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Something Tells Me It's All Happening At The Zoo

Now it's time to take care of your business at the Zoo. If you didn't get the Franklin Badge from Pippi in the Cemetary, you still can visit her at her house and get it... be sure that you do. The Zoo can be reached by taking the path from Podunk that leads to the Northeast, like shown.
Little known fact: the REAL reason this game wasn't released in America was its unadulterated love for the hated metric system. Anyway, when you reach this sign, you know that you're on the right path. Oh, west means left for the directionally challenged among you.
When you reach the entrance to the Zoo, some monkey business will take place... *coughs* ...Luckily for you, the lock is broken, so you don't need the key anyway.
The Zoo is filled with some rather tough enemies (Alligators, Tigers, Elephants) and some not-so tough enemies (Flies, Hyenas). The bottom line is that you may need to level up to make it through here safely. But anyway, your ultimate goal is to make your way east, to the Zoo Office. You'll have to zigzag past some trees to get there, so it's tougher than it sounds.
Inside the Zoo Office, you'll find the enemies are much easier, and there are three floors, each with two doors. The first floor has a Rope and an Antidote. The second floor has nothing in the first door, and Bread in the second door. On the third floor, go in the second door first for a LifeUp Cream.
On the third floor in the first door, you'll find a capsule. CHECK it, and you'll engage in battle with a Starman Jr. This battle can be very easy or very difficult. Hopefully, you have the Franklin Badge in your inventory. Starman Jr. can cast both PK Beam and PK Beam . If he casts the former, you're in trouble, since that means you'll be losing 30+ HP. If he casts the latter and you have the Franklin Badge, it will reflect back on him, possibly even killing him. Also, casting PK Beam will take up almost all his PP. Anyway, cast LifeUp as needed, and pray that he he casts PK Beam , and attack when you get the chance, and hopefully you'll win.
After defeating Starman Jr., the animals will calm down a bit, meaning you're finally free to walk around the Zoo without fighting off rabid animals at every turn. Yay!
On your way out, you should notice this cage with a sign and monkey. CHECK the sign, and the singing monkey will sing at you. And you'll remember the tune. Which is nice.
Now leave the Zoo, and head south of the Zoo along the path shown. It's time to do something with that darn Canary Chick that you've been lugging around.
You should end up at the Canary Village. You'll know you're there because you'll be in a village filled with canaries. You see how that works? Anyway, make your way to the north end of the village and you'll see several spires, and one silver spire. You can go behind this one by approaching it from the side, then going up. Here you'll find another canary. USE the Canary Chick on her and she'll sing you a melody, which you will memorize.
Go back to the Zoo entrance, then head to the east, past the sign that noted the location of the Zoo, then go upward and follow the path until you reach these two cops. The curfew that was apparently in effect has just been lifted. They'll both also mention your Telepathy PSI Power. Foreshadowing?
Keep following the path past the cops and you'll reach a small cave. Inside the cave, you'll find this strange pink stone. Remember what the cops said? Use Telepathy on it... and you'll be transported to somewhere beyond your wildest dreams... Unless your dreams are really wild, of course. In which case you probably have bigger problems than this game anyway.

Item Checklist

Rope (Zoo Office - 1st Floor)
Antidote (Zoo Office - 1st Floor)
Bread (Zoo Office - 2nd Floor)
LifeUp Cream (Zoo Office - 3rd Floor)
Second Melody (Singing Monkey)
Third Melody (Return Laura's Chick in Canary Village)

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