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Hacking List

Using a hex editor, you can change the values stored in your game's ZST save file. (These files are only for the ZSNES emulator, sorry to all the SNES9x users out there!) ShaheenJim has written a great overview of how to hack save files; check it out here.

Remember that to input any large number you have to put it in with the sets of digits backwards; enter 01 86 9F as 9F 86 01.

Offsets (Where to put the information)


These are all for the first character (in the top left square in the menu). For the second character (top right) add 100 to the number (76E2 becomes 77E2); for the third character (bottom left) add 200; for the fourth character (bottom right) add 300; and for the fifth character (in reserve) add 400. This info works even when you're still in the past and have no fifth character yet (i.e. when you get him, he'll have the stats you entered.) If you see two or three offsets mentioned, you'll see that they're backwards; that's another reminder to do it in the opposite order of the real number. 8-) It's sometimes possible to go beyond the given maximum amount, but the effect is unpredictable; you may start back from 0, or you may totally screw up the game.

Maximum HP and TP seem to be repeated twice, and Agility seems to be repeated three times. The first byte of information refers to the base, or "real" value of the attribute, without any equipment modifiers. The second value represents the value of the attribute after all equipment modifications. I'm not sure why AGL requires 3, but it seems to be this way for HP and MP.

76E4, 76E3: Current HP (Max of 9999 or 270F)
76E0, 76DF AND 76E2, 76E1: Maximum HP (Max of 9999 or 270F)
76EA, 76E9: Current TP (Max of 999 or 03E7)
76E6, 76E5 AND 76E8, 76E7: Maximum TP (Max of 999 or 03E7)

76EB: Character's level (Max of 99 or 63)
76BF: Character's status (see lower section)

76F5, 76F4: Strength (Max of 999 or 03E7)
76FA: Constitution (Max of 255 or FF)
76FB AND 76FD AND 76FF: Agility (Max of 255 or FF)
7700: Luck (Max of 255 or FF)

771F: Weapon (see below)
7721: Armor (see below)
7723: Shield (see below)
7725: Hand (see below)
7727: Head (see below)
7729: Accessory 1 (see below)
772B: Accessory 2 (see below)

772F, 772E, 772D: Experience (max of 9,999,999 or 98967F)


Gold: 20C8, 20C7, 20C6 (max of 9,999,999 or 98967F)
Food: Each Foodsack has its own value, but if the total ever reaches above 65,535 it'll start over from 0.

  • Foodsack 1: 2097 (max of 255 or FF)
  • Foodsack 2: 209A, 2099 (max of 65,535 or FFFF)
  • Foodsack 3: 209C, 209B (max of 65,535 or FFFF)
Fights: 2051, 2050 (max of 65,535 or FFFF)
Item Slots: 957C to 96BA (see below)
Item Amounts: 96BC to 97FA (see below)

TECHNIQUE LEARNING (just set the offset to 63 and use each technique once to master it)

Tiger Teeth: 7D69
Psion Bolt: 7D6A
Blade Storm: 7D6D
Lionheart: 7D6F
Phoenix: 7D74
Dual Kick: 7D75
Lightning Bolt: 7D76
Magma Rift: 7D77
Soul Wave: 7D78
Teleport: 7D79
Soul Edge: 7D7B

Values (What to put in the slots)


00: Normal
01: Poison
02: Stone
03: Poison+Stone
04: Paralysis
05: Paralysis+Poison
06: Paralysis+Stone
07: Paralysis+Stone+Poison


Because there are more than 256 items, there's a trick to the item list hacking. There are two item lists: the main one and the alternate one. The way the game differentiates between the two is with the amount of items. When entering the amount of items, since you can only have 15 of any item (0 to F) you have an extra digit before the amount. If that digit is 0, it means the original list. If that digit is 8, it means the alternate list. So if you enter the value 3E as one of your items, you can end up with a Lemon Gummy if you have a 0 before the amount, or a Rope if you have an 8 before it. If you want 15 Ropes, you'd enter 8F as the corresponding item amount; if you want 15 Lemon Gummys you'd enter 0F.

Be careful, though: the alternate list only exists for numbers 00 through 3F. If you put an 8 in the first digit of the amount for any other item, you'll screw up the game!

00 Nothing

Klarth's Rings
01 Garnet Ring
02 Amethyst Ring
03 Aquamaring Ring
04 Diamond Ring
05 Emerald Ring
06 Moonstone Ring
07 Ruby Ring
08 Sardonyx Ring
09 Sapphire Ring
0A Opal Ring
0B Topaz Ring
0C Turquoise Ring

0D Naginata
0E ?Weapon (Thunderclap)
0F ?Weapon (Ice Scimitar)
10 ?Weapon (Moon Falux)
11 ?Weapon (Ice Coffin)
12 ?Weapon (Tidal Axe)
13 ?Weapon (Flaming Sword)
14 ?Weapon (Bahamut's Tail)
15 ?Weapon (Arc Wind)
16 ?Weapon (Duelist's Sword)
17 ?Weapon (Slayer Sword)
18 ?Weapon (Dragon Tooth)
19 ?Weapon (Lucky Blade)
1A ?Weapon (Holy Sword)
1B ?Weapon (Spinesheath)
1C ?Weapon (Longsword)
1D ?Bow (Flare Spread)
1E ?Bow (Sand Spread)
1F ?Bow (Wave Spread)
20 ?Bow (Gale Spread)
21 ?Bow (Soul Stealer)
22 ?Bow (Shortbow)
23 ?Rod (Rune Rod)
24 Witch Broom
25 ?Staff (Star Rod)
26 ?Staff (Rod)
27 ?Book (Yellow Kings)
28 ?Book (Rabionis)
29 ?Book (Seventh Sun)
2A ?Book (Ex Mortis)
2B ?Book (Book of Seals)
2C ?Book (Porno Magazine)
2D ?Armor (Mithril Mesh)
2E Dark Robe
2F ?Weapon (Demon Hand)
30 ?Armor (Reflect Plate)
31 Gold Helm
32 ?Armor (Star Cloak)
33 ?Armor (Golden Armor)
34 ?Armor (Gaia Armor)
35 ?Weapon (Excalibur)
36 ?Armor (Tunic)
37 ?Helm (Paladin Helm)
38 ?Helm (Star Helm)
39 ?Weapon (Saint's Rapier)
3A ?Bow (Berserker Bow)
3B ?Helm (Star Cap)
3C ?Helm (Leather Hat)
3D Lemon Gummy
3E Pine Gummy
3F Miracle Gummy
40 Red Savory
41 Red Sage
42 Red Lavender
43 Red Verbena
44 Chrono Glass
45 Lotus Perfume
46 Burger
47 Cheese
48 Beef
49 Dragon Steak
4A Veal
4B Tuna
4C Japanese Apple
4D Butter
4E Sefira+1
4F Magical Pouch
50 Fairy Ring
51 Force Ring
52 Reflect Plate
53 Flame Mantle
54 Aqua Mantle
55 Elven Mantle
56 Princess Cape
57 Demon Seal
58 Blue Talisman
59 Nightmare Boots
5A Persian Boots
5B Mist Rune
5C Black Onyx
5D Moon Crystal
5E Mah-Jong Piece
5F Dedis Emblem
60 Armlet
61 Mental Ring
62 Skeleton Key
63 Salamander's Ring
64 Nymph's Ring
65 Combo Command
66 Basilisk

Cless's Weapons
67 Longsword
68 Warrior Sword
69 Damascus
6A Rapier
6B Verdan
6C Epee
6D Corsica
6E Glaive
6F Battle Axe
70 Crescent
71 Bardish
72 Sabre
73 Sharp Sabre
74 Sinclair
75 Halberd
76 Mecha-Halberd
77 Polearm
78 Ice Scimitar
79 Moon Falux
7A Duelist's Sword
7B Hard Cleaver
7C Demon Hand
7D Lucky Blade
7E Laser Blade
7F Thunderclap
80 Slayer Sword
81 Holy Sword
82 Ice Coffin
83 Dragon Tooth
84 Spinesheath
85 Saint's Rapier
86 Flaming Sword
87 Bahamut's Tail
88 Gungnir
89 Tidal Axe
8A Arc Wind
8B Excalibur
8C Flamberge
8D Vorpal
8E Eternal Sword

8F Shortbow
90 Longbow
91 Berserker Bow
92 Composite Bow
93 Double Bow
94 Elven Bow
95 Crescent Bow
96 Sand Spread
97 Aqua Spread
98 Flare Spread
99 Gale Spread
9A Soul Stealer

9B Rod
9C Gem Rod
9D Ruby Ring
9E Rune Rod
9F Holy Rod
A0 Unicorn Horn
A1 Star Rod
A2 Blue Crystal Rod

A3 Tome
A4 Opuscule
A5 Tractate
A6 Grimorum
A7 Yellow Kings
A8 Rabionis
A9 Seventh Sun
AA Ex Mortis
AB Book of Seals
AC Porno Magazine

AD Broom
AE Star Broom
AF Mystic Broom
B0 Sylphs

B1 Muramasa
B2 Magical Broom

B3 Tunic
B4 Chain Mail
B5 Ring Mail
B6 Splint Mail
B7 Breast Plate
B8 Plate Mail
B9 Cloak
BA Amber Cloak
BB Silver Cloak
BC Silver Plate
BD Mithril Mesh
BE Mithril Plate
BF Rare Plate
C0 Reflect Plate
C1 Holy Cloak
C2 Star Cloak
C3 Golden Armor
C4 Gaia Armor

C5 Destroyer

C6 Wooden
C7 Round Shield
C8 Kite Shield
C9 Knight Shield
CA Fine Shield
CB Ankh Shield
CC Star Shield
CD Rare Shield
CE Shield Ring
CF Red Line Shield
D0 Blue Line Shield

Head Armor
D1 Leather Hat
D2 Iron Circlet
D3 Fine Helm
D4 Knight Helm
D5 Beret
D6 Mitre
D7 Panama Hat
D8 Silk Hat
D9 Ribbon
DA Blue Ribbon
DB Striped Ribbon
DC Festive Ribbon
DD Paladin Helm
DE Star Helm
DF Rare Helm
E0 Mage Ribbon
E1 Star Cap

Hand Armor
E2 Leather Gloves
E3 Iron Gloves
E4 Gauntlet
E5 Mithril Gloves
E6 Star Gloves
E7 Rare Gauntlet
E8 Hyper Gauntlet
E9 Cute Mittensa

EA Spy Lens
EB Hourglass
EC Life Bottle
ED Charm Bottle
EE Flare Bottle
EF Rune Bottle
F0 Medecine Bottle
F1 Remedy Bottle
F2 Apple Gummy
F3 Orange Gummy
F4 Mixed Gummy
F5 Savory
F6 Sage
F7 Lavender
F8 Verbena
F9 Holy Bottle
FA Dark Bottle
FB Elixir
FC Bread
FD Creamy Cheese
FE Sirloin Steak
FF Steak

The rest of the list is the "alternate" list; it requires an 8 in front of the item amount.

00 Chicken
01 Boar Roast
02 Veal
03 Seafood
04 Veggies
05 Mackerel
06 Apple
07 Twinkie
08 Miso
09 Radish
0A Pudding
0B Knight's Sabre
0C Seaweed
0D Egg
0E Scout Orb
0F Magic Pouch
10 Lipstick
11 Sefira
12 Drum Set
13 Holy Rune
14 Battle Rune
15 Mystical Rune
16 Jade Ring
17 Protect Ring
18 Resist Ring
19 Mantle
1A Leather Mantle
1B Wool Mantle
1C Silver Cape
1D Dark Seal
1E Reverse Doll
1F Talisman
20 Elven Boots
21 Iron Boots
22 Fight Rune
23 Evil Rune
24 Heavy Stone
25 Silver Mattock
26 Poison Amulet
27 Gorgon Amulet
28 Body Amulet
29 White Mist
2A Rabbit's Foot
2B Blue Candle
2C Red Lantern
2D Green Torch
2E Combo Counter
2F Cat's Eye
30 Ivory Tusk
31 Whale Meat
32 Yellow Cake
33 Sake
34 Guiness
35 Medicine Herb
36 S-Flag
37 Painting
38 Soup Pot
39 Mana Earring
3A Jet Boots
3B Namco Gamer
3C Oden
3D Pick-axe
3E Rope
3F Sorcerer's Ring