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Money Bags

Money Bags are worth 30 Malins.

More detailed descriptions can be found if you wade through the Walkthrough

I may be missing a few of these. If I am, inform me.

In the north-eastern corner of the plaza, there are two rocks on the northern side of the fence. The post directly under the right rock can be jumped on. Jump on it 31 times, and you'll push it down. Now, make your way to the left to find three money bags under the rocks.
Go up the steps in Anemone Beach, then head south.
In the northern part of Anemone Beach, jump from island to island and make a wind assisted jump to reach this money bag.
Before the boss of Anemone Beach, head left for this money bag.
Cross the second bridge at Hot Daisy, and circle down and head left and cross those bridges.
Continue going straight when you encounter the flaming pillars at Hot Daisy.
Go up, right, and down when you reach Burn Daisy. It'll lead you to a money bag.
Near the exit of Burn Daisy, there is a money bag in the upper-right corner of the lava lake
Near the entrance of Iris is a money bag.
Near the Animal Village at Iris is a money bag, just circle around the lava river.
The lower-left corner of the first part of Camellia Desert has a money bag.
This money bag is just a bit above the last one
Break some blocks just left of the entrance to Castle Freesia
Break these blocks in the lower-right corner of Root Temple
Solve the block puzzle in the Place of Peace
Check the upper right corner outside of Babel Tower
This is found in Raflessia School's Intermediate course
After walking through your first wall in Camellia Desert Temple, go up. You'll come across this money bag.
Just to the right of the last one.
You'll come across this one on your way through Camellia Desert Temple.
Be sure not to miss this one while you're in Camellia Desert.

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