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This is where you will find information on the attacks Goku uses in the game. Sorry to say that there are only four: the Ki Blast, Solar Flare, Kamehameha, and Melee attacks. The A button controls Melee attacks and pressing the B button causes Goku to execute Ki attacks. You change Ki attacks by pressing the L button. Ki attacks can be powered up by holding down the B button. Below are the attacks, where you obtain them, and their icons.

Attack Pic Name When You Obtain It Attack Icon
Melee Attack Beginning of game. None
Ki Blast Beginning of game.
Solar Flare After you "Calm the Forest."
Kamehameha King Kai teaches Goku this.

Battle Tactics

There are two very useful battle tactics that I know of. My favorite one is the sucker punch. Simply use your Solar Flare technique and then give the enemy a nice punch! The second one I'll call the "Cheap Kamehameha." Just charge your Solar Flare technique to where you've used half of your Ki, then use your remaining Ki to power up your Kamehameha and fire away. Both tactics are great, but I prefer the sucker punch since it doesn't take up as much Ki.