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Great Greed has an auto-save feature, so if you die in battle, you can restart immediately before your last battle. Very helpful for those who tend to get ourselves killed carelessly. If you still keep dying, it's just the game's way of telling you you need to level up.

Whenever you level up, your HP and MP will be refilled, so use this to your advantage. For example, if you are about to level up, and you have plenty of MP currently, go ahead and use it liberally, since it will be refilled soon anyway. If your HP is low, and you are about to level up, you can use this knowledge to possibly save yourself from using expensive items or consumable magic to heal yourself.

Don't pick up Trash. Ever. It'll just clutter up your (limited) item inventory, and it'll cost 1000 Gold to get rid of it, since you can't just drop it.

Get used to buying new equipment in every new town you reach. It just could be the difference between life and death.

Every inn in the game costs a low 15 Gold, so don't be bashful about visiting the inn whenever you need to, even if you're saving up for a shiny new sword.

You'll probably come across lots of interesting, but generally useless items in your journey. Since inventory space is at a premium, be sure to sell off anything you don't need.

The Power and Guard spells are your friends, especially in boss battles.

All four levels of the 3 types of offensive spells (Freeze, Flame and Bolt) cost the same amount of MP (for example, Flame 1 costs the same MP as Flame 4, although Flame 4 is much more powerful). So, be sure to upgrade these spells whenever possible. You should also sell off your old, weaker spells, since there's no use in keeping them after you get their more powerful counterparts.

Always have your most powerful Heal spell equipped. The Med spells can sit in your inventory and used outside of battle to conserve MP.

Your companions' abilities are sometimes useful, but since they're so random, don't rely on them in a pinch.

Whenever you arrive at a new nation, you'll never be able to go back, so be sure to take care of any unfinished business before you leave.

The Knights equipment is good, but the more powerful Duramet equipment and Hacker sword can be found by fighting certain enemies in Bio-Haz' castle (Drak drops the shield, Knocker drops the helmet, Whinner drops the armor and Cloaker drops the sword). You'll still need to use the Knights Sword in the last battle, however.

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