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Wolf 4 Dahlia Valley
Has various objects circling him. Just throw your sword at him.
Octopus 8 Anemone Beach
Throws ice at you. Just concentrate at throwing your sword at him. Turns red when HP is half gone.
Shuffler 6 Burn Daisy
Splits into 8 smaller pieces. Hit the piece that flashes, and Shuffler will take damage. If not, you will.
Roxie 8 Babel Tower
Dodge his attacks (just stay directly below him as low as possible to avoid most attacks) until you have 8 energy blasts thrown at you. Then attack Roxie's exposed heart.
Georama 6 Castle Freesia
Throw your sword with Chilly selected and he'll turn blue. Then throw your sword with Inferno selected and he'll turn red. Repeat until he dies.
Leviathan 10 Root Temple
Attack him to get the fight started. He'll created an image of your mother you must defend by deflecting his shots with your sword (or he will restore 1 HP). You can do damage by deflecting his shots at him or throwing your sword at him with Inferno selected.
Maldra 16 Place of Peace
You'll probably want Flash's speed here. Just attack her by throwing your sword (make sure she doesn't block your sword), and avoid her attacks until she's defeated.
Chameleon 20 Camellia Desert Temple (past)
Try to stay above him and slash the baby chameleons. Attack with Inferno for maximum results
Puppet Master 20 Burn Daisy (past)
Inferno/Moa is a good combination to use. Destroy the puppet (which has 4 HP) and then attack the Puppet Master while he's fixing the puppet
Baron 16 Anemone Beach (past)
Use Inferno/Moa. Attack him enough times and he'll turn into 2 big blobs.
Baron(2) 6,3,2 Anemone Beach (past)
Use Inferno/Moa to defeat him. If not, they'll each split into two smaller blobs when defeated, which will all split into two smaller blobs when defeated.
MotherMonster's Heart 8 Dahlia Valley (past)
Use a Chilly/Inferno combo twice
Sense of Smell 6 End (top door)
While you walk, you leave impressions on the ground. Wait till the monster is on one of those weakened sections (using Wong helps), and jump. Spikes will appear, damaging it.
Sense of Hearing 30 End (upper left door)
Attack with Inferno/Moa. When the floor changes, Dippy can prevent damage, but it's faster just to take the damage.
Sense of Sight 26 End (lower left door)
It will disappear under the tiles. Throw your sword around, and if you hit it will take damage. Moa/Leviathan can make the job go quicker.
Sense of Touch 30 End (lower right door)
Just attack. It shouldn't be too much trouble, even though there is two of them.
Sense of Taste N/A End (upper right door)
This is played like Pac-Man. Collect all the apples to win while avoiding the mouths. Don't be afraid to get hit, you'll take a little damage, but you should be able to survive easily.
The Spirit Energy 32 End (center door)
Throw a sword using Dodo to get its eye to open up. Then throw your sword with another combination to do damage while the eye's open. (Using a combination like Dodo/Inferno after the eye is open makes this battle much quicker and easier)

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