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Spells And Summons

Each magic-using character learns his/her spells in different manners. Thanks goes to Mike Gregerson and Alex M. Lazara for their enormous help in this area.

Mint's Spells

Mint learns her spells by gaining levels.

NAMELevelTP RateDescription
First AidLV 35 TPLow-level healing spell for one character.
HammerLV 54 TPAttempts to knock one enemy unconscious (dizzy).
Deep MistLV 83 TPLowers hit rate of enemies.
DelayLV 1114 TPLowers speed of all enemies on the screen.
HealLV 1410 TPMedium-level healing spell for one character.
Acid RainLV 177 TPReduces enemies' defense.
AntidoteLV 208 TPCures the Poison status.
NurseLV 2320 TPMedium-level healing spell for all allies.
HasteLV 2616 TPRaises speed of one ally.
SilenceLV 296 TPStops enemies from casting spells.
DispelLV 3214 TPCancels enemy spells like Acid Rain and Deep Mist; also takes away the "30-HP loss" caused by Wall spells.
BarrierLV 3515 TPRaises defense of allies.
CureLV 3822 TPHigh-level healing spell for one ally.
Hammer HeadLV 4116 TPAttempts to render all enemies unconscious (dizzy).
ValkyrieLV 4415 TPRaises attack power of allies.
RecoverLV 4718 TPHeals allies of Stone, Paralysis, and Poison.
Raise DeadLV 5026 TPBrings one ally back from the dead.
ResurrectionLV 5432 TPHigh-level healing spell for all allies.

Klarth's Spells

Klarth must create a Contract with an elemental to gain his spells. Most of his spells are integral to the story, but some are optional. All summon spells are single attacks which affect all enemies unless otherwise stated.

NAMEElementalTP RateLocation
SylphsWind (single attack)5 TPSylph's Mountain (Past)
UndineWater8 TPGlaciated Cave (Past)
GnomeEarth14 TPNome's Cave (Past)
EfreetFire (multiple attacks)16 TPMolten Cavern (Past)
MaxwellNone (multiple attacks/varying power)20 TPMorlia Gallery (Past)
LunaHoly24 TPTower of 12 Stars (Past)
VoltThunder32 TPVolt's Cave (Future)
OriginNone40 TPTreant Forest (Future)
Optional Summon Spells
AskaHoly28 TPFuture Abyss Of Thor (must have talked to the person standing by the southern gate of Future Alvanista)
ShadowDark24 TPShadow's Cave (SE of Ary) - must have the Amethyst Ring from Future Sylph's Mountain.
ChameleonNone (Instant Death)40 TPFuture Morlia Gallery 16th Floor - must have the Emerald Ring from Future Cave of Spirits.
GremlinNone44 TPFuture Morlia Gallery 21st Floor - must have the Sapphire Ring from Future Glaciated Cave.

Arche's Spells

Arche must find her spells (besides the ones she starts with).

NAMETP RateDescriptionLocation
Fireball3 TPWeak single Fire attackArche starts with it.
Ice Needle4 TPWeak single Water attackArche starts with it.
Storm2 TPMedium multi Wind attackBought for 200 gold in the NW house in Past Venezia.
Lightning4 TPWeak single Thunder attackBought for 1000 gold in the NW house in Past Venezia.
Grave4 TPWeak single Earth attackShelf in Klarth's house.
Ice Tornado10 TPMedium single Water attackShelf in Klarth's house.
Eruption8 TPMedium multi Fire attackReceived from Lenios in Beladum.
Tractor Beam12 TPArea gravity-based non-elemental attackBought for 4000 gold in the research center in Past Alvanista Castle.
Thunder Blade12 TPMedium multi Thunder attackBought for 12000 gold in the research center in Past Alvanista Castle.
Fire Wall12 TPMedium single Fire attack; decreases HP by 30 as time goes on.Found in Past Molten Cavern.
Stone Wall10 TPMedium single Earth attack; decreases HP by 30 as time goes on.Found in Past Gnome's Cave.
Ray15 TPMedium multi Holy attackReceived in Tower of 12 Stars (Past).
Indignation30 TPStrong multi Thunder attackReceived after the Snowfield battles.
Fire Storm18 TPMedium multi Fire attackFound in Dhaos's Castle (Past).
Distortion18 TPLow-level instant death (single).Found in Dhaos's Castle (Past).
God Breath18 TPStrong multi Wind attackFound in Abyss Of Thor (Past/Future).
Ice Wall12 TPMedium single Water attack; decreases HP by 30 as time goes on.Found in Glaciated Cave (Future).
Death Cloud24 TPMedium instant death (single)Found in Demitel's Mansion (Future).
Flare Tornado15 TPMedium/strong multi Fire attackFound in woods near Ninja Town.
Explode24 TPStrong multi Fire attackFound in Odin's Tower.
Tidal Wave24 TPStrong multi Water attackFound in Fenrir Tower.
Meteor Storm40 TPStrong multi non-elemental attackFound in Dhaos's Castle (Future).
Black Hole34 TPHigh-level instant death (single)Found in Morlia Gallery (Future) 18th floor.
Extinction50 TPHigh-level instant death (multi)Found in Morlia Gallery (Future) 21st floor.