghost House)
Antidote (Ghost House)
Empty Present (Ghost House)
LifeUp Cream (Ghost House)
Fourth Melody (Ghost House Piano)

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