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Miscellaneous Info

There are three moves you must learn to do without the help of animals.:
Sword Throw-Hold and Release "A" Learned from the man in Raflessia School for 20 Malins.
Jump-Press B Learned from the rabbit at Dahlia Valley's summit
Throw Items-Press A to pick up, A again to throw Learned from Daddyphant in Anemone Beach's village.

There are several cool messages in the game. In Camellia Desert, ATLUS is spelled with dirt piles (Atlus is Crusader of Centy's publisher), in Rafflesia School's Expert course, chop down all the grass in a field to get coins to spell out FUNK, and in the Place of Peace, the hidden path spells out MAC. Are there any more of these?

Does anybody know if Sonic the Hedgehog does anything relevant in this game? Or does he just lay there for no reason?

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