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Character Sprites Name Blood Line Information
  Goku Saiyan Goku is a warrior that is pure of heart. When he was just a child, he was sent to Earth to destroy all life on the planet. He hit his head when he was a child and lost all memory of his mission. From that day on he became a good boy. He fights for the sake of the Earth...and even for fun!
Gohan Saiyan/Human Gohan is the son of Goku. This little guy is just as pure-hearted as his dad. He ends up getting kidnapped when Goku refuses to help his brother destroy all the life on the planet.
  Krillin Human Goku's best friend. He met Goku when he went to train at Master Roshi's. The only reason this guy was trained was because he slipped Roshi a porn mag.
Raditz Saiyan This is Goku's brother. He kidnaps Gohan to make Goku join him in destroying all life on Earth. Goku and Piccolo team up for the first time to deal with this pesky warrior.
Vegeta Saiyan The prince of all Saiyans! He overheard Piccolo tell Raditz about the Dragon Balls through his scouter. When he and Nappa (his "friend") make it to Earth, they look for the highest power level to try and find Goku. However, all they found was the Z team. After fighting Goku for the first time, the two Saiyan warriors develop a long-lasting rivalrly.
Bulma Human Bulma met Goku when he was only 5 years old. Bulma used Goku at first to obtain all the Dragon Balls and wish for a boyfriend. Later on Bulma learns that Goku is no ordinary kid. She also created the useful Dragon Radar to help locate the Dragon Balls.
Chichi Human Goku's wife. They met when Bulma and Goku went to get a Dragon Ball from Fire Mountain. Goku had to pick her up for her father (the Ox King) and retrieve the Bansho Fan.
Piccolo Namekian This is a reincarnation of the original Piccolo. Before the original Piccolo was killed by Goku, he spat out an egg...that just happened to hatch this guy. He used to want to kill Goku. Eventually he learned that he never wanted to fight Goku. He realized that he always wanted to fight alongside Goku. Piccolo is also Kami's evil counterpart.
Kami Namekian He is the Guardian of Earth. Kami had to rid himself of all his evil to become the guardian. That resulted in the birth of Piccolo. He eventually trains Goku. Later on, Kami takes Goku to train with King Kai.
King Kai Kai In the show King Kai teaches Goku the Kaioken and Spirit Bomb techniques. For some reason though, he teaches him the Kamehameha in the game.
Master Roshi Human This is Goku's old trainer. Master Roshi just happens to be a dirty old man. This is proven by having to collect his swimsuit magazines at the beginning of the game.
Tien Human Tien first meets Goku in the World Martial Arts Tournament (Tenkachi Budoukai). He has a third eye that doesn't really do anything for him. He's a powerful warrior who gets killed by Nappa.
Chaozu Human Chaozu is Tien's friend. He also met Goku in the Tenkachi Budoukai. He was beaten by Krillin when he confused him with math problems.
Yamcha Human Yamcha used to be a desert bandit, but when he met Goku and heard about the Dragon Balls, he tried to steal them. Later on he eventually joined them and became Bulma's boyfriend.
Puar Changling Puar is Yamcha's friend. She went to a shapeshifting academy and can transform into just about anything. She had to do this a few times when Goku went Oozaru (the giant ape form) in order to cut off his tail.
Nappa Saiyan He was Vegeta's friend until the more powerful Saiyan killed him. In the show Vegeta threw Nappa into the air and blasted him. Nappa ended up killing Tien, Chaozu, and Piccolo. Good thing Goku got there before he could finish off Gohan and Krillin.
Recoome Appears Human A member of the Ginyu Force. He's strong and fast. He almost killed Vegeta...until Goku showed up.
Burter N/A Another member of the Ginyu Force. He's the fastest one on the team.
Jeice N/A Yet another member of the Ginyu Force. He's supposed to be the "pretty boy" of the team, because he's short and orange.
Captain Ginyu N/A We're finally at the leader of the Ginyu Force. He's the most powerful person on the team. Ginyu can also switch bodies with other people...which he does to Goku.
Frieza Changling Frieza is the most powerful being in the universe. He can transform up to three times, each form more powerful than the last. He proves quite a challenge to Goku....until he kills Krillin that is.