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Apples of Life

Bring 800 Malins to the mermaid in Soleil Town Plaza and she'll hook you up with an Apple of Life.
In Soleil Town, go to the flower field toward the west, and jump on the flower spinning the opposite way (it's near the lower-right corner). A bridge will bring you to the Apple of Life.
In the northern part of Anemone Beach, you can cross a bridge taking you to this area. Get close to the blue block, throw your sword, and quickly run down and to the right. Hopefully it'll hit the switch, and you can get the Apple of Life.
Jump on the 7th from the right plank on the first bridge in Hot Daisy to create a rope that leads to an Apple of Life.
Near the beginning of Iris, you can jump on this island in the lava which allows you to get the Apple of Life.
In the squirrels' house in Iris, push the boards over the holes and talk to the father squirrel for an Apple of Life.
Once you have Flash, go to Soleil Town's castle, and go up the stairs and talk to the rug with Flash selected. An Apple of Life will appear in the pool to the north of the rug.
When you reach the huge whirly pit in Camellia Desert, go up and follow that path to the Apple of Life.
At the Place of Peace, touch all the flowers and talk to this girl for an Apple of Life.
After you regain your ability to speak with humans, return to the plaza in Soleil. In the lower-right corner, you'll find some pegs surrounded by rocks. Smash the rocks with your sword, so you can jump on the pegs. There is one peg in the lower fence you can jump over. Do so, and follow the path to the left, and behind the tree is an Apple of Life.
Once you have Dodo and Monarchy, you can hit the switch in the upper right corner of Anemone Beach, then use Dodo and Monarchy to grab this Apple of Life.
There is an Apple of Life in the part of the Final Area where you must use your sword to reveal the path.

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