Search for the Dragonballs! (Z Fighters)
Search for the Dragonballs! (Vegeta)
Preparing for Coola (Vegeta)
Preparing for Coola (Z-Fighters)
Heavy training with Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo
Heavy training with Vegeta
Battle with Coola
Battle with the Androids

If you are playing the Japanese version, you probably don't know what's going on in the beginning of the story. Here's what happened:

Gohan, Bulma, and Kuririn went to Namek to get the Dragonballs, but Frieza, who was more powerful than them, was there trying to get the Dragonballs. On top of that, Vegeta was collection the Dragonballs, too. Vegeta teamed up with Gohan, Bulma, and Kuririn to get the Dragonballs to wish everyone who died back to life. Then, Shenlon and Porunga brought everyone back to Earth, but Goku, who turned into a Super Saiyan, stayed to fight Frieza.

You get to play as Goku fighting Frieza. This battle is EXTREMELY easy, since Goku can dodge every one of Frieza's attacks. Do anything in the fight and you will win.

After Goku beats Frieza, he gets in his spaceship to fly back to Earth. Unfortunately, because he couldn't win, Frieza blew up Namek, so the Z-Fighters, who were back on Earth, decide to get the Dragonballs to wish their friend back to life.

Search for the Dragonballs! (Z-Fighters)

Enemies: Bua, Namo, Jeic, Eva, and al-dhi
Objectives: Collect six Dragonballs
Since Porunga wished all of the Z-Fighers back to Earth, you get to play as them now. After some talking, you'll get to control Piccolo, Gohan, and Kuririn. Yamcha, TienShinHan, and Chao-zu are all in your party, but if they aren't in the front lines you don'tcontrol them in battle. I suggest putting Yamcha in the front row instead of Kuririn. For more information about why, check the Tips and Tricks section.

Since you already have a Dragon Radar, you should use it and get a good glimpse of the location of the Dragonballs. Right now, you can only get three of them. The first one you can get is located inside of a cave, but you there is no entrance to it.

Whether or not you go and talk to the people in the town, there is a mine to the north, and that is your next destination. It's the only cave you have access to in the game right now, so it shouldn't be hard to find.
Between now and the time you are done playing as the Z-Fighters, you will fight in a battle (obviously). When you do, Piccolo asks your enemies why they are here, since they are soldiers of Frieza. They tell him that a new boss is giving them orders, and that they will kill Piccolo. Piccolo kills that enemy instead, and every once in a while you will have to fight enemies after this.
Upon reaching the mine, you will talk to this animal who will give you some explosives so you can blow stuff up, just like he does. Take these explosives, and with your map, locate the desert in the middle of the area you are in. Around the desert, you will see a small group of mountains with an opening that you can't reach. Here's what it looks like:

^^^^^^  ^^^^^^ A: This is the opening that you can't reach.
^^A ^^^^^^  ^^
B: This is the spot you need to fly to to blow an entrance.
^^  ^^^^^^  ^^
^^^^^^B ^^^^^^

Go to spot B with your explosives and blow an entrance into the cave. Whoever is leading your group will enter and get the Dragonball and then come back out. Now that you have your first Dragonball, it is time to get the second one.

Southeast of this cave, you will find a house surrounded by trees with a dinosaur next to it. Go to the house and talk to the man inside. He will give you some herbs after complaining about the dinosaur. Take these herbs and fly back to the town.

In the town, talk to the Pharmacist. If you are using the japanese version, the phramacist is this option:

Person       Person
Person*     Pharmacist
* = This person will heal you if you are weak, but he can't revive dead people.

The phramacist will graciously take your leaves and give you a laxative in return. Take this medicine and fly back to the dinosaur. Feed the laxative to the dinosaur and the Dinosaur will be cured! Not only have you solved the herb grower's problem, but you have found your second dragonball (Yes, the thing eaten by the dinosaur that made him sick was the dragonball, and yes, they make Kuririn take it because he has no nose.).

Now that you have two Dragonballs, it is time to get the third. An enemy base is in the northeast, but you can't get there because there is a guard blocking your entrance to it. For some reason, you can't just kill him, but you can get by another way. Visit the cave to the northwest again to pick up some more explosives, and then head back to the guard. Don't talk to him, just go along the mountains to the south of him. When you reach a certain spot, Tien will blow a hole in the mountains, distracting the guard.

Since the guard is distracted, you are free to enter the enemy base.
If you don't feel confident battling a normal enemy with the cards you have just before entering the enemy's base, there is something you should know. For no matter how long you wonder along the left side of the enemy base, you will never fight any enemies. Therefore, you can use up your crappy cards standing in one spot until you get the good ones you need to take down any opponents.
Inside this base, you will have to fight an enemy (Eva). This battle is quite simple, especially if you haven't had any problems with the enemies on the map. Use normal attacks and KI attacks to easily take this guy down.

After defeating this enemy, you will receive four dragonballs, although you were only able to track one of them. Now it is time to play as Vegeta, who's job is to get the last Dragonball.

Search for the Dragonballs! (Vegeta)

Enemies: Bua, Namo, Jeic, Eva, Al-dhi
Objectives: Collect the other Dragonball
Up in the snowy areas of the planet, Vegeta is training, but he wants to go back to the Z-Fighters to see what's going on. To get there, he has to go to the building to the northwest of his current location.
You might notice the little house near Vegeta when you first gain control of him. This is Korin's house, and when you go there, he will heal Vegeta completely.
Although there is not that big of a difference in levels, Vegeta is a lot stronger than all of the Z-Fighters, so fighting one-on-one is much easier. However, there is only one Vegeta, so having four enemies gang up on him isn't going to make things easy. Be cautious of your HP.

When you near the building, Vegeta feels a forcefield and decides that, to destroy it, he will need to destroy the two transmitters. There is one to the north and one to the south. Destroy both of them and then you can enter the building.

Upon entering, you will have to battle another one of Frieza's men. This enemy is the al-dhi enemy, and as you can see by either looking up his information in the enemies section or by having already fought him before, you know that this will be an easy battle for Vegeta. Either way, use Final Flash against him once or twice and he will be defeated.

After defeating this enemy, Vegeta will find the other Dragonball and he will meet up with the rest of the Z-Fighters. He denies looking for the Dragonballs and gives it to them. Afterwards, he flies away. Your team returns to the Capsule Corporation. Dende will call Porunga, so you get two wishes. I know you might think you should get three, but Dende wishes the Nameks to a new planet, so one of your wishes is already used. You can either raise the level of a fighter by one or you can grow Sensu beans. The top option is to grow Sensu beans. For more information on growing Sensu beans, see the How to Play section of this FAQ.

Now that you have summoned the dragon, King Kai contacts you with bad news. Frieza and his father are on their way to Earth, you go to meet them to battle them immediately. There is no way possible that you are going to be able to defeat Frieza, so just try and keep all of your character alive. After getting beaten horribly for a couple rounds, a mysterious person shows up and kills Frieza and King Cold.

After this, Goku shows up and speaks with the stranger. It turns out that his name is Trunks and he is the son of Vegeta and Bulma. He tells Goku that, in the future, where hs is from, everyone dies because of the Androids. The reason Goku couldn't beat them is because he suffered from a heart virus and died. Luckily, in the future there is a cure for this virus, and Trunks gives it to Goku. Also, Trunks tells Goku that Coola, Frieza's brother, is heading to Earth to get the Dragonballs for immortality (of course).

You will then see Coola flying around in space. He orders to prepare to land on Earth to get the Dragonballs, but since he cannot find them himself, he decides to abduct Bulma.

Vegeta, who is training in the desert, decides to go to Dr. Briefs for help. He remember that since Goku was training in a Gravity machine, he should too, so he orders that Dr. Briefs builds him a machine to allow him to train under 300 Gravity. He finds out that Bulma has been kidnapped and unwillingly goes to her rescue.

Preparing for Coola (Vegeta)

Enemies: ???
Objectives: Find Bulma
You get to control Vegeta now, who is in a field. You can go three places. If you go into the white and blue house, you can train with King Kai. If you go to the brown house to the south, you can be healed by Korin. Otherwise, talk to the guard to the northeast who is blocking you. The guard is actually the enemy dz.-, who you must defeat to continue.

Of course, this enemy is more difficult than any of the other ones that you fought. However, the enemy is easily defeated with the Final Flash technique, so be sure you can use it before the fight. If not, Vegeta can still take the enemy out by himself.

After defeating this guard, you must go to the building to the northwest. To the right of the building, you can move freely without battling any enemies to train with training cards, to heal, or just to get the cards that have Vegeta's symbol on them. I recommend you do so so that you stand a chance in the difficult fight that is next. You must enter the building and fight the enemy ,.zhi, the red lizard. Since he's got 800 HP, it's going to be a little difficult to take him out, but with strong attacks and by using healing cards (heart cards), you can defeat him.

After defeating this enemy, Vegeta returns to Dr. Briefs who has the machine ready waiting for him. You won't train in it yet, but you will play as the Z-Fighters now.

Preparing for Coola (Z-Fighters)

Enemies: jeic, al-hdi, Eva, S'-y, z-^, nu-hi
Objectives: Save people and rescue Bulma
As the Z-Fighters, you will talk to Dr. Briefs. He will give you some item from the Capsule Corp. and you will be off to help everyone in the houses around this area. First, go to the house to the east of your location. You will talk to a guy who refuses to let you pass to get to the building that you need to go to, so you might as well help everyone else to see if he will change his mind.

Go to all of the houses in the area (there are three of them) and defeat the enemies that are inside. Inside each house is the enemy Eva, one that you have easily defeated before, so go inside the houses and beat them. After all three of the houses have been restored to normal and the enemies removed from each of them, return to the house in the southeast and the guy will let you pass. Actually, if you stop in his house he will heal you.

Further down this path, you will have to battle the hardest enemy thus far in ths game, e">->. Though the name doesn't make sense, I strongly suggest that you are prepared for this battle, having a high enough level for victory and good enough cards to deal good attacks. Each time this guy hit one of my party members, he kill him, so you can see why you would need to kill this guy quickly. Of course, you could always cheat to get the best healing (like Porunga) or try to paralyze him every round with the Namek card.

After winning, go further south into the building. Inside, you will find Vegeta and Bulma. Give the capsule to Vegeta so he can use it to train under 300 Gravity and you will now have control over Piccolo, Gohan, and Goku.

Heavy training to prepare (Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo)
You get to play the training minigame with Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo now. For information on how to play this minigame, please see the minigame section.

Heavy training to prepare (Vegeta)
Vegeta finally gets to train under 300 Gravity! For information about how to play this minigame, please see the minigame section.

Battle with Coola

Enemies: dz.-, v-s, alF5x*-
Objectives: Defeat Coola
After all of this training, you gain control of Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo. I recommend building your levels up to level 49, and if you don't, go find the Dragonballs. If you find the Dragonballs, your power will be maximized and you will be on level 50. Although you can get to level 50 without the Dragonballs, it is much more difficult because you need about 400,000 experience points to go up a level after level 49. Whichever you choose, you have no choice about what you do next.

After either building levels or getting the Dragonballs, go to Coola's spaceship. It is located in the southwest, and it is not very hard to find since the color contrasts with the background. Once you get there and enter, you will meet up with Yamcha, Kuririn, Chao-zu, and TienShinHan. Coola will send a henchman at you, who's English name is enilen. He's pretty difficult, but not as difficult as Coola will be. Be sure to transform into a Super Saiyan and use the Mega Kamehameha. Charge up and use powerful moves with Gohan and Piccolo to take this guy out as quickly as possible.

After the battle, Vegeta will join up with a new power. He also can become a Super Saiyan! Use this to your advantage to battle Coola. With two Super Saiyans, Coola gets a little worried. Use the Super Saiyan abilities to bring him down. The Mega Kamehameha works really well along with either the Masenko or the Ray Cannon. You cannot control Vegeta, but I suggest putting him up front because he can take hits without taking much damage and deal a lot of damage easily.

Sure, you beat Coola. Pat yourself on the back, but look out, he transforms into a stronger form. This form is a little harder, but if you use the same strategy as you did with the first Coola, you will win.

Battle with the Androids

After your hard-earned victory, the gang will congratulate Vegeta on his ability to become a Super Saiyan. Then, Yajirobe will appear and allow you to grow some Sensu beans. Grow the most you possibly can by pressing the A button repeatedly. For more information, see the how to play section of this FAQ.

Yajirobe's vehicle explodes, so you have to go investigate. You are broken into three groups, and everyone is alive and well. Goku, on the other hand, has come down with a heart disease. This only happens sometimes. When you are approached by someone, they tell you where the Androids are destroying the cities, but since if can't read Japanese, and if you are using the English translations this part isn't translated, I'll tell you the exact location. Go to the cave entrance in the bottom left-hand corner. Then, go 23 spaces to the north and 3 spaces to the west (Thanks to Vejita for the hint). Be sure to keep all of your characters together to they can all get into the fight at once.

Use your strongest attacks to kill Android 19. If Goku gets the heart virus, he won't be able to help you, and you will have to take him out by yourself. Vegeta also appears to help you in this battle, so with all of your Z-Fighters available, I recommend using Vegeta, Piccolo, and Gohan. If you followed my advice, all of them will be at level 49 and they will be able to live long enough to survive one attack from the Android. Cheat if you must, but be sure to heal whenever possible to make sure you live to fight 17, 18, and 16.

After this battle, you will chase 20, who flees, to his cave. He will activate Androids 17 and 18. Since those two don't feel like obeying Dr. Gero, who turns out to be Android 20, they kill him for you and unleash 16. Then,  you follow them to the east and battle 17 and 18.

Like usual, be sure to use your strongest attacks. I don't recommend using Trunks in this battle because the Androids can kill him in one hit. When both of these Androids have been killed, everyone will be at leevl 49 or 50 beacause you win 400,000 experience points. Then, you will have to fight Android 16. He isn't much more difficult than the other two, but still be cautious about him. After you win, you will get 220,000 experience points and everyone will be at their maximum level.

After this fight, everyone will be at peace. Piccolo returns with Kami to Kami's lookout, but unfortunately, he senses a high power level that he is not powerful enough to destroy. He merges with Kami and flies off to find Cell, the most powerful being in the universe. Have a battle with him and you will easily win; if that is what you wish to call it. When Cell gets to around 350 HP, the match is a draw, and he tries to absorb 17 and 18. This then foreshadows the television series, and since Cell now has the ability to absorb the two Androids, becoming (again) the most powerful being in the universe, will the Z-Fighters be able to take him down? Congratulations, you've beaten the game!

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