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Walkthrough Part 2

Click here for the first half of the walkthrough.

[044 Mint's Dream]

Items - N/A
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Another scene, wherein the party learns about the Abyss of Thor. Before entering the Abyss of Thor, Mint suggests attempting to revive the Tree of Life.
  • Klarth asks you if you want to try. You have to say "Yes" to continue.
  • Make sure you've finished the Nancy and Elwyn quest (see sections 020 and 034) or the next few sequences won't play out!
  • Return to the Tree of Life in the Spirit Woods south of Beladum for another scene.
  • Now stay at any inn. Mint will have a dream.
  • Now get on the boat to Alvanista. On the way, you'll see a cutscene.
  • (If you didn't stay at an inn until you already reached Olive Village or Midgard, the conversation from the boat will happen right after the dream, still at the inn.)

[045 Unicorn Forest]

Items - Medicine Herb x6, Unicorn Horn
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - EvilLord x3
Moves - N/A

  • In Alvanista, head to the bar (Adventurers' Guild) in the left side of town. On the floor above the bar is an item shop with a lady walking around inside; talk to her or you won't be able to continue! (Yes, I know there are other people who you can talk to, but this one's the easiest.)
  • To find the Unicorn Forest, go all the way back to Midgard, then enter the Valhalla Snowfield. Go north, keep going straight, then at the last left you can go to (the second snowy left), go left and follow the path. You should be on the world map next to a small patch of woods. This is the Unicorn Forest.
  • When you enter, a small scene will ensue and you'll take control of Mint.
  • You can collect up to 6 Medicine Herbs in this forest. Don't worry, there are no enemies here. Here's a crude map, just for the heck of it:

    S-O-O-H U
      | |   |
      | |   |
      O-O   O
      | |
      | |
      A H

    S is the start, O is a crossroad with nothing in it, H has a herb, U leads to the Unicorn. A indicates a room with a Herb that also has Arche wandering around later.

  • Once you reach the Unicorn, a scene will occur, after which you'll return to the start.
  • You can find Arche wandering in the forest (in "room A") and recruit her for the fight.
  • Go to the lake where Mint is ("room U"), and you'll get into a fight with 3 EvilLords. When you win, you'll get the Unicorn Horn, a rod for Mint.

[046 Reviving The Tree Of Life]

Items - N/A
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • You'll return to the Tree of Life in the Spirit Woods for another scene. Now the party is ready to go to the Abyss of Thor. Stock up on everything and anything before going, because you can't come back! Ever!

[047 Abyss of Thor]

Items - Skeleton Key, Magnetic Card, Diamond Ring
Enemies - 3000R, 4400R, EvilVine
Bosses - 2SH x2, 4400R x3
Moves - God Breath (Arche)

  • In Venezia, go to the captain of the left boat (from the north docks). Select choice 3, then for 50 gold a person you can go to the Abyss of Thor. Once you enter Thor, you can't return.
  • The building just to the north of you has a Magnetic Card on the desk. Take it.
  • Head south and east to a save point and a door north of it. Use the Magnetic Card on the door's security lock, and enter the building. Enemies are here. Watch out for the flying robots; don't get too close. Use Lightning Bolt, Luna/Maxwell, and Indignation.
  • On the second floor of the building, go down and fight an EvilVine to gain access to the chests along the south. One of the chests has a Skeleton Key. Now go back north and examine all the doors till you find one that the key works on. The location of the key, as well as the location of the doors, are random. One door has the God Breath spell for Arche; a second leads back outside; a third one leads onwards. If you enter a door, you'll lose the Skeleton Key and you'll have to re-find it; the location of the key and the doors will have been mixed around.
  • You'll find a save point inside Central Processing (the third possible door). Heal up, then go north to enter a boss fight. Using Maxwell and Indignation makes real quick work of them. You'll then get a Diamond Ring, which boosts all of Klarth's stats.
  • Head to the north, and you'll come to a strange device. Talk to it, and you will have access to two commands, Time Warp or Medical Treatment. Select Medical Treatment to refill your HP/MP, then prepare for a nasty fight.
  • Set Arche and Klarth on "Cast Many Spells/Call Many Spirits" and shut off all spells besides Maxwell and Indignation. You might want to give Cless the Gorgon Amulet you found in Treant Forest. I recommend being at least at level 39 for this fight (Mint learns Cure at that level), and stocked up with Remedy Bottles and Life Bottles. Make sure Cless has Lightning Bolt equipped. Also you might want to use Rune Bottles on your Hourglasss to change them into Chrono Glasses... just in case. At level 39, you shouldn't need to use that many of them. When you're finished, save your game, then go back and choose Time Warp (the first option). Once you regain control, go back and save again. (If you exit now, you'll see that the Abyss has resurfaced and there's nowhere for you to go,) Return to the computer and choose Time Warp again. You'll end up back in the Present Mausoleum.

[048 Back to the Present]

Items - N/A
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - Dhaos
Moves - N/A

  • You'll start the boss fight right away. This time, Dhaos is rough! Throw everything you've got at him, don't be afraid to use the Chrono Glasses to stop time and get in a few good hits on him. Use Indignation, Maxwell, and Cless's strongest attacks. Keep a respectful distance from Dhaos (not TOO far away!) and use Lightning Bolt (normal attacks do almost no damage). If you lose a few times, you need to build up more levels. The enemies in Thor give great experience and there's a free "inn" right there.
  • Eventually, you'll win... followed by another scene.

[049 The Future]

Items - N/A
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • When the scene is over, Chester has rejoined your party, and you are in Future Totus, which is now called Miguel.
  • You can now use the Party Replacement System... Under the Form command in the Status Screen, select Change and you can switch Chester in and out of your party. Right now, he's extremely weak, so you might want to keep him out of your party.
  • You're now in Miguel Village. Get ready to start on the last leg of your adventure!

[050 Miguel Village]

Items - Large Sack (Rare Item)
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - Flare Talon, Mecha Blade (Cless)

  • I recommend not buying any weapons or armor here; wait till you get to Venezia. You can tough it out till then (and rest in the Inn in Venezia). If you want, you can get Chester a Composite Bow for a measly 3000 gold, but I don't recommend using him yet.
  • The woman west of where you start (standing next to the goods shop) will sell you a Large Sack for 30,000 gold. This allows you to hold up to 22,200 pieces of food.
  • There's a training center at the top left of the village. If you talk to the captain inside the training center, he'll sell you the Flare Talon combo for 20,000 gold.
  • Search the drawers of the house directly south of the training center to find the Mecha Blade combo if you didn't get it before.

[051 Future World Map]

Items - N/A
Enemies - Ooze, DarkVine, Volt Fly, Mole Man, Eagle, Dino Bug, BoarBaby, G.Wasp, Boar
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • There is nothing right now in the forest to the south, nor the eastern cave.
  • Right now the two main towns that are accessible are Euclid and Venezia.

[052 Future Euclid Town]

Items - 80,000 gold
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Not too much happening here. In the castle, they're holding a tournament which has attracted a lot of people with hopes to win some great prizes.
  • If you talk to the king, he'll give you 80,000 gold because of what you did in the past to Dhaos.
  • A guy in the castle will award you ranks based on accomplishments you have made. See the Secrets section for details on these ranks.
  • In the house all the way to the northeast, there is a boy and dog. The boy asks you if you want to hear his dog sing. If you accept, wait a bit. You will hear "Yume Wa Owamari" (the vocal song that plays when you turn the game on), but instead of hearing the woman singing, you'll hear the dog barking to the melody!
  • You can buy a kid a bunch of apples in the grocery store; eventually he'll say "I'm full". I don't think this actually does anything. O_o

[053 Future Venezia]

Items - N/A
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - Tempest (Cless)

  • Nothing much going on here at Venezia, either.
  • Buy up a storm here; I recommend getting a Hard Cleaver for Cless, and in the armor shop, two Holy Cloaks, two Mithril Plates, two Mithril Glovess, one Knight Helm, and one Festive Ribbon. Get a Composite Bow if you haven't yet, as well.
  • You can pick up the Tempest combo in the armor shop for 3000 gold if you missed it first time around.
  • A girl in City Hall plays the piano; go in and out a few times and she'll play the solo played by Billy (aka Motoi Sakuraba) back in the Past.
  • You'll find Elwyn's descendant being busy in the Trading Company office. And he has quite an interesting-looking secretary. 8-)
  • Find Harrison at the southern harbor, and talk to him. He'll take you to the Academy in Euclid, and the guards will let the party inside.

[054 The Airbirds]

Items - Reverse Doll, Sardonyx Ring
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Harrison takes you to the Academy in Euclid and into the basement. Harrison introduces you to Stanley, the chief engineer of the Euclid Academy.
  • Stanley explains about his creation, the Airbirds, and how they can fly, much like Arche's broom. The Airbirds will be essential in making it into Dhaos's Castle, but they lack the energy needed to fly. Stanley tells you to go to Volt Cave, south of Miguel Village. He'll give you the Sardonyx Ring .
  • After hearing this, head over to the Volt Cave, which is where the Mausoleum was in the present.
  • On the way back, take the upper path in the Crossroads To Euclid (where the Orange Gummy and Life Bottle were in the Present/Past) to get a Reverse Doll.

[055 Volt Cave]

Items - Holy Bottle x2, Grimorum, Lavender x2, Life Bottle, Orange Gummy, Shield Ring, Apple, Bread
Enemies - Bone Bow, Skull, Arcane, Volt Fly, Dino Bug
Bosses - Aruroun x3, Volt
Moves - Volt (Klarth)

  • As in the Present, Morrison's house is near Volt's Cave, which means a free Inn. This Morrison is Harold, the descendant of Trinix. You can also find the traveling salesman from the Present. He must be pretty old by now. 8p You should put Chester in your party now and start leveling him up. Toggle Klarth and Arche in the last slot.
  • Make sure you have a pair of Jet Boots before entering the cave to the east.
  • The Skull enemies drop ?Weapons which might be Dragon Tooths, and the Bone Bow monsters sometimes drop Wave Spreads (very useful later on).
  • First head up, pick up a Holy Bottle, then go up into the door for two Lavenders. Go left for a Life Bottle and Shield Ring, the only shield for people besides Cless. Give it to Chester. Ignore the paths up and down and go back to the right. Head right again and up into the cave.
  • Here you'll see an electric solenoid-shaped (cylindrical) conductor (ignore the little light bulbs). When you use your Sorcerer's Ring on the conductor, it'll open a nearby door until it goes out. You shouldn't have any problems reaching the door this time. Pick up the Grimorum for Klarth, and descend the stairs.
  • Directly to the right of the stairs is a seemingly inaccessible switch. Just walk right through the wall and step on it. Head back left and up (the door will close shut behind you). Ignore the path up and head right to reach an outdoors spot again.
  • First head right and into the cave. Pick up the Orange Gummy, but don't go through the door! You'll end up back at the beginning! Go back down and left, and go down again.
  • You'll come to a room with 4 electric conductors and 2 doors. Hitting the 2 active conductors with your Sorcerer's Ring will only partially open the eastern door unless you've stepped on the switch I mentioned. If you missed it, you'll have to take the Orange Gummy door back to the start and step on it! If you did hit it, activate the bottom conductor, then go into the south room, hit the switch, then go back and activate a second conductor to open the door above you. Head down the stairs, pick up a Bread and Apple, and continue north.
  • Make sure one of your characters has the Jet Boots equipped, then hit the conductor and run as fast as you can south and east into a secret passage, and quickly north to the soon-closed door. You'll notice you're unable to go west due to a force field.
  • First go up and hit the switch. Doing this will open up a wall in the previous room. But you can't go back; instead, head right and up to pick up Arche's Sylph Broom. Now go south to re-enter the previous room. The circular warp you see will take you back to the beginning of the cave, so don't enter it unless you're desperate!
  • Back in the previous room, head left into the new area and hit the switch (this lengthens the time the conductors can light up). Activate the conductor and run to the door between the 2 sets of generators (to the right of your current position). Continue onward.
  • The next room has a save point and some more sets of generators (3 conductors in a row), and another warp back to the beginning of the cave.
  • The first conductor will only activate if the second one is on, and the second will only activate if the last one (farthest to the right) is on. You can do this by hitting the last one, then running and hitting the second one, then running and hitting the leftmost one before dashing through the door. If you're getting stuck, you can make it easier by hitting the one you're on a few times (not just once) and getting yourself ready for the next run.
  • Run through the door and you'll be outside again, on the top of the mountain.
  • You'll see some treasure chests that you can't get to. Make sure to re-equip your party (the Sorcerer's Ring and Jet Boots are useless in a fight). Put a Body Amulet on Cless if you have one. Turn off all your Thunder and Holy spells. Continue north, and you'll meet with Volt.
  • You will fight Volt and 3 Arurouns. Quickly defeat the Arurouns, then use Maxwell and try to trap Volt in the corner. This fight isn't very difficult. Watch out for the paralysis that the Arurouns can inflict, though!
  • After you defeat Volt and crew, Klarth will seal his power in his Sardonyx Ring gem.
  • Walk south, and Arche will fly over and get the previously inaccessible chests, a Jade Ring and ?Armor (Star Cloak).
  • Use the warp back to the beginning in the room with the save point in it, and then return to Euclid with Volt's power.

[056 Aviators]

Items - Wing Pack (Rare Item)
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Go to the Euclid Academy and to the room with the Airbirds in them. Volt proceeds to energize both the Airbirds and Arche's broom. You'll get the Wing Pack, which lets you ride the Airbirds on the world map by pressing the A button. Your next destination is Alvanista, but the entire world is now open to you; consult the World Map for reference.

[057 Spirit Woods]

Items - N/A
Enemies - Boar, BoarBaby, Dino Bug, G.Wasp
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Enter the Spirit Woods and head back to the Tree of Life for a scene to play out.
  • If you fight around here, you may be lucky enough to get a bunch of BoarBabys. They're super-easy and they drop Veals, which are worth 1000 Food each! Stock up!

[058 Future Alvanista]

Items - (See Alvanista section)
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - Psion Storm, Bolt Crash (Cless), Tractor Beam, Thunder Blade (Arche)

  • I find it quite amazing how many of the descendants of people 150 years ago still look the same, say the same things, and are in the exact same spots. 8p
  • If you talk to the man on the platform to the east of the southern entrance, he'll tell you about a Ninja group that lives deep within Treant Forest. Talking to him opens up a subquest.
  • Talk to an elvish-looking person right by the southern entrance to learn about Asuka, a holy creature who lives deep in the bowels of the earth. (You need to talk to this person to be able to acquire the Aska summon spell.)
  • If you missed the Psion Storm combo from the Past, go back to the Adventurers' Guild. The same soldier will sell it to you for 6000 gold.
  • The race is still on in Alvanista, and it has the same route, but the prizes are different. This time, you can win a S-Flag, Silver Mattock, ?Bow (Flare Spread), and ?Bow (Shortbow). Again, you can only win three times. I recommend getting three S-Flags.
  • Go to the castle, and the guards will stop you. Klarth explains that you're friends with Harrison, and then you'll see Harrison. He'll tell the guards to let you in.
  • In the hall, you'll meet up with Runeglom. After a talk, you'll learn that you need to search for two sacred weapons to defeat Dhaos.
  • In the magician's corner of the castle, you'll learn that the Ice Temple where Fenrir lurks is in Freezekill, Odin's Tower is in the Freland mountain valley, and by combining the powers of Odin and Fenrir will you be able to hold the mighty Eternal Sword of Thor.
  • A man on the second floor is identical to the knight from Euclid who grants Cless different classes. This one grants different classes. See the Secrets section for more detail.
  • A man in the lower left of the second floor will sell you the Bolt Crash combo for 18000 gold if you missed it in the Past.
  • One of the researchers will sell you the Thunder Blade and Tractor Beam spells if you didn't buy them in the past.
  • Probably the best weapon available for Cless right now is the Polearm, which can be bought relatively cheaply in Alvanista.
  • It's time to head off on a quest for either Odin's or Fenrir's powers. But first, there are a bunch of side quests you'll probably want to tackle.

[059 Freezekill]

Items - N/A
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - Lion Flare (Cless)

  • Freezekill is a village on one of the two snowy continents (not the one that is surrounded in darkness).
  • In the Inn, you can purchase the Lion Flare combo for 33,000 gold.
  • There is a temple in this village devoted to the Ice god, Fenrir. You'll come back here once you're done with the subquests.
  • You can buy Mint's Holy Rod at the Weapon Shop here.

[060 Ary]

Items - Dedis Emblem
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - Cinder Hawk (Cless)

  • You can find the village of Ary to the southwest of Freland, on a frozen continent surrounded by mountains and darkness.
  • The villagers mention that Ary is the village closest to Dhaos's Lair, and as a result, stardust covers the land, causing the village to be perpetually dark.
  • One guy sitting at the bar sells you the Cinder Hawk combo for 50,000 gold.
  • Another person recognizes you as Cless, the person who saved the kingdoms of the past from the reign of Dhaos, then will give you the Dedis Emblem. You will need this item to advance in Dhaos's Castle, so make sure you get it!
  • This village will be your final gathering place later, when you begin your final assault on Dhaos's Castle.

[061 Aegis' Workshop]

Items - N/A
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • To the southwest of Olive Village is a small isle that doesn't appear on the small map in the corner of the screen. On this island, there's a lone house.
  • This house is a special shop that sells Dwarven-made equipment, and the Combo Command, which allows you to use all your combos at once with Street Fighter-style button presses. (See Techniques for more info.)
  • For now, use a Rune Bottle to change a Charm Bottle into a Lotus Perfume, use it, then buy up 3 armors, 1 shield, 1 helm, 2 gauntlets, and the Crescent Bow; it'll be about 260,000 gold. You should be able to afford all of it by now if you haven't splurged on weapons for Cless.

[062 Combo And Item Acquisition]

Items - Medicine Herb x6, Drum Set
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - Lion Lunge, Odin's Wrath, Earth's Rage, Magma Bolt (Cless)

  • You can get several combos and good items by exploring the world map.
  • Talk to the man in the house southeast of Ymir Forest a few times and he'll sell you the Lion Lunge combo for 12,000 gold if you missed it in the Past.
  • Drop by the southernmost oasis east of Olive Village and pick up the Odin's Wrath combo for 40,000 gold.
  • Head to the Valhalla Snowfield. From the beginning (the entrance near where Midgard used to be) head up, up, right, right, down, right, right, up. You can buy the Earth's Rage combo for 50,000 gold if you missed it in the Past.
  • Return to the Unicorn Forest to pick up another 6 Medicine Herbs. Sell them in Alvanista for 30,000 gold each.
  • If you missed it in the Past, the man in the camp southwest of Tower of 12 Stars will give you the Magma Bolt combo.
  • Return to the house where Edward used to live (west of Alvanista) and search the bed for a Drum Set.

[063 Future Glaciated Cave]

Items - (See Glaciated Cave section), Sapphire Ring
Enemies - Krakken, Squid, Karona
Bosses - N/A
Moves - Ice Wall (Arche)

  • Directly north of the peninsula at the tip of the Venezia area is a small island with a cave. This is the Glaciated Cave.
  • Make it through the cave (consult the section on the first Undine Cave if you need help) to where you originally fought Undine to get the Ice Wall spell for Arche.
  • You can pick up the Sapphire Ring here; you'll want it for later on. You can find it inside the right staircase just before Undine's room (the one with two pools that toggle the water between each other; the right one should be undrained, so you can just walk into it).

[064 Future Molten Cavern]

Items - (See Molten Cavern section)
Enemies - Skeleton, Aza, Djinn
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Nothing here to see, but you can pick up the Flare Spread from the Djinn enemies if you're lucky.

[065 Future Sylph's Mountain]

Items - Reverse Doll, Amethyst Ring, White Mist, Iron Boots
Enemies - Vultura, Ghast (2)
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Return to Long Valley, north of Miguel. Oddly enough, you can rest here even though the guy tells you to get lost. 8-)
  • Enter the top right cave (just near the summit) and go down the rope. Check to your left as you walk for a Reverse Doll. In the top right (near the sealed gas hole) is a White Mist. Continue right and down for an Iron Boots. Now head to the lower left of the room and go up; near the second sealed gas hole is the Amethyst Ring. You'll want this for later on.

[066 Future Cave of Spirits]

Items - Emerald Ring
Enemies - Keese, Karona, FrogMoss, Fiend, DoomGaze
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • The Cave of Spirits is just east of Miguel.
  • Head all the way back to where you found Gnome, but this time enter the far left door to find the Emerald Ring for Klarth; you'll want it for later on. Watch out for the powerful DoomGaze enemy; it might be easier just to run.

[067 Future Demitel Manor]

Items - (See Demitel Manor section)
Enemies - Lich, Fiend, Spectre, DoomGaze, Harpy
Bosses - N/A
Moves - Death Cloud (Arche)

  • Demitel's Manor is on an island directly west of where Harmel (the village that got destroyed) used to be.
  • Go back to the area where you originally fought Demitel (consult the section on the first Demitel Manor area if you need help) to get the Death Cloud spell for Arche.
  • Again, watch out for the DoomGazes.

[068 Future Abyss of Thor]

Items - (See Abyss of Thor section)
Enemies - 3SH, 10000R, EvilVine, Krakken, 4400R
Bosses - N/A
Moves - God Breath (Arche), Aska (Klarth)

  • West of Freezekill and south of Ary, you can find a small island with the now-aboveground Abyss of Thor on it.
  • Enter the Abyss and head to the building in the upper-right. You'll take a look out the window and see the full city. Cless remarks about how astounding it looks. Go right and you'll be able to see four different channels on a TV. 8-)
  • Return back to the computer deep within the bowels of the Abyss. From its command base, you gain access to a new choice, to learn the Aska summon for Klarth. (You won't get it unless you've talked to the person standing by the southern Alvanista entrance.)
  • You can still pick up the God Breath spell if you forgot to get it in the Past.
  • If you fight the 3SH enemies, they might drop a Laser Blade. Although you can buy this from Freezekill, it's worth over 100,000 gold! And it's quite a good weapon, too.

[069 Shadow's Cave]

Items - N/A
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - Shadow (Klarth)

  • To the southeast of Ary is a small cave. If you have the Amethyst Ring from Sylph's Mountain, Klarth will gain the Shadow summon spell.

[070 Olive Village area]

Items - N/A
Enemies - DarkWing, NeoClyde, Clyde, Basilisk
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • In the area around Olive Village, try fighting around. If you're lucky, the Clyde enemies will drop Charm Bottles! You'll also meet up with Basilisks and you can grab their eggs. Watch out, they haven't gotten any easier and they now attack in threes!

[071 Euclid Coliseum]

Items - Soup Pot, Guiness, S-Flag, Body Amulet, Gorgon Amulet, Poison Amulet, Pork Roast, Veal, Boar Roast, Sirloin Steak, Beef, Dragon Steak, Chicken, Steak, Verbena, Lavender, Sage, Savory, Red Verbena, Red Lavender, Red Sage, Red Savory, Remedy Bottle, Medecine Bottle, Charm Bottle, Life Bottle, Rune Bottle, Flare Bottle, Lipstick, Magical Broom, Mage Ribbon, Magical Pouch), Star Cap, Star Cloak, Star Broom, Star Rod, Star Gloves, Star Helm, Star Shield
Enemies - Bugbear, Krakken, Mandrake, DarkVine, Draygen, Oak Root, Fe.Golem, Gorgon, EvilWeed, Komodo, BearMan, Udkala, BigFoot, FastStar, BlueSoup, Solomond, Kemazotz, Mimm
Bosses - Wyvern
Moves - Lion Teeth (Cless)

  • It may be difficult to get very far in this sidequest before getting the Eternal Sword, but you can try! 8-) Click here for info.

[072 Future Ymir Forest]

Items - (See Ymir Forest section)
Enemies - Mandrake, Drake, Branch, SnakeMan
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • This is a great place to build up the levels of all of your characters, except for Arche, who is unable to enter. If you want to start using Chester, bring him here. Put him on Defend until he raises enough levels (he should raise about 10 levels in the first battle!)
  • The Mandrakes drop a lot of Gorgon Amulets that you can sell for some nice cash.
  • Make it through here to the Elven Village for some new items and another in-depth subquest.

[073 Future Elven Village]

Items - Star Broom, Elven Bow
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • If you go to the Weapon Shop which doesn't sell weapons to humans, they ask if anybody is able to use bows. If you have Chester with you, they'll sell you the powerful Elven Bow for 20,000 gold. He'll say he'll have it finished by the next day, so you should just stay at the Inn until then. When you talk to the innkeeper, you'll get a Star Broom. Return to the weapon shop to get the Elven Bow.You'll notice that the Broken Bow Rare Item has disappeared.

[074 Ninja Town Subquest]

Items - Blue Crystal Rod, Muramasa
Enemies - Priest, Branch, Heretic, Asashim
Bosses - Dozo, Okiyo
Moves - Lion Claws (Cless)

  • Check the Side Quests page for details. That's it for the side quests in this section!

[075 Odin's Tower]

Items - Moon Crystal, ?Book (Seventh Sun), Verbena, ?Helm (Paladin Helm), Ankh Shield, Flame Mantle, Basilisk Egg, ?Armor (Reflect Plate), Mixed Gummy x2, Shield Ring x2, Life Bottle, Veal x2, Holy Bottle, Reverse Doll, Mental Ring, ?Armor (Star Cloak), ?Helm (Star Cap), Cute Mittens, Flamberge
Enemies - D.Sword, Djinn, Cerberus, Druid (2), Kary, Yochole
Bosses - Kary x2, Druid (2), Djinn
- Flambelk
Moves - Soul Wave (Cless), Explode (Arche)

  • Break the seal on the tower, which lies in the giant valley in the Freland continent.
  • When you're battling in the tower, watch out for the D.Swords. They have the power to instantly kill you with one sword slash. Enemies here tend to be strong against Earth, so don't equip the Muramasa in here.
  • Take my advice and fight around a bit here. There's an inn in nearby Olive Village, and your goal is to collect four Salamander's Rings. When you get each ring, use a Rune Bottle on it to turn it into a Nymph's Ring. When each of your characters has a Nymph's Ring equipped, the going is much easier. Not only will regular fire spells not affect you, the burning floors in the rest of the tower won't hurt you either! Without these rings, the tower is extremely difficult.
  • There are six passages when you start. The vertical ones to either side of the big door contain switches that will open the big door when both are triggered. The door leading up on the left side has a Basilisk Egg and ?Armor (Reflect Plate). The door leading down ends up at a dead end. (You'll recognize this place as where Cless met the Valkyrie before.) On the right side, the door leading down has a Moon Crystal and ?Book (Seventh Sun).
  • You can choose to get Arche's Explode spell, which is a small subquest in itself. This is a good spell to have while you travel through Fenrir's Cavern. To get there, enter the center room. If you want to go onwards, enter the door leading upwards on the right side.
  • I'll assume you'll want the spell for right now. 8-) Go up the center door and up the stairs.
  • On floor 2, the southeast path leads to two Mixed Gummys. Going west then up gets you an Ankh Shield and Flame Mantle. Going down twice reaches a Verbena. Go back up right and take the stairs to floor 3.
  • On floor 3, the room directly to the south leads to the stairs up. Treasure can be found to the north, though. Once there, head west, south, and west for a Life Bottle and another Shield Ring. Head north twice and pick up a ?Helm (Paladin Helm). Head back south and southeast to return to the entrance to this floor, then south to the next staircase.
  • Floor 4 is short. Head right for two Veals and a Holy Bottle, then back west and up.
  • There's no treasure at all on the next two floors. Just go up the next few staircases until you reach the Explode spell. Be sure to turn it off while in Odin's Tower!
  • After you get this, you can either leave Odin's Tower and go to Fenrir's Cavern, which seems like a popular thing to do with ToP players, or just go and finish off Odin's Tower. If you want to go to Fenrir's Cavern first, refer to the walkthrough's section on the Fenrir's Cavern (the section right below this one). With the spells you get from Fenrir's Cavern, the enemies in Odin's Tower become much easier, so it's a good idea to do that. Whatever you do, you'll probably want to go back to Olive Village to stock up.
  • Back with us? Good. To continue on, take the door leading upwards on the right side of the first room in the tower.
  • In the second floor, pick up the Reverse Doll, then head west and go upstairs.
  • On the third floor, go north through the fire. The door upstairs is locked; you'll need to hit two switches to open it. Go west twice (down is a dead end)to find a lever and some a Mental Ring. Pull the lever, then return to the door and go east twice (again, down's a dead end), get the ?Armor (Star Cloak), and hit the lever in there. When both levers are hit you can enter the door in the center.
  • On the fourth floor, there are 4 doors and 2 statues. The sign in the middle of the floor tells you how the statues are the keys to opening up the doors.
  • The door immediately to your left opens by itself and has a ?Helm (Star Cap). The next one opens by dragging the statue off the tiled floor; there's another Shield Ring in here. The far right door also must be opened by dragging the statue off the tiles; there's a Cute Mittens in here.
  • Go south from either one side, and enter the middle room. You'll see 2 statues and a locked door. Push these 2 statues onto the switches to open the door. After opening up the door, go up the stairs to floor 5.
  • There are four rooms here. Each one has a fight with 2 Karys, Djinn, and Druid. You get nothing from beating them, but they're not too hard to defeat. Get the Druids, then the Karys, then the Djinn. When you beat all four sets, a staircase opens. Go up it to floor six.
  • Save at the save point, then go north to battle the boss. Turn off Thunder and Fire spells, and equip a non-elemental or Ice-elemental weapon.
  • Defeat Flambelk with every technique you have. The Vorpal Sword and the Tidal Wave spell from Fenrir's Cavern really help here.
  • Once you defeat Flambelk, she gives you the sword with Odin's powers in it, Flamberge, and give you the Soul Wave technique.
  • After getting these (don't equip the Flamberge yet), leave Odin's Tower.

[076 Fenrir's Cavern]

Items - ?Helm (Paladin Helm), ?Armor (Star Cloak), Armlet, Charm Bottle, Black Onyx, Silver Cape, Aqua Mantle, Silver Plate, ?Book (Ex Mortis), Shield Ring, Ankh Shield, ?Helm (Star Cap), Cute Mittens, ?Bow (Gale Spread), Vorpal
Enemies - Kunoichi, Karticar, Ekim, Sendam, Druid (2)
Bosses - FangWolf
Moves - Soul Edge (Cless), Tidal Wave (Arche)

  • Head to Freezekill, and go to the north of town to find the icy Church of Fenrir.
  • The door will open when you approach it. Go north for a short scene, then go around the table and the top part of the church will open, allowing you passage to Fenrir's Cavern.
  • The Flare Spread Bow you might have gotten from Odin's Tower or the Molten Cavern is useful here (although not as good as the Elven Bow), as is the Flamberge sword. If you haven't done Odin's Tower yet, you might want to invest in the Flaming Sword from Olive Village.
  • Also, make sure to de-equip the Nymph's Ring from the Burning Temple and try to equip an Aqua Mantle on every active character. You can make them from Leather Mantles using Rune Bottles if you need to.
  • The Ekim enemies sometimes drop the Arc Wind spear. Don't equip it, though.
  • Head down the stairs. To your left is a ?Helm (Paladin Helm). Use the Sorcerer's Ring to thaw the switch, then hit it to open the door to the east. Head east and through the door, and down the stairs.
  • In the next room, light all the candlebras to open the path to the next floor. Pick up the ?Armor (Star Cloak) and go down the stairs.
  • Now, you'll be in a room with a giant pit, a frozen statue, a candlebra, and a large fissure on the western wall.
  • Thaw out the statue with your Sorcerer's Ring, then push the statue so it blocks the fissure in the western wall. Now go right and light the candelabra to open the door.
  • Go downstairs and head west; you'll be in a giant maze. Arche's Tidal Wave spell is in here, but remember to turn it off for this dungeon.
  • Here is a map of the maze:

  X O 1
  | | |
  | | |
  | | |
  | | |
  | | |
  O 9 O

O - Nothing
X - Passage to next floor
Y - Passage to previous floor
1 - Silver Plate
2 - Shield Ring
3 - ?Book (Ex Mortis)
4 - Aqua Mantle
5 - Silver Cape
6 - Black Onyx
7 - Tidal Wave spell
8 - Anklet
9 - Charm Bottle

  • Once you're finished with the maze, the next floor down will have some doors and water blocking off some portions of the area. The westermost door leads to the Ankh Shield, second from left has a ?Helm (Star Cap), and leads onwards. The rightmost leads to a stairway which is currently a dead end, leading to a pool of water. The second from right door leads to the same spot as the second from left door.
  • Take the second from left door to a switch (going right from here leads to another dead end with a pool of water). Circle around and hit the switch. This drains the water in the east, so go north and east now. Go down the staircase.
  • Continue on until you reach a door and a switch. Hitting the switch closes the door behind you, but opens a door ahead of you. Flip it down for now, then go north.
  • First head east and up for a ?Bow (Gale Spread) and a Cute Mittens. Go back west.
  • The door directly to the north is a dead end, so hit the now-opened door to your left. Hit the floor switch to freeze the water outside the door. Walk past it back to the room with five doors.
  • Enter the second from right door and continue back to the switch; hit it one more time to raise the water to the east; but now it's frozen, so you can walk across it.
  • Go east and walk across the frozen water and north. You'll come to a save point and a four way intersection. East and west at this intersection lead nowhere, so go north to find the boss.
  • Meet with FangWolf, the guardian of the power of Fenrir. You will do battle.
  • FangWolf is very tough. To succeed, you need to have high levels, good fire-elemental spells, and a little bit of luck.
  • When you win, you'll get both the Vorpal Sword and the Soul Edge technique. Don't equip the sword in this dungeon.
  • This dungeon is complete. Leave it.

[077 The Eternal Sword]

Items - Eternal Sword
Enemies - Asashim, Branch, Drake, Heretic, Mandrake, Priest
Bosses - Seraphim, Origin
Moves - Teleport, Soul Forge, Soul Strike (Cless), Origin (Klarth)

  • Once you have both the Flamberge and the Vorpal, return to Treant's Forest.
  • Head to the giant tablet in the forest. From the start, you need to go up, up, up, right, right, right, right, up, up, right, right, down, down, lower right, right, and up, to get there.
  • Approach the tablet. You will learn that you can unlock the power of Origin and the Eternal Sword via the two swords you have.
  • You will then have to do battle against Origin and Seraphim. Turn off Luna, Aska, and Shadow.
  • First, take care of Seraphim. Use your strongest sword techniques against her, she won't take very long to beat. Then, attack Origin. The only summon spell that does moderate damage is Volt. Have Cless use his strongest sword attacks, and attempt to corner-trap him.
  • When you win, you get a ?Bow (Soul Stealer), and then Origin fuses his power with the two swords to become the Eternal Sword. Cless takes it, and gets his last (well, almost) 3 techniques. Klarth learns Origin.
  • You'll end up in Alvanista.

[078 Assault on Dhaos's Castle]

Items - Mana Earring
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • Go to Ary (the town where the sky is perpetually dark), and stay at the inn for a long scene, after which Mint will be able to equip the Mana Earring.
  • Now, exit Ary and go to the cave west of it. Climb up the stairs, and outside, climb up the hill. You'll enter the final dungeon in the game.

[079 Subquests 2]

Items - N/A
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

  • As soon as you enter Dhaos's Castle for the first time, two new subquests become available to you, so go back out! The subquests are Graham's Treasure Hunt, which allows you to find some of the strongest items in the game, and the Morlia Gallery Bonus Dungeon, a special dungeon with some very challenging enemies and great riches.
  • Also make sure to finish the Euclid Coliseum if you haven't already. See here for details. It's probably easier to do the Treasure Hunt, then the Gallery, then the Coliseum.

[080 Graham's Treasure Hunt]

Items - Whale Meat x12, Mental Ring x2, Hyper Gauntlet, Resist Ring x2, Sefira, Dark Seal, Blue Candle, Green Torch, Red Lantern, Sake x9, Gold Helm, S-Flag, Elixir x4, Jade Ring x2, Elven Boots x2, Namco Gamer, ?Weapon (Lucky Blade), Red Line Shield, Blue Line Shield, ?Weapon (Duel Sweord), Cat's Eye, Drum Set, Soup Pot, Black Onyx, Armlet, Protect Ring x2, Moon Crystal, Silver Cape x2, Reverse Doll x2, Silver Mattock, ?Weapon (Tidal Axe), Aiflite's Notes (Rare Item), Rosa's Dress (Rare Item)
Enemies - N/A
Bosses - N/A
Moves - N/A

[081 Morlia Gallery Bonus Dungeon]

Items - Combo Counter, Scout Orb, ?Weapon (Bahamut's Tail), ?Weapon (Excalibur), ?Armor (Golden Armor), ?Helm (Star Cap), Jade Ring x3, Protect Ring x2, Resist Ring x2, Reverse Doll, Elixir x2, Lotus Perfume, Hourglass x2, Yellow Cake, SAG, Savory, Gorgon Amulet x3, Poison Amulet x2, Silver Cape, Apple Gummy x2, Orange Gummy x2, Mixed Gummy x6, Pine Gummy x2, Lemon Gummy x2, Miracle Gummy x5, Life Bottle x3, Rune Bottle x2, Dark Bottle x2, Spy Lens, Flare Bottle, Veggies, Creamy Cheese, Bread, Creamy Cheese, Dragon Steak, Burger, ?Armor (Tunic) x2, Iron Gloves, Iron Circlet, Broom, ?Weapon (Longsword) x3, ?Weapon (Ice Scimitar), ?Weapon (Ice Coffin), ?Armor (Reflect Plate), ?Armor (Mithril Mesh), ?Helm (Leather Helm)
Enemies - BigFoot, Sokram, IceChild, Manticor, BeastMan, Mimm, Ahlakola, WildWolf, Urchin, TuskBoar, HellLord, Yuinaru, Banshee, Ishisu
Bosses - Wyvern
Moves - Thor's Wrath (Cless); Chameleon, Gremlin (Klarth); Black Hole, Extinction (Arche)

[082 Dhaos's Castle]

Items - Holy Bottle x4, Sage x4, Star Shield, Rune Bottle x2, ?Armor (Star Cloak), ?Armor (Gaia Armor) x2, ?Rod (Star Rod), ?Helm (Star Helm) x2, ?Book (Book of Seals), Spy Lens, ?Weapon (Spinesheath), Charm Bottle, Apple Gummy, Mixed Gummy, Savory x2, Reverse Doll, Dragon Steak x2, ?Armor (Gaia Armor), Hourglass, Elixir, Magic Pouch, Lavender x2, Elven Boots
Enemies - Seraphim, Assassin, Hanzo, Roam Eye, Komodo, Cardinal, Fe.Golem, Destelar, Gorgon
Bosses - Dark Eye
- Hanzo
- Seal Eye x2
- Dhaos
- NeoDhaos, DhaosArm
Moves - Meteor Storm (Arche)

  • You can touch the magic circle outside of Dhaos's Castle to return to the mountain near Ary, in case you want to leave the castle.
  • As soon as you enter Dhaos's Castle, walk up the platform, past a save point, and into the main portion of the castle.
  • Once you enter the main part of the castle, you're attacked by a Dark Eye.
  • You can keep it occupied by trapping it in a corner and using Tiger Teeth. Dark Eye isn't weak against any spells, save Origin. Beware its spinning attack, as it can make quick work of your party.
  • Defeat the Dark Eye and head onwards. Head up and enter the small door for a Holy Bottle and Sage. The path to the lower left is a dead end and the right leads to a locked door, so head straight north. Enter the small door here for a Star Shield, then go out and north again. Hit the switch to open the locked door. To get there, go south twice and east. Go up through the door. Head up the stairs to the second floor.
  • On floor 2, head through the door directly north of the stairs; it'll lock behind you. Head into the room to the north to find the Meteor Storm spell for Arche. Now go south. Pick up the ?Armor (Star Cloak) and Rune Bottle. Go left and up to return to the entrance of floor 2.
  • Now head to the lower left and go down this path. The room to the south has an Elixir and ?Armor (Gaia Armor). The room to the right has a switch that opens up a room back north, but the only thing in the locked room is a sign. ^^;
  • Return to the main room (north). You'll see a staircase enclosed on all four sides. Just walk in from the right to enter the room with the staircase, and go up.
  • On the third floor, go north, and you'll see a magic circle on the floor. This circle will teleport whoever doesn't have a Dedis Emblem equipped back down to the dungeon in the basement.
  • Equip the Dedis Emblem the soldier in Ary gave you on Cless, and walk past the teleporter.
  • All your other party members will teleport back to the dungeon, so it'll just be Cless for the next little while.
  • Your goal now is to find 4 more Dedis Emblems to equip on the other party members. Every time you get a Dedis Emblem, you can go back to the dungeon in the basement to get back a party member, or you can just get all four by yourself.
  • Make sure you equip a Gorgon Amulet for this next area, as the Roam Eyes and Assassins have the potential to turn you to stone.
  • Directly north of the teleporter you can find the first emblem, in a treasure chest guarded by a Hanzo.
  • Every time you approach a chest with a Dedis Emblem, a Hanzo will appear and attack. The Hanzo is fast but easy to defeat, and shouldn't pose much of a threat. The rooms loop around horizontally, by the way.
  • From the first emblem, go right and north. Pick up the Star Gloves and ?Staff (Star Rod). Go back down, down again, and into the door on the right. You'll fight another Hanzo and get the next Dedis Emblem.
  • From the room where you got the second emblem, go south. The room to the south has a ?Helm (Star Cap) and ?Book (Book of Seals). The room on the far right has the third Dedis Emblem.
  • Go north and left from the room with the door to the third emblem and you'll be back at the magic circle again.
  • Go west from this point, and enter the lower left door to fight another Hanzo and get the final Dedis Emblem.
  • Once you have all 4 Dedis Emblem, return to the dungeon (just walk into the magic circle without an emblem equipped), and find all your other party members one by one. Klarth is at the very lower left. Head straight to the right all the way, then all the way up to pick up Arche. Just left of her is Mint. And just to the lower left of that is Chester. At the very top right (you have to go nearly all the way left, then up, then right) is the exit. You're right near the entrance to the castle, so I recommend returning to Ary and restocking before continuing.
  • Return to the magic circle on floor 3, equip the Dedis Emblem on all five of your characters, and continue.
  • Go west from the magic circle, and west again, past the door to the room where you got the fourth emblem.
  • You'll come to a door that you need the power of 5 people to open. With all your party members, you'll be able to open it and continue through a room filled with treasures and stairs up to the fourth floor. The treasures contain Spy Lens, Charm Bottle, Sage, Holy Bottle, ?Helm (Star Helm), and ?Weapon (Spinesheath).
  • As soon as you reach the 4th floor, you'll come to a save point, and a locked door directly north. You can see a map of this area (it'll take a little while to load) right here.
  • First head through the east door. Take the first door you see and pick up an Apple Gummy and Sage. You can't do anything by going east from here, so go back west to the entrance room.
  • Now head west through the large portal, and head south.
  • First head east. The rooms in here hold (from left to right): Holy Bottle; nothing; Sage; Life Bottle and Jade Ring. Return to the west and head west again. A boss battle will begin.
  • This time, you'll fight two Seal Eyes. Use Arche's Meteor Storm a lot, and use the same strategies you used on the Dark Eye in the beginning of the castle. After you beat the eye, you'll come to a lever. Pull it.
  • Go back right and north, and head north again. Head north one more time to pick up a Holy Bottle, then go back down and into the red door; head east. Go into the upper rooms one by one (do NOT go into the room facing down) for a Rune Bottle, a Mixed Gummy and Savory, and the last door leads onwards. Go right to reach a newly-opened door, and enter.
  • Climb up the stairs now to floor 5 and another save point. The door to the right is locked. To open it, you'll have to flick floor switches. However, the switches will only work in *reverse* order. That is, take the door straight ahead, and continue on until you reach the end. Flick that switch, then as you return to the room with the save point, flick the switches you see. When they're all switched on, the locked door will open.
  • Every side door you see as you progress just holds a switch, besides for the last two. After you flick the first switch that works (at the very end), enter the first two doors (one up and one down) for a ?Armor (Gaia Armor), and a Reverse Doll and Dragon Steak. Continue on, hitting every switch in the side rooms, till you return to the beginning. Hit the switch in front of the door and it will open. Go in and up the stairs to floor 6.
  • OK... going north reaches a mirror. The mirror is a dead end, but you can get some treasure there, so let's go! Go out of the mirror room, left, and into the room for a Holy Bottle. Head left and into this room for a Resist Ring. Now... everything else is a dead end. You can have another boss fight with two Seal Eyes, but they're just hiding a hint which I'm about to tell you anyway. 8p So go back right two screens and back into the mirror.
  • Go out of the mirror room and head east through an invisible wall. Head up (you can see where to do so) to pick up a Lavender, then go back down and east again. Keep going until you can't head east any more. Then, go north. You'll come to a stairway, but before you go up, head west to get a bunch of treasure: Hourglass, Savory, Lavender, Sage, Elixir, and Magic Pouch.
  • Welcome to the 7th floor. There's another map you can look at right here. Ignore the right door; it's a dead end. Go into the left one. You can go to the right, then right again, pick up the Elven Boots, then go up into the mirror to end up back at the original dead end door. Head back into the left door, this time go left. First take the right door for a Dragon Steak, then the left one to continue on. Going right is a dead end, so go south. Continue on to reach floor 8.
  • On the eighth floor, the music will change, and you'll see a save point. Save, and keep heading round and round, through the passages. You will have to do this a number of times. Finally, you come to a save point and one last door.
  • Through this door is Dhaos!
  • Dhaos's first form resembles the one you battled back before you went to the future. This form is very cheap, using lots of attacks one after the other, and not giving you much time to heal. He also gains back half of every damage you deal to him. Your best bet to win is to try to trap him in a corner, and nail him with everything you've got. Soul Forge apparently works pretty well for this.
  • After you beat the first form, he calls on his true evil power, and attacks. This is it, the final battle! Good luck!
  • In this battle, you'll be battling against both Dhaos and his arm. Go for the arm first, attacking with all your techniques. When the screen turns light blue, you're unable to attack Dhaos but he can still do damage to you. Use all your Hourglasss and Chrono Glasses and pound Dhaos with every spell, technique, and attack that you've got! You can do it!
  • Good luck!

[083 The End]

  • Thanks for reading this walkthrough! I hope you found it helpful while playing Tales of Phantasia! Stay tuned for more updates soon.
  • Original walkthrough (C) 2000 Luke Drelick