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Rare Item Checklist

From left to right across the Rare Item screen:

You have this at the beginning of the game, and lose it soon after.

Mana Earring
Mint has this when you first meet her; it is lost soon after.

Lace Ruby
Found and used in the Mausoleum; it can open one of the large doors in there.

Tornix's Book
Given to you by Morrison in the Present.

Broken Bow
Found after warping to the Past. Give it to the weapon maker in Elven Town when Chester is in your party; he'll make it into the Elven Bow.

Elemental Orb
Given to you by Sylph. Lets you speak with the Tree of Life.

Magic Key
Found and used in Demitel's Mansion.

Morlia Pass
Given to you by the barkeeper in the Adventurer's Guild in Past Alvanista; use it to enter the Morlia Gallery.

Royal Emblem
Given to you by Runeglom after meeting Edward; use it to enter Ymir Forest.

Small Sack
You start the game with this. Lets you hold up to 200 Food.

Medium Sack
Given to you by the Elder's wife in Beladum. Total food capacity goes up to 2,200.

Large Sack
Bought for 30,000 gold in Miguel. Total food capacity goes up to 22,200.

Given to you by Runeglom after finishing the Morlia Gallery in the past.

Broken Rings
Found in Past Morlia Gallery, fixed in the Treant Forest; it becomes the Topaz Ring and Moonstone Ring accessories.

Magma Key
Found and used in the Molten Cavern.

Magnetic Card
Found in the Abyss of Thor; used to open the door to the central complex.

Magic Mirror
Found in Dhaos's Castle in the past; used to enter the large mirrors in the castle.

Gold Key
Found and used in Dhaos's Castle in the past.

Wing Pack
Given to you by Stanley in Euclid Academy in the Future; you can now summon Airbird on the field by pressing A.

Aiflite's Notes
Given to you by Graham in the Freezekill pub once you've seen Dhaos's Castle in the future. All the Treasure Hunt spots now hold treasure chests.

Rosa's Dress
Found in the Treasure Hunt; give it back to Graham.