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I've Hit the Bottle Rocket

It's true! You're back in the real world! Yay... Anyway, you'll emerge on a cliff, and you'll see some sort of building. Your first goal is to go there. So head north to get down to ground-level, then back south to get to the building.
Welcome to Sweet's Factory. You'll be pleased to discover that most of the enemies here are just Rats (Although there are some Barbots... so you might want to have your Franklin Badge handy. There are plenty of treasures here too, here are some that you should definitely pick up: Physical Capsule and LifeUp Cream in 3rd door from right in the basement, Fight Capsule on 3rd door from right on second floor, Quick Capsule on right-most door on third floor, and a LifeUp Cream on the far-left portion of the third floor.
The ultimate goal here is to make your way to the third floor and pick yourself up a BottleRocket. You can find as many as you want by checking the garbage can here. Be sure to get at least one. Then get the hell outta Dodge.
Now, head north of the Factory, and you'll end up in Merrysville. The first building you'll encounter is Twinkle Elementary, so go ahead and enter it.
In Twinkle Elementary, you need to be careful of who you talk to. The red-headed girl in the last door on the second floor will give you a Cold if you talk to her. You can also find some treasure in the second to last room on the second floor, a Slingshot and a Plastic Bat (Neither is that useful, though). Anyway, if you try to go up to the roof, you'll find that it's locked. Return to the first floor and enter the far-right door and talk to the Janitor, who will bitch about what a horrible wife he has. Answer "Yes", "Yes", "No", "Yes" to his questions and you'll be granted access to the roof.
Go ahead and talk to the garbage can you find, and it will turn out to be Loid. If you have a BottleRocket, he'll ask a question... Answer "Yes" and he'll join you.
He'll then proceed to blow up the science lab. Rock on!
Time to go to Merrysville proper. Near the Department Store, talk to this guy and take his survey. Answer however you like, and you'll get a Phone Card, which will let you use pay phones for free. Which is pretty handy, I guess. You should also buy Loid a Stun Gun to equip from the Variety Goods store at the Department Store. If you need to visit the Podunk Area, you can reach it by heading west of Merrysville.
You might also want to use the Onyx Hook to return to Magicant. Talk to the Swimming Cat to get the Magic Candy, which can permanently raise Loid's FIGHT about 5 points. You may also want to level Loid up here, and buy him some defensive equipment. When you're done here, you can leave the same way you left earlier.
Time to go to Duncan's Factory. Follow the train tracks north of town, then head to the west along the path. You should find a Pass on your way there. Then just keep heading north to find the factory. Fight off a mere Stray Dog to gain access to the factory.
Duncan's Factory is annoyingly complex. The best thing to do is check a map. Like this one. Pick which treasures you want to get, then make it to the rocket. Be careful, though, as the enemies here are TOUGH, and Loid can easily be killed off quickly, so have Ninten heal as necessary.
When you make it to the Rocket, Loid needs to be alive. If he is alive, CHECK the rocket and he will launch it, presumably to destroy the rocks blocking the railroad tracks.
Once that is taken care of, you can follow the railroad tracks north of Merrysville to Union Station. Here is where the game really starts to open up. Are you as excited as I am? ARE YOU?

Item Checklist

Antidote (Sweet's Factory - B1)
Physical Capsule (Sweet's Factory - B1)
LifeUp Cream (Sweet's Factory - B1)
Magic Herb (Sweet's Factory - B1)
Magic Herb (Sweet's Factory - 1F)
Butter Knife (Sweet's Factory - 1F)
Magic Herb (Sweet's Factory - 1F)
Rope (Sweet's Factory - 1F)
Antidote (Sweet's Factory - 2F)
Magic Herb (Sweet's Factory - 2F)
Fight Capsule (Sweet's Factory - 2F)
Quick Capsule (Sweet's Factory - 3F)
Plastic Bat (Sweet's Factory - 3F)
Magic Herb (Sweet's Factory - 3F)
LifeUp Cream (Sweet's Factory - 3F)
BottleRocket(s) (Sweet's Factory - 3F)
Plastic Bat (Twinkle Elementary)
Slingshot (Twinkle Elementary)
Phone Card (Take Survey in Merrysville)
Magic Candy (Swimming Cat in Magicant)
Pass (On Path to Duncan's Factory)
Bottle Rocket (Duncan's Factory)
Bottle Rocket (Duncan's Factory)
Bomb (Duncan's Factory)
Rope (Duncan's Factory)
Super Spray (Duncan's Factory)
LifeUp Cream (Duncan's Factory)
Quick Capsule (Duncan's Factory)
Physical Capsule (Duncan's Factory)
Wisdom Capsule (Duncan's Factory)
Bomb (Duncan's Factory)
Rope (Duncan's Factory)
Bomb (Duncan's Factory)
PSI Stone (Duncan's Factory)
LifeUp Cream (Duncan's Factory)
Bottle Rocket (Duncan's Factory)
Rope (Duncan's Factory)
Bread (Duncan's Factory)
Franklin Badge (Duncan's Factory)
Bomb (Duncan's Factory)
Force Capsule (Duncan's Factory)

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