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Blood Sugar Sex Magicant

The strange place you'll end up is Magicant. Magicant has all the services of a normal town (Shops, hospital, inn, etc.), but nothing costs money (except the shops of course...). The shops are located on the northeast side of town, the inn and hospital are just to the west of the shops, the Mysterious Goods Keeper (who holds your stuff just like Minnie) is in the southwest part of town, as is the Mysterious Mimicker, who will function as a telephone for you. You can't sell items here, so don't even try.
Northwest of the town, you can find a fountain. Approaching it restores your HP (as if there weren't already enough places to do this in Magicant). Furthermore, you can pick a Red Herb around Magicant and drop it in here to get a Magic Herb, if the need should arise. Also, if you use Telepathy at the fountain, it will act like an ATM! Hurray!
Some other stuff you can do in Magicant... if you go to the southwestern-most house, you can trade your Cash Card for a Big Bag, which has the effect of a Magic Herb, but can be used 30 times! Talk to the guy again to get your Cash Card back.
Also, on the east side of town, enter the lone house to pick up the Ocarina. It doesn't really do anything practical, but it's pretty nice to have... I guess. You should probably drop it off at the Mysterious Goods Keeper after getting it.
North of the town is the castle, but it is guarded by three... guards. The middle one will tell you that you can pass if you solve his riddle, but he hasn't come up with a riddle yet. Use Telepathy on him to pass.
Inside the castle, pass the first door, and enter the second door. Here, you'll find three rooms filled with treasure. The first room contains a Magic Herb, Antidote and a Flashdark. The second room has a Magic Herb, Bullhorn, Antidote and an empty chest. The third room has six chests, but you can only get one. The chests, starting with the uppper left and going clockwise contain a Boomerang, PSI Stone, Fight Capsule, Berry Tofu, Ruler, and Rope. The Boomerang is one of the best weapons in the game, so you should probably get that (PSI Stones and Fight Capsules are nice too, but at this point, the Boomerang is better).
Backtrack to the room in the previous picture, and head through the door on the right to reach Queen Mary, who will inform you of an eight-part melody she can't remember. You should probably now see why you are memorizing tunes in this game.
Anyway, now would be a good time to start clobbering monsters and building up your strength. If you visited the shops, you noticed that Coins, Rings and Pendants are for sale there. This is defensive equipment in this game. You should save up for a Magic Coin and Gold Ring for Ninten. North of the castle, you can also recruit Flying Men to help you fight while in Magicant. But the problem is, when they die, they're dead for good, so use them sparingly. Oh, and if you encounter an enemy called a Groucho, don't attack it... you'll gain way more experience if you let it leave on its own.
After levelling up and buying new equipment, you'll probably be ready to head on out of this zany place. When you're ready, head east of town and you'll find several wells. You can enter this well. So enter it, numbskull.
The first part of the cave is a series of holes leading to the left or right. If you go Right, Right, Left, you'll reach a Magic Herb, but you're probably swimming with them by now, so you may just want to ignore it. Anyway, to advance, from the beginning, go Right, Left, Left, Right.
You'll wind up in a more open area of the cave. Grab the treasure along the way (including a very nice PSI Stone), and you'll find a dragon. Unless you're SEVERELY over-leveled, you won't be able to wake it up for now, so just go past it.
Just past the Dragon, you'll find a ladder. Go down it and you'll fight some sort of fish. This fish is a pushover. You should have no trouble. After defeating it, you'll find the Onyx Hook, which will allow you to return to Magicant in an instant whenever you want! Hurray!
Just past the Onyx Hook, you'll find the Sword, a weapon for a character you do not have yet. Drop this off with Minnie or the Mysterious Goods-Keeper when you get the chance. Or you can just wait to pick it up until you HAVE the character. Whichever.
At the end of the cave, you'll encounter the Forgotten Man. Keep talking to him until he asks a question. Answer "no", then "yes" and he'll make like a tree and leaf. Beyond him is Magicant's exit...

Item Checklist

Big Bag (Let man borrow your Cash Card)
Ocarina (Talk to man in Magicant)
Red Weed(s) (Pick in Magicant)
Magic Herb(s) (Drop Red Weed(s) in Fountain)
Magic Herb (Magicant Castle - 1st Treasure Room)
Antidote (Magicant Castle - 1st Treasure Room)
Flashdark (Magicant Castle - 1st Treasure Room)
Nothing (Magicant Castle - 2nd Treasure Room)
Magic Herb (Magicant Castle - 2nd Treasure Room)
Bullhorn (Magicant Castle - 2nd Treasure Room)
Antidote (Magicant Castle - 2nd Treasure Room)


Boomerang (Magicant Castle - 3rd Treasure Room)
PSI Stone (Magicant Castle - 3rd Treasure Room)
Fight Capsule (Magicant Castle - 3rd Treasure Room)
Berry Tofu (Magicant Castle - 3rd Treasure Room)
Ruler (Magicant Castle - 3rd Treasure Room)
Rope (Magicant Castle - 3rd Treasure Room)

Magic Herb (Magicant Cave - Ladder Area)
Magic Herb (Magicant Cave)
PSI Stone (Magicant Cave)
Onyx Hook (Magicant Cave - Basement)
Sword (Magicant Cave)

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