Event Cards

Healing Cards:These cards restore HP, BE, or both.
Picture Name Description
Bulma Restores 20% of HP to one character.
Roshi Restores 50% of HP to one character.
Kami Restores 100% of HP to one character.
Karin Restores all BE to one character.
Dende Completely heals HP and BE of one character
Shenron Revives one character and restores 70% of their HP.

Card Cards:These change one or all of your cards.
Picture Name Description
Oolong Duplicates a selected card.
Puar Boosts all cards' star value by 1.
Enma Raises one card's star value to 8 (Z).
Kame House Nothing happens.

Training Cards:Access minigames to earn EXP.
Picture Name Description
Mr. Popo Use the Directional Pad to track Mr. Popo. Your rewarded EXP is based on your current EXP divided by 1,000 x the percentage you follow correctly. If Krilling starts with 544,050 EXP, he will earn 54,000 EXP for following Mr. Popo correctly.
Kaioh Create jokes to make Kaioh laugh. As best as I can calculate, you earn your current EXP divided by 20.833 and multiplied by the number of correct jokes. If Krillin gets 1 joke right, starting with 150,000 EXP, he'll earn 7200 EXP.
Chichi Meet or beat the number of stars on your card with Chichi's. The EXP earned is the amount of current EXP truncated 3 places on the right multiplied by ten times the number of times you win. For example, if Krillin starts with 419410 EXP and beats Chichi twice, he would earn 419x20 EXP, or 8380 EXP.
Kame House Nothing happens.

Movement Cards:Effects what happens as your characters move
Picture Name Description
Ox King Prevents random battles for 5 turns.
Dr. Briefs Gain 10exp for every 5 steps taken without encountering an enemy.
Bulma's Mom Decreases every card's star value by 1.
Kame House Nothing happens.

Battle Cards:Effects take place only in battle.
Picture Name Description
Grandpa Paralyzes all enemies for 1 turn.
Lunch Boosts attack power.
Elder Boosts attack power.
Kame House Nothing happens.

Random Cards:Effects are random and based on chance.
Picture Name Description
Baba Replaces all cards.
Lunch Paralyzes one of your characters for a turn.
Yajirobe Causes 100% damage to 1 enemy.
Freeza Reduces everyone's HP. The formula for the HP reduction is 10% of the truncated maximum HP value. If Piccolo starts with 529 HP, then he will lose 52 HP from Freeza's Card.
Porunga Allows you three choices from the following list: Revive an ally, make one card's star value Z, completely restore one character's HP and KI, and gain experience. Experience awarded seems to differ by character and increases by level.
Kame House Nothing happens.

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