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This is the Boss section. You'll find The best way to beat them, their location and how much exp. you'll get after killing them.

Boss Pic Name How to Beat Location >Exp.
Raditz Stay out in the open away from rocks, herbs, and flight charges that might get Goku stuck. Use your sucker punch tactic and throw a Ki Blast when given the chance. Raditz's Crash Site 4000
Nappa Use either the sucker punch, cheap Kamehameha, or run around throwing Ki Blasts or Kamehamehas at him. I'd recommend that you use the sucker punch or cheap Kamehameha though. Saiyan Battle Grounds 20000
Vegeta Stay in the open away from the posts and rocks. When Vegeta charges up a Ki Blast, quickly get to his side, power up a Kamehameha and fire. Otherwise use the sucker punch. Saiyan Battle Grounds 30000
Recoome A couple of sucker punches will take this guy out with ease. Ginyu Force Battle Grounds 40000
Burter This guy is just as easy as Recoome. Give him a few good sucker punches to take him out. Ginyu Force Battle Grounds 70000
Jeice He's just a little bit tougher than Burter, but the same tactics will get rid of him. Ginyu Force Battle Grounds 70000
Captain Ginyu Now we're to the leader! He's not that much more powerful than the others. Use either the sucker punch or cheap Kamehameha on him. Ginyu Force Battle Grounds 90000
Frieza Here's your final boss. He's not so tough. Give him a couple of sucker punchs or cheap Kamehamehas to make him transform. Final Battle Grounds 300000
Frieza Form 2 Use the same tactics as you did with his first form and he'll transform again. Final Battle Grounds 500000
Frieza Form 3 He's a little bit faster than the other forms so you might have to use a Solar Flare to keep at a distance. Once again use the same tactics that you did with his last two forms and he'll transform into his final form. Final Battle Grounds 600000
Frieza Final Form This is Frieza's most powerful form. After that little scene with Krillin, Goku will go Super Saiyan and get a speed increase. Time to avenge your friend! Stay out in the open away from anything that can stop Goku. Either use the sucker punch or cheap Kamehameha (yes I've said this many times, but they are the best tactics). Keep this up and use any healing items to keep yourself alive. Eventually Frieza will fall. Final Battle Grounds None