Mr. Popo

In the beginning of this game, you will be given information about how to play the minigame. If you can't read Japanese, and you are playing the Japanese version, this could be a problem. What you have to do is follow Mr. Popo around the screen. When he appears at the top of the screen, press up. When he appears to the left, press left. When he appears to the right, press right, and when he appears at the bottom, press down. When he is in the middle, do nothing and wait until he moves to either the top, bottom, left, or right. When you finish, Mr. Popo will tell you how well you did based on a percentile (100 is the best), and based on this number you will get experience points.

Also, for us cheaters, check the tricks section to see how to win this game easily.


In this game, you have to match up the words. I wouldn't recommend repeatedly playing this game to build levels given how unlikely a success is. Instead, choose one of the other two minigames. Regardless of your choice, when you make a match of words, something hits King Kai in the head and you get experience points. Because this game requires no real skill, you get three chances.

     Naked Bear... Bare bear!
     Spell I cup... I C U pee!
     Bananas... have appeal!
     A Fish STD... crabs!
     Put a foot... on a futon!
     A tailor? Sew what!


This game is similar to the minigames in the other Dragon Ball Z games. In this game, Chichi has five cards and you have five cards, but you cannot see Chichi's five cards. The object is to meet or beat Chichi's chosen card depending on the Dragonball. For example, if Chichi picks a card that has the Number 3 Dragonball, you have to pick either the Number 4, 5, 6, 7, or Z Dragonball to win.

To have Chichi draw a card, press A. Otherwise, press B to leave with the amount of wins you have. The number of wins determines how many experience points you gain after the game. If you press A to have Chichi draw a card and you CANNOT beat it, the game is over and you leave with 0 wins, and thus, 0 experience points.

If you would like to cheat, getting 50,000 or more experience points per round, go to to the tips and tricks section to see how it is done.

Training (Piccolo, Gohan, and Goku)

This is an event minigame, meaning you can't trigger it with cards like games A, B, and C. After a certain event in the game, you will be able to play this game three times. Here's the object: You have a row of about 7 or 8 cards, and you have to pick two cards with matching symbols on them. For those who didn't know, the only symbol that can be used to match is the one in the center. For those of us who don't feel like searching, you can just pick one card and any matches will flash. However, don't pick two ZIII cards because it will end the game.

After you pick two matches, you select two people who will battle eachother and the number below their picture will increase by one. At the end of the game (when you pick two ZIII cards or when you cannot make any more matches), depending on how many times each character fought, you will gain experience points.

See the tips and tricks section to see how to cheat in this minigame.

Training (Vegeta)

This game is similar to blackjack. In it, you have one card and the opportunity to select another until you have three. You cannot go over 15, but you must get a higher number than your opponent. The number, of course, is the number of stars on the dragonball which is on the star. You play this until you run out of HP or you make it up to 300 Gravity.

By the way, you will know whether or not you won or lost by the expression on Vegeta's face. If he looks surprised, then you've lost, but if the right side of his face smiles and his right eye moves, then you've won.

See the tips and tricks section to see how to cheat in this minigame.

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