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The Final Countdown

Ah, Mt. Itoi. If you haven't noticed, the enemies here are hard. VERY, VERY hard. They make diamonds seem like fluffy feather-puppies. Now THAT'S hard. If you failed to level up adequately, you'll really feel it now. Anyway, start climbin' the mountain.
After climbing a few ladders, you'll be forced to turn to the right. Eventually, you'll reach a little cottage. This is good, very, very good. Inside is a healer that charges no money (just talk to him and voila!) and a telephone! Now listen up, and this is important: Either save your game at the telephone, or use some Bread here. I'm serious, do one or the other! DO IT!
Inside the healer's house, go into the back room. Here comes the most scenic scene in the whole game. There's action, drama and foreplay galore, so be happy. In the end, Teddy leaves your party, and if you talk to Teddy, Loid returns... And you'll end up at the healer's house near Ellay. If you didn't save or use some Bread, you'll have to go through Itoi Cave again. If you used Bread, simply use your Crumbs and you'll be back in an instant. If you saved, you can kill yourself and end up on the mountain again.
It goes without saying that this is a superb place to level up. I highly recommend that you do some serious levelling up here before climbing the mountain further.
When you're ready, climb up the mountain more, and you'll reach a lake. On the east side of the lake is a dock with a boat, which you will be able to use unless you were stupid and forgot to pick up Loid. Climb in the boat and enter the whirlpool you find in the lake..
Inside the underwater base you end up in, you will find a huge robot named EVE. Check EVE and it will join you. Suddenly, those super-tough enemies will be ridiculously easy with EVE in your party. You won't be able to leave Mt. Itoi though. Head up the mountain more, until you reach this area. At this point, you'll want to head to the east until you reach a "cave", which contains the Sea Pendant, which can be equipped to guard somebody against all elements. Very nice.
All good things must come to an end, and EVE is no difference. You'll eventually come across another hugeass robot which will totally fuck shit up. But at least EVE takes it down too.
Examine EVE's wreckage, and some strange tune will play, and Ninten will remember it. That means there's only one more melody to go! Yay! Also, you'll have to start climbing the mountain without EVE! Boo!
Soon, you will encounter a strange tombstone with two X's on it. Go ahead and check it and you'll learn yet ANOTHER melody. And yup, that's all of 'em.
Use the Onyx Hook and talk to Queen Mary again. If a bunch of stuff happens, you've learned all the melodies, and stuff will happen, if not, figure out which one you're missing and go get it! If all goes well, you'll end up back at the tombstone.
Just past the tombstone is a cave. If you go into the sideroom in the cave, you'll find some bottled up people. How very loverly!
Also in the cave is the final boss, Giegue. Giegue isn't particularly hard if you know what you're doing, but he takes a LONG time to beat. The trick is to use the new "Sing" until he's beat into submission. However, it has no effect for the first 8 rounds, where Giegue will be blabbing some storyline crap you probably don't care about anyway. Giegue only has ONE attack, and it hits all three characters hard. For this reason, Ana or Ninten should cast PK Shield the first round, as it will cut damage from this attack by half. Then, for the rest of the first eight rounds, the characters should guard, which will cut the damage in half again, unless they need to heal somebody (if Loid has LifeUp Creams, he can help heal). After the eight rounds, Giegue will stop talking, and you should start singing. If he bitches about your singing, you'll know that it's working. Any of the three characters can sing, and they should do this, unless somebody needs to be healed. After singing 11 times, Giegue will be defeated.
You've beat the game. Go call up the neighbors and tell them, why doncha? Trust me, you'll be the most popular kid in town!

Item Checklist

Sea Pendant (Mt. Itoi)
Seventh Melody (EVE's Wreckage)
Eighth Melody (Tombstone on Mt. Itoi)

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