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Here is a complete list of all the quests that are in the game.

Quests How to Complete Rewards
Roshi's Magazines Gather all 3 of Roshi's "Swimsuit" Magazines and return them to him.2 Senzu beans, 1 herb, and 350 exp.
Saved Lost Girl Save Sue, the lost girl, who is in the northwest part of the Village area.500 exp.
Found Dino Egg Get the stolen Pterodactyl egg from the other Pterodactyl that's in the northeast part of the forest area, and return it to the Mother Pterodactyl.350 exp.
Saved Old Man Collect the three stones that are scattered throughout the forest, go to the area with the tent, and place the stones in the water. The old man can now get across safely.Herbs, 350 exp, and a speed increase.
Recovered Toy Boat Get the toy boat that in the middle of the pond and give it to the little boy.200 exp.
Flowers for Sue Go back to where you found Sue, but this time don't go to the exact spot where you found Sue. Take the path below it, fly up into the meadow, pick some flowers, and give them to the little kid (Cory) thats standing out beside Sue's house.400 exp.
Returned Kitty Return the kitty, Neko, to the old man that told you to "Calm the forest."Solar Flare
Defeated Raditz Defeat Raditz.4000 exp.
Defeated Princess Snake Defeat Princess Snake.3500 exp.
Gathered Spirits Gather the 3 spirits in HELL and take each one to the HELL attendant beside the HELL fitness building.500 exp. per spirit
Ate Yemma's Fruit Eat King Yemma's fruit after you distract the Red Devil.Exiting HELL
Caught Bubbles Catch Bubbles while training with King Kai.None
Konked Gregory Hit Gregory with the mallet while training with King Kai.1500, Kamehameha, and a Speed increase.
Saved Lost Boy Get the lost boy thats on the cliff in the snowy area and take him to his home in the city.Capsule
Found Capsule You get this from the Mother of the lost boy you save. Take it to the Capsule Corp. freak.None
Stopped Robbers Defeat the bank robbers.1000 exp. per robber and 1500 for completing the quest.
Defeated Nappa Defeat Nappa.20000 exp.
Defeated Vegeta Defeat Vegeta.30000 exp.
Saved Saplings Collect all 3 Namekian Saplings and plant them in the holes at the beginning of the area.7000 exp.
Namekian Artifacts Gather the Namekian Artifacts and put them in their proper places.30000 exp, speed increase, and a passage to the Ginyu Force.
Defeated Recoome Defeat Recoome.40000
Defeated Burter Defeat Burter.70000
Defeated Jeice Defeat Jeice.70000
Defeated Captain Ginyu Defeat Ginyu.90000
Defeated Frieza Defeat Frieza.First Form: 300000
Second Form: 500000
Third Form: 600000
Fourth Form: None
Beating the game.