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Pippi Shortstockings

Once you feel confident and strong, you might as well make the long and arduous trek to Podunk. Along the way, you'll pass a little house, with a little lady outside of it. Talk to her, and you'll discover that her daughter, Pippi, has gone missing. I shouldn't have to tell you who will end up rescuing her.
OK, so the trip to Podunk really wasn't long or arduous. Anyway, the town also seems to be having a bit of a zombie problem, as well as the fact that Pippi is missing. In the center of the town, you'll find the department store (on the right in this picture) and the Mayor's Office (in the center). Let's head to the department store first.
You may have noticed that you haven't received any money from the enemies you've beaten in this game. That's because money goes directly into your bank account. This is an ATM, and with your Cash Card (you started the game with it), you can withdraw and deposit money. Super! You can also sell items at the service desk here, and use the phone (although it's a pay phone and costs money). Try to save up about 500 dollars. That way you can buy a Wooden Bat at the Sporting Goods store, which is really, really nice (500 dollars for a wooden bat... must be autographed by Joe DiMaggio or something).
At the top of the department store, you'll find a pet shop, although the only thing they still have is a Chick. How lucky! Tell the guy you want the Chick, and then refuse his first offer, and you'll get the Chick for free. And then, to Ness' dismay, you'll be handed a small bird. Oh well...
Now you might as well go and talk to the town's sleazy mayor. He'll volunteer you to go and rescue Pippi so that he can be a hero. Sounds like an offer you can't refuse, eh?
Time to head south of town to the graveyard. You should have the Wooden Bat and be at about level 5 or 6 if you want a fairly easy time in the graveyard. At the southern end of town, some of the townspeople (like this guy) are actually zombies, and talking to them triggers a fight with a PseudoZombie. Just something to be aware of...
When you get to this point, you can head east across the bridges to the Graveyard. If you go to the west, you'll make it to a healer's house, who can heal you... if you've got some cash to spare.
In the graveyard, head to the east, and then go north to loop up and around the trees. You're going to want to look for a little hole in the ground, like pictured in the... uh... picture.
Inside the underground tomb, there are four caskets, all of which moving. Three contain PseudoZombies, and the other... well, I'm sure you know what the other contains. Fight the Zombies if you want, but if you want to just rescue Pippi, go ahead and check the lower-left casket.
It's Pippi! She'll grill you with some questions when you first rescue her. If you want to make things easy on yourself, answer "no" to her first question, and then yes. She'll cough up the Franklin Badge, which will be useful soon. She'll also join your party! She starts out very weak, but she gains levels FAST, and when she gains levels, her stats get greatly boosted.
However, Pippi is only in your party for a short time, so if you want to keep her around for a while, don't talk to the Mayor. But you need to talk to the Mayor to advance anyway, so you might as well ditch Pippi...
The Mayor will thank you for your bravery, give you a hundred bucks, and suggest you take care of a little problem they are having at the zoo. Accept his offer and get the Zoo Key from his assistent.

Item Checklist

Chick (From Pet Store)
Franklin Badge (From Pippi)
100 Dollars (From Mayor after rescuing Pippi)
Zoo Key (From Mayor's assistent after rescuing Pippi)

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