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World Maps

These should be self explanatory. Just click a link and be amazed!

Island of Royal Refuge

Nation of Sushi

Nation of Chow Mein

Nation of Curry

Nation of Spaghetti

Nation of Escargot

Nation of Soup

Burger Area

Bio-Haz' Castle Area

Dungeon Maps

Note that on the maps the entrance (and exit if applicable) to each dungeon is labeled with a blue "0". Treasure chests and other noteworthy points are labeled with blue numbers (there is a key on each page showing which number is which), staircases are labeled with green letters (there will be two letter A staircases, one leads to the other), and there may be other labling devices used, and they are explained in the description of each map.
Oh, and I didn't map out every dungeon, just the ones I felt needed maps (generally dungeons in Great Greed are very easy to navigate... who needs a map for a straight path?). Maps don't make themselves ya know! If there's a map you really, really, really, really want to see, bug me about it, and I'll consider making it (no promises though!).

Abandoned Record Factory

Oasis Castle

Megahot Forest

Forest of the Fruit

Torte Basement

Cadmium's Cave

Glacier Canyon Cave

Glacier Canyon (Back Side)

Greene Castle

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