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Item Transformation

The Rune Bottle item can change items you have. It costs 3500 gold, but is almost always worth it (except for food; I never used it for that). Here's a rundown of the upgrades etc. which the Rune Bottle item can effect. Note that some of the changes are two-way; e.g. you can change a Salamander's Ring to a Nymph's Ring and vice versa. Don't get confused; some of the transformation arrows are left to right to show the overall relationships between groups of items.

The one-way transformations are always upgrades; the new item is like the old item but better. (The only exception is Demon Seal, which has an extra side effect of disabling defensive posturing.)

Gel Changes: (heals HP or TP)
Orange Gummy (30% TP) --> Pine Gummy (60% TP) <--> Lemon Gummy (60% HP) <-- Apple Gummy (30% HP)
Mixed Gummy (30% HP/TP) --> Miracle Gummy (60% HP/TP)

Herb Changes: (raises characteristics permanently)
Verbena (AGL+1) --> Red Verbena (AGL+2) <--> Red Lavender (STR+2) <-- Red Lavender (STR+1)
Sage (HP 5%) --> Red Sage (HP 10%) <--> Red Savory (TP 10%) <-- Savory (TP 5%)

Other Item Changes:
Charm Bottle (2/3 off prices) --> Lotus Perfume (1/2 off prices)
Hourglass (stops time in battle) --> Chrono Glass (longer effect)
Sefira (+10% EXP/gold) --> Sefira+1 (+20% EXP/gold)

Food Changes:
Bread (10) --> Burger (200)
Creamy Cheese (20) --> Cheese (400)
Apple (60) --> Japanese Apple (1000)
Sirloin Steak (80) --> Beef (700)
Boar Roast (120) --> Veal (1000)
Twinkie (150) --> Butter (2000)
Steak (260) --> Dragon Steak (2000)
Mackerel (2000) --> Tuna (3000)

Elemental Cape Changes: (protect against certain elementals. Aqua Mantle and Flame Mantle also raise DEF by 1.)
Leather Mantle (useless) --> Aqua Mantle (30% Water/Wind) <--> Flame Mantle (30% Fire/Earth) <-- Mantle (useless)

Protection Ring Changes: (protects against an attack with a certain % chance of breaking)
Protect Ring (Physical 99%) --> Force Ring (Physical 50%) <--> Deflect Ring (Magical 50%) <-- Resist Ring (Magical 99%)

Boot Changes: Raise defense or movement speed in battle
Elven Boots (Speed 20%) --> Nightmare Boots (Speed 50%) <--> Persian Boots (Defense 30%) <-- Iron Boots (Useless)

Other Accessory Changes:
Salamander's Ring (defends against Water damage) <--> Nymph's Ring (Defends against all Fire damage)
Black Onyx (Raises HP+30%) <--> Moon Crystal (TP+30%)
Talisman (Raises DEF+5%) --> Blue Talisman (DEF+10%)
White Mist (Raises escape speed +30%) --> Mist Rune (Escape speed +50%)
Silver Cape (Fire protection 30%) --> Princess Cape (Fire protect 50%, stat increases)
Jade Ring (TP usage rate down 1/3) --> Fairy Ring (TP rate down 1/2)
Dark Seal (EXP X 1.5, disbles techs) --> Demon Seal (EXP X 2, disables techs and defense)
Magic Pouch (randomly acquires items while walking around) --> Magical Pouch (better items)