Sensu Bean When eaten, it restores HP and KI completely
Radar Use this to track down the Dragonballs
Dragonball 1 A Dragonball with 1 star
Dragonball 2 A Dragonball with 2 stars
Dragonball 3 A Dragonball with 3 stars
Dragonball 4 A Dragonball with 4 stars
Dragonball 5 A Dragonball with 5 stars
Dragonball 6 A Dragonball with 6 stars
Dragonball 7 A Dragonball with 7 stars
Bomb Capable of blowing up even the biggest mountains
Laxative A special laxative used on dinosaurs
Training Capsule N/A Give this to Vegeta so he can train under 300 G

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